Female resort worker dies after being hit by dive boat propeller

A 27 year-old female resort worker died yesterday after she was hit by the propeller of a diving boat near the island of Hinmafushi.

Police said Aishath Safa, who worked as a telephone operator at the Four Seasons Kudu Huraa resort 20 minutes from Male’, was hit by the propeller while on a diving excursion after the boat pulled over to pick up another person in the water.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa issued a statement confirming the incident, and noting that the police investigation was ongoing.

“The Senior Management of the resort extends it deepest sympathies and has offered its fullest support and assistance to the family of Ms Aishath Safa,” the statement read.

The resort stated that Safa was a certified Open Water diver and had joined the afternoon dive session on her day off from work.

During a rally last night former President Mohamed Nasheed expressed sorrow over Safa’s death and praised her contribution to campaigning for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

“Safa was a young woman who worked in numerous ways for the MDP and reform in the Maldives. May God grant her Paradise and give patience to her family,” Nasheed tweeted.

The incident is the fourth serious accident involving a boat propeller this year, and the second fatality.

On June 1, a German woman on honeymoon at Reethi Beach Resort suffered serious leg injuries after she was hit by the propeller of a dive boat.

A 51 year-old Italian woman died on January 31 while snorkeling near Elaa Island in Thaa Atoll, suffering major head injuries after she was hit by a boat propeller.

An 18 year-old Maldivian man was also seriously injured trying to disentangle a fishing line from a dhoni propeller on April 23.

Nauf Ibrahim was hit in the head by the propeller and suffered serious injuries including a skull fracture and internal bleeding. He was taken to Laamu Atoll regional hospital and later transfer to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) helicopter.


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  1. Dear God let her rest in peace and give her a place in Heaven.

    Been nice friend that remember every time that we spend together that miss you a lot and will not bee seen again to share a coffee together.

    My deepest sympathy to Shafaa and her Mother and Father and to the Hole Famaly

  2. Haw a question how did it happen? there is a transport regulation if there is Divers under water if the diving flag is up that no boat must sail 150 meters away from the diving flag.

    How did it happen?Does the boat driver has got the license. is he with the proper test.

  3. It is so sad to hear of another tragedy in the ocean. There have been many more near misses involving surfers and snorkelers at the N Male surf breaks this year. Speed boats and surf tenders should always go around the OUTSIDE of Dhonis in case there are snorkelers (who are very hard to see, and who cannot hear approaching boats) or surfers paddling to the waves, in the water. We are lucky that the number of fatalities is not higher.

  4. Sad to hear this and my condolences to the mourning family.

    Boatcrew see the resort boats as their toys and are reckless

  5. Where are the mullahs telling "Geyga oynama"? Or maybe it was what she got for disobeying Allah and going about like that? Mullahs tell us where she is now and how she's being rewarded? Don't hesitate to judge just because she's dead.

  6. Just an idea here, maybe the boat crew and "captains" working in Maldives should have some sort of training? Praying 5 times a day doesn't qualify someone to operate boats.

  7. Wow, so the mullahs are right again. So, Islam is also right. If women just stayed at home, where they are supposed to serve their husbands and produce babies, incidents like this wouldn't happen. Another miracle, proving the truthfulness of Islam and the great prophet, Muhammed.

  8. @ Homosexual and Wives and Concubines.

    Are you guys retarded or what ? Do you have to go on epic rantings every time and on every story, and post disgusting and sick comments on every article ?

    And this is a accidental death story. Dont you guys have any humanity ? If you cant say anything decent and respectful about a girl that died in a tragic accident, why not just shut up guys ?

    DO you have to use this tragic accident as a platform to mouth your sick and twisted vendetta against the whole world ? What if this girl that died was a relative of yours, would you still be posting the sick comments you posted above ?

    The forum moderators at Minivan news also seem to not care that sick people like Homosexual are ranting such comments.

    Is there no comments moderation policy at Minivan ? Can Minivan news really qualify for a credible newspaper if it cannot censor or moderate comments that are sick and inhumane ?

  9. everyone take not of these deranged islamophobes commenting in every issue in Minivan. We the muslims offer prayer to the departed and have only kind words to the families they left behind. But the islamophobes don't give anybody a break. Not even for the dead.

  10. To answer my own question, here's a mullah ranting about the punishments of sinful women in the Hellfire. To the non-Dhivehistani infidels, the comments section can give you an idea of what awaits women who don't cover their hair or fornicate or gossip or disobey their husbands. I guess all my female ancestors are now hanging in the Hellfire. Such humanity. Such love and respect for the dead.


  11. hey. Hey. Minivannews has not reported all details of this incident.

  12. I have dived many times in the Maldives. Most boat crews are good but there are exceptions. I nearly got hit in the head at Reethi Beach while diving - the whole diving centre at this resort is very dangerous, it is operated locally by very inexperienced staff with poor equipment. There shouls be more regulation of dive centres in the Maldives

  13. When President Chandrika came also a Japanese man lost his foot as a speed boat ran over his foot.

  14. Safa was a great personality, kind and so helpful to anyone who needed help. She was my friend, a close friend who had so much expectations in life.

    Life can be cruel, death can be a pain and it is impossible to point a finger at someone for the death of another. Religion says, every human has a set day to die. If that is true, I wish my friend Safa peace in the next world.

    But religion can as well be questioned especially on beliefs introduced by people, now or a million years ago. We live in a world where science has proved that life can be prolonged with care and health living. Where accidents can be avoided if people follow rules and regulations.

    Negligence is unacceptable. Cutting short a life like Safa's is not an easy thing to swallow whether the resort pays the family in millions...Safa will never return.

    Negligence, among many atrocities is caused by poor governance, management and a negative attitude that we find in 1 out of 10 Maldivians today. Maldives seems to be the best place to die fast in the most weird ways.

    Rest in peace Safa, we will miss u alot!


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