Two arrested with 16 alcohol bottles in Male’

Two men have been arrested after police received a “tip off” on Sunday (May 12) that they were in possession of 16 bottles of alcohol, reports local media.

The 32 year-old Maldivian and 44 year-old Bangladeshi were arrested around 7:17pm while on a speedboat near the public swimming track in Male’.

The alcohol seized by police included 12 Absolute Vodka bottles, one King Robert vodka bottle, one Russian Standard vodka bottle, and two Irish Jameson whiskey bottles.


3 thoughts on “Two arrested with 16 alcohol bottles in Male’”

  1. This is one reason why Shafeeg was on Pretest against GMR to sell his Alcohol in Black Market with is been stored in a warehouse.

  2. The hypocrisy of Dhivehistan. One law for the tourists and the rich resortowners and another for the poor and immigrants. Just like in other Islamic states. And obviously the mullahs are all on Gasim's payroll so they can't say anything about it in public. But it won't be long before brainwashed Dhiveshistanis call for a prohibition. Can't wait....

  3. I agree with Homosexual, the Queen of Maldives.
    I find it amusing that there is such a hysterical reaction to an alcohol seizure by your police and no reaction at all to the many drug seizures.
    Not surprising then that you have the highest drug addiction rate in south asia with a heroin junkie in every family.
    Are the alleyways and dustbins of Male littered with used syringes?........scary, scary very scary.


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