Police search 1100 expatriate workers in hunt for rapist

Police have searched more than 1100 expatriate workers in an ongoing hunt for a foreign national accused of raping a 19 year-old Maldivian girl in Hulhumale last weekend.

The victim was snatched from the street and raped her in some bushes near Reethi Gas Magu Road. at around 9:30am on Saturday.

Police have not revealed the attacker’s nationality, but have described him as 5 feet 7 inches in height with shortly trimmed hair, last seen on the 10:00am Saturday ferry to Male nursing a badly-injured left forefinger.

According to a police statement, 334 workers were search in 23 locations on Hulhumale, 400 in Male, and 438 on the industrial island of Thilafushi.

Police said many people who travelled on the 10:00am ferry would have seen the suspect, and asked for anybody with more information to contact either the main police line (332 2111) or the serious and organised crime department on 991 1099.

The incident was the second of three rapes to be reported in less than a week.

On July 30 police arrested four men and one minor in connection with the gang rape of a 17 year-old girl on the island of Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

The victim was abducted, gang raped and filmed by a ‘large group’ of men, after she was abducted while walking home after attending a tuition class.

Two more suspects have since been arrested.

On July 27 an underage female was reportedly raped in a house in Male’, where she had gone to meet a friend.

Family and Child Protection Department Head, Chief Inspector Hassan Shifau said when the victim arrived at house there were three males in a room waiting for her, who threatened her, forced her to smoke cigarettes, and then forced her to have sex with them and filmed the incident.

Police have since arrested four males in connection with the incident, including two minors.


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  1. He could have fled to one of the thousands of our islands! If there were bridges between any of these, he'd escaped even faster, without anyone even noticing.

    Police "intelligence" : an oxymoron.

  2. 'badly injured forefinger' or is it 'badly injured Four fingers'? Why are cops afraid to reveal nationality of suspect? Surely they can rewind the video captured on Ferry CCTV? They can also detect his location by zeroing on his cell phone using GPS tracker? Only have to ask Dhiraagu/ Wataniya. Cops not doing their jobs well! Why cant release the sketch of suspect and load it on Nexbis Emmigration/Immigration systems? Why cant they realease his sketch on TV!?

  3. Where is our resident racist Miss Anne binth Coulter? The slaves have made a grave mistake and they will pay dearly for this. Like that cow-worshipping teacher who dared to hit a child and was beaten black and blue by xenophobic Dhivehistanis. But child-abusing or rapist Dhivehistanis are ignored because thre is no evidence or they are doing the will of Allah.

    Double standards? Yes of course. We are Dhivehistanis. We are superior. We are the best of the best. More Islamic than the Prophet. More nationalistic than a fascist. Allah akbar. *smashes a Buddha*

  4. So will police and court administer lashes to the girl for "relationship outside the marriage"? Oh wait, this time the culprit is not a Maldivian. Death to culprit than.

  5. check the mullahs.. or better yet.. forget everything and flog the girl till she collapses...

    you bloody maldivians are a bunch of imberciles.... one and all.. a brood of rouges, liars and lazy half wits...

  6. i wonder as well why police cant relieve nationality or a picture of that man with blood on his finger... How do you want to do a hunt without it?

  7. Y the f..ng indian comment on maldivian media.bother ur own problems.assholes


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