Two men sentenced for kidnapping boy

The Criminal Court has today sentenced two persons for 10 years for kidnapping an 18 year-old boy, reports Haveeru.

The news paper identified the two persons as Ibrahim Haleel, 28, of Henveiru Mehelige, and Mohamed Aiman, 20, of Hudhuveli in Raa Atoll Rasgatheemu.

A total of five people were arrested in connection with the case and presented to court, but due to lack of evidence, the Criminal Court declared the rest were not guilty.


One thought on “Two men sentenced for kidnapping boy”

  1. Looking at their faces on Haveeru I bet they will be around 30-35 years when they will be realsed after 10 years.

    The sentence should be at least 60 or 70 years so when they come out of jail they should only be busy changing adult diapers!


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