Hulhumale’ plots awarded to 94 residents of Male’

President Mohamed Nasheed presented guarantees of land acquisition to 94 recipients under the first phase of the government’s flagship “Veshi Fahi” Male’ (de-congestion) programme.

The first ten recipients under Category A of the programme were awarded land guarantees on July 26 at a ceremony to open the Veshi Fahi Male’ office.

In his remarks at last night’s ceremony at the President’s Office, President Nasheed said that he believed it was within the government’s means to construct a bridge between Male’ and Hulhumale’ as a ferry system was insufficient in itself.

The construction of 2,500 flats in Gulhifalhu is meanwhile expected to begin next month under the second phase of the Gulhifalhu Development Project, Nasheed continued.

President Nasheed explained that more plots could not be awarded in Hulhumale’ as the remaining space was intended for communal use and government or public buildings.

Of the government’s pledged 10,000 flats, said Nasheed, construction agreements had been signed for 8,000 flats or housing units.

Nasheed claimed that the construction industry was booming and that foreign investment had “increased 1000 percent” compared to the previous years.

Male’ City Councillor “Sarangu” Adam Manik, director of the Veshi Fahi Male’ programme, meanwhile said that thousands of applications by residents of Male’ under different categories were currently being processed.


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  1. can minivan do a storey on how much of our territory we would have lost to GMR, and other countries for 99 years etc,in return for this 10, 000 flats


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