High Court asked to annul President’s right to commute death sentence

A case has been submitted to the High Court requesting that it annul the legal article which allows the President of the Republic to commute death sentences to 25 years imprisonment, Haveeru has reported.

The case argued that this practice, which has resulted in de facto moratorium on the death penalty since 1953, violates Article 10(b)) of the constitution which states “no law contrary to any tenet of Islam shall be enacted in the Maldives.”

Those submitting the case have argued that Sharia gives the right to pardon a convict lies solely with the victim’s heirs.

The case specifically mentioned the two people convicted of the murder of Ahmed Najeeb, a prominent lawyer, on July 1. This murder, the seventh in the country this year, has sparked a national debate on the application of the death penalty.

Ahmed Murrath and Fathimath Hana, aged 29 and 18, confessed to the murder and were sentenced to death after Najeeb’s heirs unanimously called for qisas (equal retaliation) rather than opting for blood money.

Today’s submission argues that the president’s power to commute these sentences violates the rights of the heirs and renders pointless the taking of their statements in order to determine sentencing.


4 thoughts on “High Court asked to annul President’s right to commute death sentence”

  1. Alhamdulillaah. There are too many people that need to be garrotted for us to use excuses to obviate the death penalty or be sparing in its use.

  2. In US today there is going to be an execution for a murder case and the supreme court had even told that the murderer should be killed.

    Capital punishment is the right thing and that is why it is in our religion and also that is why it is happening in America despite what other countries are calling them.

  3. @ Mody.
    Religion plays no role in American judicial system. Islam does not advocate 'eye for an eye'

    Maldives is not Iran, Saudi, Pakistan or islamic countries who slaughter people without looking at the actual reasons for crime.

    In America, they did deep into the murderers past, find reason that triggered the crime and judge based on it, not religion!

    For instance, if I find you rapping my daughter who happens to be 10 years, I tell you without any hesitation, i will kill you in the most brutal way. Nasimso is walking free, the Islamic teacher is walking free.....

    If my crime was in American soil, I would walk free because my actions were caused by the action of the dead. Lets relate it to Maldivian cases. What is the main cause?

    Drugs, alcohol, and lack of education. 99% of crimes are related to these factors...dig deeper into the murderers histories and you will see that, the System, the Society, the Parents are the key culprits in what is happening today.

    I have witnessed stubbing in Male by boys who are my neighbors. I know them from childhood. they are not murderers and should not be executed. The system made them murderers..and today, politicians are hiring the weak to make havoc!!!

    Where in islam does it say killing is allowed?????


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