Juvenile Court sentences two 18 year-olds to death for murder of Abdul Muheeth

The Juvenile Court has issued the death sentence to two 18 year-olds found guilty of the February 18, 2012 murder of Abdul Muheeth of Galolhu Veyru House.

Three minors were charged in the case, and one was acquitted by the court. The two sentenced to death are both 18 years-old, although both were underage and minors at the time of the murder, according to local media.

A Juvenile Court spokesperson told the local media three male witnesses told the court they witnessed one of the minors attacking Muheeth.

The two minors were seen at ADK hospital the same night with some other suspects in the case.

All Muheeth’s heirs had approved the death sentence if the courts found the suspects guilty of murdering him.

Last year Police Inspector Abdulla Satheeh told the press that the investigation into Muheeth’s death showed that he was not attacked for any involvement in gang related crimes, and that he had no police record.

He also noted that Muheeth was not a member of any gang, and was working in a responsible job at the time.

Muheeth was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) after he was stabbed at 1:45am near the Finance Ministry building. He later died during treatment.

The three suspects were identified at the time as Muhujath Ahmed Naasih of Abulagee Ge on Gahdhoo in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Mohamed Maimoon of Zaithoonige, on Naifaru of Lhaviyani Atoll and Ali Mushahfau of Sultan Villa on Maradhoo in Seenu Atoll.


13 thoughts on “Juvenile Court sentences two 18 year-olds to death for murder of Abdul Muheeth”

  1. Also note there is an 18 year old girl, Fathimath Hana, on death row for only being an accessory to murder.

  2. according to police statistics, more than 80% of the recorded crimes in Male' are done by islanders residing in Male'.

    just a fact..

  3. Finally! I want Shariah here as quickly as possible. The sooner it happens the sooner the tourism ads will fail and lead to poverty, crime and more radicalisation. Maybe then Dhivehistanis will wake up and realise Shariah isn't for them? LOL. Doubt it.

  4. @homo You just went full retard! Im sure Israel, U.S and Singapore follow Sharia as well. One of the people senselessly murdered last year was someone I know, and guess what the perpetrators made clear "We killed the wrong guy". This is what society has come to and this is the type of filth, filth like you protect.

    Dont give a damn about sharia, never have, never will. But people deserve to live, and animals deserve to be put down. And the filth walking down the street with knives and battons, noses stuffed with hash, physically assaulting any man woman or child are animals, or perhaps lower

  5. Should they be hanged in the gallows of Dhunidhu, stoned to death after Friday prayers, or receive lethal injections in Igmh?

    Who decides or which law approves these death penalties?

    How about the many murder cases that have happened since the dictatorship days of Gayoom, murders in prison, or just the ones we have seen on the streets!! What happened to the murderers???? They are all free, thank you to the incompetent confused, biased, corrupted judges who play politics and now trying religious politics.

    As a parent I feel the sorrow for Muheeths family and many other mothers and sisters who have encountered this pain. But without the law proving 100% the actual reasons and culprits behind these murders I DO NOT agree with eye for an eye policy.

    Sheria law cannot work in a country where there is no system in anything, and the judiciary is a bench of jokers planted by Gayoom for his benefits!

  6. @Ann

    What a pathetic statement! Looks like you consider your rear end to be 100% Male made, huh?

    C'mon more than 80% of the people currently living in Male originally came from one of the outer islands. So it is only natural that crime statistics would reflect the population composition.

  7. @Homosexual on Thu, 2nd May 2013 6:20 PM

    Even if Mordis is craving for a reality-lesson, when we faced with the brutality of Shariah, the steep decline of tourism and back to begging for crumbs, will come as the brain-stumping shock of a lifetime.

    As much as I would love to show the goat beards the wrath of practicality, not all Mordisians deserve the Hell-on-earth experience.

    I pray for enlightenment, I pray people would have guts to question 'is Arabian lullaby, a fake?', I pray youngsters educate themselves, and do have the opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the country.

  8. Let these murders live their murderous lives in Jail. We don't want them here anymore.
    How can they be citizens of a nation who's foundation is based on Peace love and living together with respect. MDP has F****d it all up for us.
    We have to sentence MDP for Life too... Think about it.

  9. Peace love and living together with respect, unless the other guy isn't part of your religion.

    Then it is "off with his head!"

  10. @Andreas dhivehistanis will not start thinking until someone takes away their kasauti, porn, footballs and cofee shops.till then we're stuck with brain dead zombies who'll support the mullarization of maldives. The sooner they clash the better. The Sharia marches are the beginning.

  11. I find it funny these muslims bash the USA and Israel like a religious chant 24/7, but when it comes to the death penalty, it's all 'they do it and so should we'. Hypocrites like usual.

    The death penalty has never been a deterrent to crime and will never be. Maldivians are too ignorant and dull to realize what the real problems are and therefore, think that everything can be solved by this 'shariah' system. How can one of the most barbaric, outdated, illogical and merciless systems solve a 'modern' society's problems?

    Also Darn, yes, they are filth. In fact, majority of people living in the Male' slums are filth. No education, living in poverty in a single room with 10 other people, high on drugs and energy drinks (Maldivian substitute for alcohol).....do you really think such a combination would lead to anything good? Add to that their ridiculous belief system, and you have it all. You're right. They are filth. But don't blame them. Blame the lawmakers, and the people in power. Blame the mullahs. Blame the clowns inside the parliament.

    Also Ann, please take your beyfulhu system somewhere else. Male' was built by islanders and 95% of the population are probably islanders.

  12. @wives
    Regardless of how ridiculous the system is, every single person is responsible for their own actions. Three guys cant stab a young man in cold blood, someone they have never met, or spoken to before, and not deal with the horrible consequences of it. The people in the country dont make much, and a lot of effort and love is put in to raise a child to be twenty one and be decent, only to be stabbed by a bunch of junkies who apparently never met the kid before, and claim that it was an accident. Sharia or no sharia this cant be tolerated. And these murderers should go to prison for what? 15-30 years? only to be parasites of the state finances to be fed and sheltered until their sentence is over? No.. People like you are far worse than the criminals, you protect them. Its not about sharia, don't care about the sharia. IF the people did any research about their own religion they would realize that "Sharia" was established about 250 years after the begining of islam. This is about justice and wiping out rats. There are about 12 or more violent street gangs in Male'. And these idiots belong to them. And guess what, plenty of other people have been brought up in this messed up system and they dont murder,kill or assault. These colonies of rats, violent rats need to be drowned


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