Criminal Court cancels hearing into Afrasheem murder after prison authorities fail to produce suspect

The Criminal Court yesterday cancelled a high-profile hearing into the brutal murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, after the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) failed to produce the suspect to the court on time.

Minivan News contacted Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed to query about the case, however he had not responded at time of press.

Criminal Court Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Manik also did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Local media reported they had been unable to clarify as to why he was not produced to court on time. Neither Criminal Court or the DPRS have said anything on the matter so far.

Dr Afrasheem Ali was stabbed to death on the night of October 1, on the staircase of his home.

State prosecutors have accused Hussain Humam, along with Ali Shan – who is also facing the same charges – and a minor identified as ‘Nangi’, of going to the residence of Dr Afrasheem and murdering him with a machete and a bayonet knife.

Humam initially confessed to the murder, but later withdrew his statement claiming it had been extracted under police duress.

During the last hearing, held on July 11, a forensic expert told the judge that one of the DNA samples taken from Humam’s jeans matched a DNA sample taken from Dr Afrasheem.

Humam’s lawyer challenged the forensic evidence, contending that while Dr Afrasheem was murdered between 12:00am to 1:00am on October 1, and Humam was arrested at 1:45am the same night, there was a window for police to put Dr Afrasheem’s DNA sample on Humam’s jeans. and asked the expert if he was able to determine at what time Humam’s jeans received the sample.

The expert stated that Humam’s jeans were received for testing the following day, on October 2.


7 thoughts on “Criminal Court cancels hearing into Afrasheem murder after prison authorities fail to produce suspect”

  1. Looks like Adhaalath Party has interest only to be concerned about selected parties going against man made laws and regulations only!
    They are silent when injustice is done by selected parties who are doing injustice to what is ordained!

    What an Adhaalath and what a way of doing justice to their creator!

    Where are the Sheikhs of the Adhaalath Party who were reciting verse after verse of The Holy Quran, when an appointed judge named Abdullah Muhammadh was detained by authorities over his performance and trouble making?

  2. Now Humam is claiming he is psychologically traumatised and need help. Also his beard has grown an inch; yet another attempt to get sympathy from mullahs and pious men.

    Entering religious gates is among the most used and abused trap door in Mordis. An openly gay guy recently did a 180, entered into the piety house, and now he is being revered by the ignorants as a learned scholar. True, he is educated and grasped lots of religious concepts much faster than the grade-5 dropouts.

    Traumatised, starting to pray in the first rows, will easily will Mordisian hearts. Be it gay, murderers, swindlers, fornicators, etc.

    Humam:the murderer, shifan:the gay; athama Maalu and Ogarey:the swindlers; judge: the Fornicator;

  3. Oh, he's trying to get away by appealing to "psychological trauma"? No way, Jose. That might seem like an easy way out; no doubt on the advice of his lawyer.

    Criminals carry out their acts in full knowledge and control. There are very specific cases where psychological defects can be appealed to, such as, schizophrenia. Those are vey exceptional cases, and this chap doesn't admit any conditions that will qualify him as such.

    Clearly, the prospect of an early death (by than hangman, electric chair or lethal injection) has traumatised him more than anything else!

  4. I'd like to see the electric chair introduced in the Maldives. We could have executions in public after Friday prayers. I bet it will draw a crowd.

  5. Andrew

    Everytime haveeru posts an article on these rapists and murderers, they all had changed into wahhabees in jail. Enter jail with long hair and t-shirts depicting naked women, and appear in court looking like Osama bin Laden. I remember seeing a documentary where Maldivian jails were shown, and the walls inside the cells had many drawings of guns, grenades and rocket launchers with jihadist slogans.

    Jail is another way for the dhivehistani taliban to recruit murderers and rapists for their imaginary war.

  6. @Wives and Concubines on Wed, 7th Aug 2013 7:22 AM

    "Everytime haveeru posts an article on these rapists and murderers, they all had changed into wahhabees in jail."

    There's a model to be exported to the world. Garbage-In, Wahhabee-Out.

    Now, some will argue that a Wahhabee never commits a crime, so this has to be the prefect model. Maldives, yet again, comes up with a first. Maldives, the country that gave the model democracy to the world, invented by Pharaoh Abdel-Gay-Yoom.


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