Four arrested in connection with gang rape of 20 year-old girl on Dhuvaafaru

Police have arrested three 17 year-old males and a 19 year-old man in connection with the gang rape and filming of a 20 year-old girl on the island of Dhuvaafaru in Raa Atoll.

Police would not provide further information on the matter, but said the case was now under investigation.

A member of the Dhuvaafaru Island Council told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that the incident occurred three days ago.

“They went out to drive a motorbike around the island and they stopped near the beach in the industrial zone of the island near the power house,’’ he said. “The case was not reported to the council but was reported directly to police, we only heard of it the next day.”

The councillor insisted to Minivan News that media reports of the incident were inaccurate.

“The four boys always hang out with this girl and she is not very well disciplined; it is very unlikely that anyone would have to rape her, it would be easier than that,’’ he claimed. “I think the girl reported it to police as a gang rape because they filmed the incident.”

‘’It’s very sad, I think the boys will be scared and worried, because they are not that type of guys,’’ he added.

The councillor said the detention period of the four suspects was extended to 15 days. All were from Dhuvaafaru, he said, and were being held in a detention centre on Ungoofaaru island.


8 thoughts on “Four arrested in connection with gang rape of 20 year-old girl on Dhuvaafaru”

  1. the councilor is defending the rapists.what the h...just sentence this rapists to cut their penis.

  2. The counciler says "they are not that type", then what type?

  3. Maldivian men and boys are never responsible for their actions. Of course the girl will get the blame because there are no foreign men involved to pin the crime on.
    So 4 boys have sex with 1 girl and videotape the act, but they are the victims? Because they're not the type to rape girls. Only the type of boys that have group sex and videotape it, just to clarify.
    The video tape will not be seen so the girl can be punished for "consensual fornication". Without the tape, it's her word against theirs and we all know how Maldivians value their women.
    Another lovely story highlighting how evil organized religion is when rapists and pedophiles run free while women and children get screwed (literally).

  4. The council member must be getting some special favors from the boys. He sounds like he is jealous that the boys raped the girl and not him.

  5. What type? A jaariya type I suppose. Yes according to the mullahs those types should be available to men 24X7 to serve their needs. Refuse and heavenly curses will rain on them till dawn. When you grow up believing such misogynistic nonsense from the caves of Hijaz and Waziristan you'll grow up to be a perfect Dhivehistani like this brain dead councillor.

  6. Simply outrageous from the councillor!!!
    How can people thinking like that even look at their mothers?


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