Court releases 47 year-old arrested for molesting two minors

The island court of Thimarafushi in Thaa Atoll has released a 47 year-old man arrested on charges of molesting two minors aged 13 and 17.

Police confirmed that the man had been released by the court after he was taken to court for the extension of his detention period

The local media reports state that the 47 year-old man was the manager of the state-owned utilities company, Fenaka, on Guraidhoo in Thaa Atoll.

Newspaper ‘Sun’ Online reported police as telling the paper that the two minors had testified against the accused.


2 thoughts on “Court releases 47 year-old arrested for molesting two minors”

  1. Minor's testimony is not enough. It should be 4 male Muslim witnesses of sound mind and character. These two little slaves are just being ungrateful to their master. They should be punished for accusing a chaste man of indecent behaviour. Defamation of elite politicians is a sin and a crime in Dhivehistan.

  2. Mordis is fast becoming the crime capital of Asia.

    Well done Mordis!

    Well done parliament members. You continue skimming whats left of Mordis, while the country literally, yes literally, is falling apart.


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