Police search 2100 expats over Hulhumale’ rape without finding suspect

The police have told local media that, despite searching 2100 expats in a special operation launched to locate and apprehend the expatriates connected with the rape of a 19 year girl in Hulhumale’, no suspect has yet been found.

The incident occurred on Saturday August 3 at about 9:30am. The man allegedly snatched the girl from the street and raped her in some bushes near Reethi Gas Magu Road.

Police told local newspaper Haveeru that expats living on Hulhumale’, Thilafushi, and Male’ have been searched and that police haven’t been able to locate the suspect.

The operation is still on going.


One thought on “Police search 2100 expats over Hulhumale’ rape without finding suspect”

  1. What'll they do even if they find him? There will be no evidence. The rapist will simply deny the charges and they'll have to release him. Better not waste precious resources on an investigation when there wont be a prosecution.


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