Half-sister of slain ‘Bobby’ calls for death sentence

The half-sister of 21 year-old Abdul Muheeth ‘Bobby’, who was stabbed to death outside the Finance Ministry on February 19, has asked told the court to implement the death penalty, local media has reported.

The state is currently pursuing charges against six individuals for the murder, including three minors.

Bobby’s murder provoked an outpouring of public grief. The ‘Justice for Bobby’ Facebook page has since been ‘liked’ by nearly 15,000 people while hundreds turned out to hold a ten 10 minute silence in June.

Under Islamic Sharia, if none of  a murder victim’s heirs agree to accept blood money, the court will hand down the death sentence.

Traditionally in Maldives death penalties are commuted to life imprisonment.

More than 10 people have been sentenced to death in the past decade, of which none have been executed by the authorities tasked with the role.

For the past 60 years, the state has been commuting these death sentences to life imprisonment (25 years).

Due to increasing criminal related deaths in the country, public sentiment for implementing capital punishment appears to have grown stronger this year.


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