Adhaalath Party condemns president’s ”dangerous warning” on Gayoom

The Adhaalath party, led by State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussein Rasheed, has condemned the ”dangerous warning issued” by President Mohamed Nasheed against the return of his predecessor, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, to national politics.

The president was this week reported on the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) website as warning that history might return if Gayoom comes back to the Maldives for political campaigning and that his life could be in danger, despite the state’s attempts to protect him.

”Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and other former presidents of the Maldives are persons honoured and secured by the state according to the laws,” said Adhaalah party in a statement. ”The warning president Mohamed Nasheed issued was against Islamic Sharia, the constitution, human rights and democracy.”

Sheikh Rasheed said the action of Nasheed was very ”uncivilized and low graded” and that his party condemned the action in the strongest possible terms.

”We sincerely appeal to the president not to repeat such words and not to encourage actions that might disrupt the peace of the nation or  lead to terrorism,” the party said.

Sheikh Rasheed said he would not like to add any further comments on the issue.

The main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party [DRP] has also condemned the action in the strongest possible terms following the president’s warning.

Nasheed warned Gayoom to stay out of the Maldives claiming that it was for his own safety, referring to the death incidents of former presidents who were killed after their resignations.


20 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party condemns president’s ”dangerous warning” on Gayoom”

  1. I condemn Adhaalat Party and pray that Allah curses it and destroys the Adhaalat Party, which in reality is a secret Jewish organization created to disparage Islam.

  2. wrong issue. Anni would certainly do all he can to protect Maumoon and he definitely did not threat Maumoon. Its just Anni's style of talking that was capitalized on by DRP and Adhaalath is just following lead.

    There is more important issue that is Majlis upping their salary again. Adhaalath can do everybody a good deed by organizing a demonstration against this. I am sure such a demo will get cross party support from everywhere. Its sad Adhaalath is wasting good political opportunities like this for petty party gimmicks.

  3. I strongly believe Anni should stand up and face the competition rather than resorting to terrorism to win the next presidential election.

  4. President Nasheed either made a huge mistake or this is a deliberate attempt to embroil the opposition over yet another Gayyoom "issue".

    The opposition is running around like headless chickens; trying to find a theme to shout about and demonstrate on the streets.

    They seem to be lost for ideas; and the President has just handed one on the plate for them. They are sure to run around quite a bit with this latest one.

  5. Anni has tried his best to respect this Qayoom guy. He has been ruining the country for 30 years. Why can’t this guy keep his mouth shut for the rest of his life and live with dignity which Nasheed has offered? This guy is seriously is a maniac and trying to capitalize the ignorance of normal innocent Maldivian

  6. Let's not forget one important fact:

    It was Adhaalath party who took Maumoon to court saying that Maumoon wasn't a Muslim. What exactly is the Maldivian Political Whore a.k.a Adhaalath Party saying now?

  7. This is coming from the Party that took the former President, an actual Islamic scholar, to court for not being a 'sunni Muslim'.

    Sure, the lawsuit was laughed out of court, but it is funny when the same party says things like former presidents are 'honored and secured' by law.

    If Adhaalath party wants to condemn people, it should start by apologizing for the hate speech against Jews delivered inside our mosque by one of their "sheikhs".

    Expel Shaheem and Illiyaas, one of the biggest public hate mongers, and then maybe you can begin to have a fraction of a smidgen of moral authority to comment on other people.

    Also. This sentence was hilarious coming from the Taliban :

    ”We sincerely appeal to the president not to repeat such words and not to encourage actions that might disrupt the peace of the nation or lead to terrorism,”

    Yeah? And to paraphrase from the Adhaalath Taliban's sermon last friday,

    "Jewish people are full of deception, trickery, rebellion, oppression, evil and corruption..”

    Tongue of the slip by the Mullah? Hypocrites of the worst kind.

  8. Adhaalath. You are the guys who brought the previous regime down. YOu played your religious fxxxing card about buruga, which convinced the undecided of the evil paths Gayoom will lead them into, if they voted for him.

    And now you think you may have made a mistake?

    So, go screx your self Rasheed now.

    THese axxholes will be the downfall of the Maldives. I recommend that they be shipped off to Arabia, where they are more closer to heaven, and leave us, this earthly paradise.

  9. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Gayyoom does indeed return to politics and wins the next general election. How's he going to sort out our mess:

    (1) How is he going to bring in dollars? Contrary to popular belief, Gayyoom doesn't have the power to print dollars. He can beg his Arab friends; but they'll give him loans at crazy interest rates; as he did in the past.

    (2) How's he going to control the drug problem? What drug problem?

    (3) How's he going to control the religious fundamentalists? Easy one... throw the buggers in jail, and just snuff them out.

    (4) How about other trouble makers, e.g. non-Muslim Maldivians, political opponents etc? Easy one again. Follow the same rule as for (3).

    So, all in all, we will actually be probably better off under Gayyoom!

  10. ”We sincerely appeal to the president not to repeat such words and not to encourage actions that might disrupt the peace of the nation or lead to terrorism,”

    Is this shake suggesting to start terrorism in the Maldives.

  11. Anni is smart cookie. He wants to divide DRP for good. This way MDP will benefit. But time has come for Thasmeen to for a new party.

  12. What President Nasheed said is the best advice anyone can give President Gayyoom. At a time when some DRP supporters are physically attacking their own leadership it is extremely risky for President Gayyoom to be campaigning. Dont forget the Hoarafushi incident. I agree with @Muslim Boy, wrong issue. Adaalath Party is out of touch with reality.

  13. Adaalath as gone into control of Gayoom cronies! Shaheem has started campaign for next presidential election so soon! He is so stubborn and booasting ..fails to see the real picture of Atheist controling this country! Believe me Shaheem is distorying the hopes of this nation with his personal greed and dreams!

  14. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "Expel Shaheem and Illiyaas, one of the biggest public hate mongers,"

    Better expel Mullah yaamyn (the atheist) from cyberspace. He is the real danger to the freedom of Maldives.

    What? You think our Friday sermons should be filled with love for Zionists and Atheists?

    Stop day dreaming! It will never happen unless Anni appoints YOU as the State Minister for Islamic Affairs.

    I can imagine what kind of a sermon you will prepare on your first day at office speaking on behalf of all gays, and all Atheists. It will be a mind blowing sermon, I tell ya! A sermon delivered to an empty mosque hall!

  15. @ Z-nut

    "Anni is smart cookie."

    That's what YOU think!

    I still think he is a slipper in one hand police chasing street rascal!

    He is showing every bit of it.

  16. @ Mullah yaamyn

    “Jewish people are full of deception, trickery, rebellion, oppression, evil and corruption..”

    What is it with you and Jews?! If Jews were peaceful bunnies they would have a homeland in Europe, not the middle east!

    Think about it, my silly friend.

    Zionists were not chased out of Europe by Maldivians, but by Europeans themselves. After they chased them out they made a rule 'antisemitism is a crime'

    Well? A crime born out of an equal crime? That's stupid!

  17. @party: from where did you get the idea that the sheikh was suggesting to start terrorism here?
    ”We sincerely appeal to the president not to repeat such words and not to encourage actions that MIGHT disrupt the peace of the nation or lead to terrorism,” Perhaps you missed the 'might' in the sentence! In a way, it was an advice to the ignorant president and also, to bring the possible consequences of his actions to his attention.

    @heck: cant agree more with you!
    @yamyn: so you did say that the lawsuit against maumoon was 'laughed out of court'. What does it prove? It proves that he indeed is a sunni muslim, and also is eligible to be given the honour and security mentioned in law, like any other former president. seems to me that you were unknowingly defending adhaalath's view on this case!

  18. It is not that President Nasheed is threatening Gayyoom, but the victims who had been tortured by Gayyoom's brutal regime is still here,waiting for their justice.
    In a country where thousands had been harrassed, humiliated, and tortured by the brutal dictator Gayyoom, no one should expect the victims would receive him with an olive branch. President Nasheed was conveying this message to Gayyom. But He was so ignorant to understand it.

  19. I say put the adhaalath parteys in Guantanamo Bay Prison 2, along with their DRP paymasters.

    We'll interrogate them and find out what they did with the zakat money meant for the poor.


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