Police arrest 153 people in ‘Our Peaceful Addu’ operation

Police have arrested 153 people in an operation dubbed “Our Peaceful Addu”, with the stated aim of reducing the crime rate in Addu City.

Speaking to the media yesterday at police headquarters, Head of Division Operation Command Chief Superintendent of Police Faruhaad Fikury told the media that the 153 persons were mainly arrested on alcohol and drug related charges.

Police said 120 people were released without any charges while 33 people were still in police custody, including two minors.

Faruhaad alleged police seized a large quantity of illegal drugs in Addu City during the operation, commenced on January 17.

According to Faruhaad, the cases included 71 related to alcohol, 43 traffic violations, and 39 other cases that were reported to police since the operation commenced.

Faruhaad told the press that police have so far searched 296 buildings across Addu City, and conducted 511 searches of individuals.

During the operation 702 vehicles were checked to see if they complied with traffic regulations. 14 vehicles were towed and 13 licenses were suspended, police said.

The division commander said police would conduct similar operations elsewhere in the Maldives.

In July 2010, a similar operation was conducted in Male’ to reduce the crime rate in Male’ City and make Male’ peaceful. Police arrested 60 people, most of whom were released without charge.

On December 4, 2012, during a press conference concerning the investigation into the murder of MP and scholar Dr Afrasheem Ali, Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz called on parliament members not to hesitate in giving more powers to police. Riyaz said at the time that such powers were required to curb growing criminal activity in Maldivian society.

“I know that members of the parliament are hesitant to grant more powers to the police because of the political views they hold. But we need stricter laws to stop such acts from happening. Hesitance to grant more powers isn’t a solution [to resolve] police discrepancies. Powers should be granted and at the same time they can establish a proper accountability mechanism,” he said at the time.

The commissioner said police would have “zero tolerance” towards criminals and would utilise all powers and resources at hand to prevent crimes.

“That means, we will not allow a drunkard to freely wander around the street. Police officers will question suspicious people on the road and they have been given the order to stop and search anyone who they feel is suspected of being a criminal or carrying out a crime,” he said.


3 thoughts on “Police arrest 153 people in ‘Our Peaceful Addu’ operation”

  1. Oh please, there were drunkards at the Hulumale Race that were running around freely and harassing women with little action from the police.

    It's obvious that the police and the military have their own agenda that they carry out under the banner of 'protect and serve'.

    Until Riyaz is removed and their a complete overhaul of the Police Department's training and attitude, then they should NOT be given more powers than the ones they already have. They already misuse the ones they have already.

  2. When members of parliament grants you more powers then you will start killing our people. You were trained to think and act like NAZIS. You have forgotten your own race. you have forgotten who pays you for to wear this blue garments.I request all addu kids and men who wear this blue garment not to forget who we are. we don't kill our own brothers and sisters, we unite as one till the end of time.I beg PARLIAMENT not to grant them authority to kill our people.

    I think you should Register in Election Comm.. as BLUE PARTY.


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