Adhaalath Party threatens protests if Israeli flights allowed to operate in the Maldives

The Adhaalath Party has issued a statement threatening protests if the government does not terminate all agreements made between Israel and the Maldives, in particular if it allows Israel flights were to operating in the country.

‘’It is very concerning that the government is strengthening relations with such a cruel state,’’ the Adhaalath Party said in the statement. ‘’The government intends to allow Israel national carrier [El Al] to commence operating in the Maldives by December this year.’’

Adhaalath claimed that “more than 12,000 innocent Muslims are held hostage in Israel.”

In April this year the Adhaalath Party said the party had decided to terminate the coalition agreement with the ruling Maldiivan Democratic Parrty (MDP) should the government permit an Israeli airline to operate in the Maldives.

However, today Transport and Communications Minister Adil Saleem confirmed to local media that Israel flights would commence operating in the Maldives on December 13.

Adil told the media that 433 Israeli tourists visited the Maldives in 2004, 758 in 2005, 569 in 2006, 838 in 2007, 1307 in 2008, 1588 in 2009 and 1380 in 2010.

He also said that more than 500 Maldivians had so far visited Israel this year, noting that many Maldivian had visited the country to see Masjid-Al-Aqsa.

Currently Maldivians visiting Israel had to spend a lot of money on air tickets, he said.


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  1. Adhaalath has only 3000 members ..all of them men...what they say carries no weight.

  2. How popular is Adaalath party? how much influence and weightage it has in Maldivian politics?

  3. Maldivians will use "Bokkuraa & Fali" to travel to the Israel city of Jerusalem to visit the Holy mosque Masjid-Al-Aqsa.

  4. @Amruta

    They are a very useless party, with less than 5000 members, who are all part of the extremist wahhabi sect in the Maldives responsible for things such as the Sultan Park bombing incident. They will bark like dogs on issues like this, but in reality, they don't have much support in the country, and are only doing this to advance their political agendas.

  5. Adhaalath members can boycott the airline. Problem solved.And its high time they quit this government, its wierd how they are part of it and yet criticize them and say awful things like how this government is destroying Maldivians and the country.

  6. Adaalath doesn't have any clear strategy and they take advantage of this kind of controversial issues to make news and remain under the spot light. They will certainly try to block the air line from operating here but fortunately they will fail miserably.

  7. Adhaalath does not have a say in this. They are hugely unpopular in society in general and usually have a very narrow support base with extreme views. I personally think Adhaalath should leave the Coalition.

    We as Maldivians need to move beyond this bigoted narrow view of the world become more accustomed to the times. Being an anti-semite or a Wahhabi is just not popular right now. Adhaalth needs a dose of realism.

  8. we support the arabs who seek freedom from oppressive regimes but fail to acknowledge that palestinians and israelis have been bondaged by a group of people who think they have a "greater cause" to fight for. most citizens of israel want peace with neighbours and it is guarenteed given they let establish state of palestine. Obama support it, EU and middle east quartet support it, we support it. Natanyahu has publicly criticized Obama for the push for peace. we all must pressure Netanyahu to accept peace and end oppression and injustice. "Together we can."

  9. "However, today Transport and Communications Minister Adil Saleem confirmed to local media that Israel flights would commence operating in the Maldives on December 13."

    I sincerely hope that you have thoroughly thought about this. Security will be a key concern not just for the airport, but for the whole area. What's going to stop an Al-Qaida trained fanatic launching an RPG at an inbound or outbound El Al flight?

    Can the transport Minister answer the question of airport security in relation to El Al? Perhaps they intend to deploy a Patriot missile defence shield at Male International Airport to protect the Israelis. I'm afraid, moves like these will just add fire to a flame that's already burning too hot around here.

  10. @Nars you are completely wrong about it been only men.. it is the only Political Party who has active womens who organize and conduct activities...

  11. Thank you Adhaalath...

    BDS ( Boycott Divestment Sanction) Israel...

  12. @Jenny-

    Would be nice if that was their aim....their aim is intolerance, one rung of the ladder at a time. You can support their agenda now, until they reach you, somewhere between the rungs of banning "un-Islamic" clothes and banning of male teachers for female students.

    It is shortsightedness on your part that you thank the crocodile for not eating you right now.

  13. Well okay.. Before you are allowed on board an El Al flight, all you Maldivians will be able to enjoy a pleasant interrogation by a security official.

    This will include where you work or study, where and how you paid for their ticket, why \ou wish to travel to Israel, and basically your entire life history. All documentation will be examined carefully.

    Then, another security official will coma along and ask the same questions all over again, plus some more. The two officials will then go off and compare the answers they got from you. IF they are satisfied, you may be allowed on. This questioning can last an hour or more. (As scuba divers visiting Israel, they also questioned us in great detail about our sport and our experience, where we have dived in the world, checked all our qualification cards, and even read through our dive logs books, to make sure we were not terrorists just pretending to be divers)

    If they are not sure about anything, you will be taken off and strip searched. happy that you have this special treatment. This would NOT happen if you are Israeli of course, you just get on the aircraft.

  14. It may be possible that many of us are not learned as many of the hierarchy of the Adhaalath Party!

    However it is common knowledge that it is mandatory for us Muslims to request Allah (5 and more times per day) to praise Muhammad and family the way Allah praised the Ibrahim ('alaihissalaam who lie next to the House of Allah on earth which is nothing a living being had ever achieved) and family

    Are we not making a grave mistake?

    It is true that some amongst the Israelis do work against Muslims and does harm to them knowing they are doing wrong!

    Nothing is more certain than that Allah knows best!

    Common guess is that this is a lesson to us all human kind and it is most certain that to them (who have wronged) justice will be served!

    Adhaalath Party attitude and desire is very questionable!

  15. @peasent: You described the process succintly :"one rung at a time..."

    but what do you suspect are the causes of fundamentalism?

  16. Adhaalath is right this time, eventhough they were not always.

    Bringing Jews into this country can pose an enomous security risk.

    With Al Qaeda so close to this country in Pakistan and Afghanistan, may be this not a good thing for the government to do.

  17. Our fellow countrymen do not believe that ultra conservative mullahs from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia can understand modern politics and economics. Our question is that if this bunch of Mullahs has the knowhow to rule a society like ours.
    We have been a Muslim country for ages and our forefather’s ways of life and custom and norms are things we believe in. There is no need for us to change our customs norms and religious belief.
    People like mullah Ilyas and Sheik Shameem can go and preach their version of Islam in places like India, Pakistan. Cause than the funding that you guys receive from Saudi Arabia to spread Wahabi cult will not be wasted.
    Charted flights from Israel will operate from Israel to Maldives; there is nothing that you can do about this. Adhalath party can make baseless statements and threaten the government saying that it will break away from the coalition. Even this will not happen since the only things the mullahs wont is power! If you are god fearing as you claim, why do you want to be in government? There are lots of mosques in Maldives; you can peach people and spread prophet Mohamed’s message in a adequate way.

  18. What would Adhaalath Party gain if they withdraw support to the MDP? Nothing.
    What is their strength in Majlis - Nothing.

    Their role (since 2008) in the country - Spreading nuisance & nonsense.

    More flights to Maldives means more business to our resorts and more money in the country. This is economics. Why should we care whether the guests are Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Jews. So, why this biased against Jews?

    Becoz they are killing Muslims (Ans). But then what about Muslims killing Muslims in so many countries.

    If any party or leader cannot distinguish between economics & politics, it has no future.


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