Home Minister to stand trial for disobedience to order

Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer will stand trial for disobedience to order at the Criminal Court at 10:00 am tomorrow.

Naseer is being tried for encouraging protesters to break into the military head quarters during the violent ‘twenty two days protests’ against President Mohamed Nasheed’s government in the run up to Nasheed’s ouster on 7 February 2012.

Local media and a report by Nasheed’s Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam and National Security Advisor Ameen Faisal noted remarks by Naseer is which he asked  2,000 volunteers to storm army barracks with 50 ladders, at which point “the people inside will be with us.”

“From today onward, we will turn this protest into one that achieves results,” Umar had said, in the speech which was also aired live on television. “We know how people overthrow governments. Everything needed to topple the government of this country is now complete.” he said.

After he was summoned by the police investigation into his remarks in September 2012, Naseer said that “there will be no evidence” to prove him guilty of a criminal offence.

‘’In my statement I did not mention where to place the ladders or where to climb in using the ladders.’’ Naseer said.

If convicted, Naseer faces banishment, imprisonment or house arrest not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding MVR 150 (US$ 10).

Naseer refused to comment on the case. The case was submitted to the Criminal Court on 12 December 2013.


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