Amputation for theft added to draft penal code

The draft penal code bill has been amended to include punishments as prescribed in the Quran, such as amputation for theft.

The new article added during a parliamentary committee meeting Thursday (March 28) states that if someone convicted of a crime requires legal punishment, as specified in the penal code, that person will face punishment as stated in the Quran.

MP Imthiyaz Fahmy clarified the amendment to the draft penal code is about hadd punishments only and “not at all” about all Sharia offences, speaking with Minivan News today.

“Hadd offenses are already crimes in the draft penal code. However the prescribed punishments in Sharia for those particular crimes are not codified in the draft penal code, but instead they are left up to the interpretation of Sharia,” stated Fahmy.

“But to completely evade making a reference to hadd punishments or to mention that no hadd punishment at all should be imposed is impossible to the the fact that Sharia shall be one of the basis of all the laws of the Maldives,” he added.

Criminal punishments are detailed for murder, fornication, thievery and drinking alcohol.

The committee’s chairperson, MP Ahmed Hamza, told Sun Online the new draft penal code will require amputating persons convicted of theft, while a person convicted of apostasy (renouncing Islam) will also face punishment.

The bill does not include apostasy as a crime, therefore someone found guilty of this offense cannot be subjected to Quranic punishment, committee member MP Ahmed Mohamed clarified.

Gambling is also not criminalised, according to committee member MP Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru. He told local media that the bill does not “state a manner in which such crimes can be convicted”.

Fahmy explained that Sharia law does not prescribe a hadd punishment for gambling.

The penal code draft bill does include factors that must be considered before convicting a person of murder; for example, any contradictory evidence would prevent such a conviction.

Imposing the death penalty cannot be subject only to the confession of the accused.

“Sharia does not run headlong into death penalties, amputation or stoning to death. Therefore depending on the circumstances, Sharia may avoid capital punishments,” said Fahmy.

He further clarified that Sharia punishments may be interpreted according to any of the schools of Sunni Muslims.

While interpretation of Sharia law punishments are within the purview of Maldivian judges, Fahmy believes that the current judicial system is incapable of providing Maldivian people justice, even with the new penal code.

“I do not believe the judiciary and the criminal justice system in the Maldives is capable of doing justice or able to take care of the new penal code. The judiciary is unable to ‘keep up with the Jonses’,” Fahmy stated.

The parliamentary committee’s additions to the bill follow its rejection of all but one amendment suggested by the Fiqh Academy of the Maldives.

Speaking to local media on Monday (March 25), Hamza said the committee had decided to accept only a suggestion concerning the offence of theft. Other amendments, he said, were merely changes to the wordings of the bill and carried little legal weight.

“They have submitted amendments to abolish certain sections. These include certain legal defences. When we looked into removing those defences, we found this impacted fundamental principles embedded to the draft penal code. So we decided to reject their suggestions,” he stated.

Following the decision, Vice President of the Fiqh Academy Sheikh Iyas Abdul Latheef told local newspaper Haveeru that the academy had informed parliament that current draft penal code should not be enforced in the country.

“The current draft does not include the Hadds established under Islamic Sharia. There is no mention of the death penalty for murder, the punishment of stoning for fornication, the punishment of amputation for theft and the punishment for apostasy. We proposed amendments to include these punishments,” Latheef stated.

Comments submitted by the United Nation agencies in the Maldives, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), and Attorney General are being considered and incorporated into the draft text.

The initial draft of the penal code was prepared by legal expert Professor Paul H Robinson and the University of Pennsylvania Law School of the United States, upon the request of the Attorney General in January, 2006. The project was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Professor Robinson’s team have published two volumes (Volume 1 and Volume 2) consisting of commentaries on sections of the draft bill.

The bill was first sent to the Majlis (parliament) in 2006 and will replace the 1961 penal code.

The penal code bill is being forwarded to the parliament floor this upcoming week, according to local media.

False preaching regarding rape and fornication

The parliamentary committee slammed the “false preaching” of the Chair of Adhaalath Party’s Scholars Council Sheikh Ilyas Hussain over the bill earlier this week.

Sheikh Ilyas declared that the new penal code does not recognise fornication with mutual consent as an offence.

MP Nazim Rashaad contended that whether sheikh or not, nobody could misinterpret the clause and claim that the bill did not recognise “mutually consented sexual intercourse” as an offence, and accused the Sheikh of lying to discredit the bill and parliament.

Briefing committee members on the sections concerning sexual offenses, Rashaad stated that under the draft penal code, both fornication and rape are offences under section 411 of the draft bill.

The existing penal code does not explicitly recognise “rape” as a crime, and cases are handled under provisions for sexual offences.


40 thoughts on “Amputation for theft added to draft penal code”

  1. Yeah,yeah!Who does anything according to the Qur'an. Nothing was done according to it in this god forsaken Islamic country! it's just a name!

    Everyone thinks that doing something according to the Quran will cause a great calamity! But where are we now?Do we have the riches? Do we have the calmness inside us? Are we free of the sudden thought of disaster hitting us?NO!!

    At least we Maldivians (those who still have a little faith in them) are better than the powerful Americans whose army personnel have the highest rate of suicides???tsk tsk, and still goes on to preach about democracy,freedom and liberty! what a joke!!??

    US Military suicides continue to climb, reaching record in 2012

  2. Shocked by the decision of the Majlis Committee to impose the hudud penalties in the Maldives. Are we really going to amputate thieves, stone adulterers, execute apostates, and crucify robbers? Maldives has been Islamic for over 850 years, and it has been doing fine without these punishments. Really appalled that the Fiqh Academy recommended all this! Only proves that mullahs should be kept well away from politics. This is the result when mullahs seize the coercive powers bestowed on a modern nation-state by international law. When the revised Penal Code is enforced, Maldives would have become the new Talibanistan! Sad to see that the Human Rights Commission of Maldives has not seen it fit to speak out in defence of Maldives' human rights obligations!

  3. Just like it happened in Saudi and Pakistan, any Islamic state will go out of control when disgruntled jihadi elements within it call for the overthrow of an obviously hypocritical taghut government with its corrupt officials and links to Hindu cow-worshippers and American Crusaders. I'll be laughing that day and thanking Lat and Uzza.

    - Maldivian atheist living as a Wahhabi

  4. The law only applies to the poor. The rich tycoons will just continue to do so as they always did.

  5. Hussain: Haha. Al-hamdhu lillaat! Only then these blind Maldivians will realise "Shariah law" is not what its all cracked out to be. Oppression, injustice, income inequality, frustrated youth - perfect ingredients for militant Islam. When the Qutbian jihadists rise up then the tycoons will be affected. Resorts will be bombed. Embassies will be burned. MPs and their families will be knifed to the chants of Allah akbar. Women without hijab will be burnt with acid. Safaris with laadheenee pork-eating wine-eating tourists will be hijacked. MashaHubal! Theocracy to democracy is a process Maldivians will have to go through. By Lat and by Uzza, Maldivians will learn the hard way.

  6. Ahmed Shaheed, with you on your comment. I am speechless.

    Is this is the best the current honourable members of parliament can do to provide justice for us? Good grief.

  7. When "amputation of heads" will be added to the penal code for all who keep thinking???

    1,723,501 have signed. Let's get to 2,000,000

    It's hard to believe, but a 15-year-old rape survivor has been sentenced to be whipped 100 times in public! Let's put an end to this lunacy by hitting the Maldives government where it hurts: the tourism industry.

    The girl's stepfather is accused of raping her for years and murdering the baby she bore. Now the court says she must be flogged for “sex outside marriage” with a man who has not even been named! President Waheed of the Maldives is already feeling global pressure on this, and we can force him to save this girl and change the law to spare other victims this cruel fate. This is how we can end the War on Women – by standing up every time an outrage like this happens.

    Tourism is the big earner for the Maldives elite, including government ministers. Let's build a million-strong petition to President Waheed this week, then threaten the islands' reputation through hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and online until he steps in to save her and abolish this outrageous law. Sign now and share this with everyone!

  8. haha.. LOL...

    I remember the time when the first corner stone was laid for the Velaanage building. A few years later, a very nice building where most of Government offices operate.

    Today, this marks laying of a cornerstone in the country's history. It will be biggest mistake the country has ever made in the recent years. From now on, it will be a steep downhill slope, snowballing into a non-stop, recursive loop.

  9. Let the world know now that ít's the Majlis with a majority of the MDP and salaf organization pinching it that is moving Maldives towards fundermentalism. MDP should ask it's co-conspirator Salaf Jamiyya to stop pushing for strict islamic penal codes. Hello Nasheed, Why two tongues? Why double talk?

  10. I remember once commenting here, saying that in the future, these barbaric hadds would be established in the Maldives. What can I say? I'm looking forward to watching rape victims being stoned in public in the national stadium or near the justice building after friday prayers. I bet tourists would flock to see god's justice being delivered too.

    This is why I tend to call muslims neanderthals.

  11. Welcome to the dark ages. It was always going to be a slippery slope when one gets rid of the first democratically elected government via a coup.

    But this is going all in, we will hit rock bottom pretty soon. And it will be the poor and those that the judiciary and govt doesn't like that will get these punishments. To this day we have been unable to apply the punishment of flogging evenly. If you are rich or connected you either get flogged with a handkerchief a feather or with a slight twisting around of things you can get away with not being flogged at all. Not to mention that over 80% of people who get flogged are women.

    This is a sad day for Maldives and the MP's who don't support this are all cowards who won't dare say anything in public.

    What a mess this country is in.

  12. Can someone tell me why blood, death, sex abuse and torture of women is so common among the muslims, everywhere in the world?
    Look at what is happening in
    * Iraq
    * Syria
    * Mali
    * Afghanistan
    * Pakistan
    * Maldives
    * Nigeria
    * Sudan
    and many many more countries where killings between muslims is becoming too common.

    I thought christians were the ones divided, but it seems they are more at peace with each other. Its time muslims should be reasonable and stop killing each other in the name of god

  13. Education is the only way for people to think in a rational way. The majority of the people are very misfortunate that they don’t have opportunity to educate themselves to make their brain useful to live a happy life. There are few people who suffer from psychosis a brain condition that makes them criminals, religions, and con artist, among these suffers the religious people are more dangerous than the criminals, because the religious people use a higher authority and project them as representatives of this higher authority. The general populations who lack intellectual capacity are the victims of these religious people.

    The religious people are inherited a psychosis condition from prehistoric people to have fear of death, natural disasters and the only way to treat them is to remove the part of brain that secrets a psychotic agent in the brain.

  14. When Americans kill people by lethal injection and gas, its somehow merciful and benevolent. And ofcourse the victim deserves the punishment. But when we even plan to do something like spanking (for proven adultery), its automatically barbaric and backward and all hell breaks loose. Why is that?
    Does anybody think in these lines nowadays?...

    Comes to mind the poignant moment when Lut sad in despair, "is there none among you who can even think clearly?"

    Actually I thought Dr. Shaheed was a muslim but he has given away the pretense with his comment.

  15. These amendments will only help extremism. It is like adding fuel to fire. It should be noted that "Sharia Law" as per Sunni Muslims can be interpreted in almost any way the judge wants.

  16. Spanking? Hahaha! Is that what Mohammad did to the adulterer and the adulteress. No! Let's introduce stoning. Yeah, dig a hole in the middle of Jumhooree maidaan, bury the person upto his torso and stone him dead - with the right size of rocks of course. Masha-Manat. Even infidel American pigs will soon follow our ways.

    See at Furqan Mosque for Asr. 😉

  17. Let's see whether Islamic Shariya is followed and practiced even after it becomes law. but I have a feeling this is what Waheed and Adhaalath doing just to attract more voters.

  18. @Human being,

    You are so right!

    When Muslims advocate for a punishment which is prescribed by the Qur'an for crimes heinous as stealing from a poor persons lifesaving's(which in return effects the whole family and make them slide into poverty)then all hell from the west breaks loose!!There's only human rights for the criminal and the poor remains unbothered, unanswered.

    The probability of stealing again from the poor still remains once the thief serves the light sentence and leaves the air conditioned well fed prison(which is again stolen tax money from the hardworking class)

    We become inhumane, neanderthals but when the west steals from common peoples bank accounts like in Cyprus, whoah !!!it's just to save the country from bankruptcy and the corrupt bankers keep their lips sealed!! LOL

    You know how much these banks steal from the poor, well think again! no wonder all banks are on the verge of collapse??and still preaching for freedom, democracy blah blah... LOL!

    The anguish of Cyprus in the words of its people

    And by the way Islam is gaining strength.That is why everyone is so mad on destroying it by planting bombs

    Britain “apologizes” for terrorist act in Basra how many of this would be unidentified...

    and creating sectarian havoc when there is no such thing in Islam! Muslims should wake up!

  19. @ dhivehi murtaddhu

    you, pretty pissed off eh!! probably thinking of the stress you'll go through without the slave prostitutes, booze and drugs to make you high so that you can forget about your current problems!

    The things we do not understand about Maldivian apostates is that they say religion is made up and there is no life after death but still fear death the most!

    That's why like sneaky rats you go on ranting about something you do not even understand! if you have courage come out to light and save your people from the so called religion slavery! after all you are the people who says that there is no hell or heaven! why the hypocrisy!!!

  20. @ Shimy

    “When Muslims advocate for a punishment which is prescribed by the Qur’an for crimes heinous as stealing from a poor persons lifesaving’s (…) then all hell from the west breaks loose!! There’s only human rights for the criminal and the poor remains unbothered, unanswered.”

    If punishment has to be in accordance with the Qur’an, then I guess all your life should be in accordance with the Qur’an as well.
    - Why then are you lying, giving false facts?
    - Why are you not giving to the poor, why are you not defending the poor (if spanking, then with feathers)?
    - Why are you not living like the prophet? – without electricity, internet, mobile phones, speedboats, cars, satellite-TV, banks etc?
    - Why are you spreading hate within your words against all others?
    “The probability of stealing again from the poor still remains once the thief serves the light sentence and leaves the air conditioned well fed prison(which is again stolen tax money from the hardworking class)“

    Have you ever seen one of these air-conditioned prisons? How can you argue with facts that are false?
    Is that in accordance with the Qur’an? I do not believe so.
    “We become inhumane, neanderthals but when the west steals from common peoples bank accounts like in Cyprus, whoah !!!it’s just to save the country from bankruptcy and the corrupt bankers keep their lips sealed!! LOL “
    - Amputating body-parts IS in fact a behaviour of inhumane Neanderthals – no doubt about that.
    - “The West” is not stealing “common peoples” money from Cyprus bank accounts – they are saving this countries future within the EU, ´cause they are totally broke due to their financial politics and corruption and not paying taxes for the last decades.
    All the illegal money (untaxed) on these accounts will be under the restrictions the Cyprus Government set up.

    “Britain “apologizes” for terrorist act in Basra how many of this would be unidentified…”
    - Why do you not mention when this happened? Because it is from 2005 already?
    - How come bombs of extreme islamistic “martyrs” are exploding all over the world – not in the past – but right now, destroying lives, even of Moslem brothers and sisters?
    - Did someone from the Islamic side “apologize” for 9/11?
    - Did someone apologize for all the dead caused by Sunni or Shiite bombings?

    “…and creating sectarian havoc when there is no such thing in Islam! Muslims should wake up!”

    I do not know, what you mean with “creating sectarian havoc” if you do not clarify who does where and how.
    So far, as I can see it, sectarian havoc is only created by some misled or archaic unconvincables, which try to keep the masses uneducated and suppressed (by money or wrong religious instructions - whatever).

    However, I fully agree with your closing phrase and shout out loud:

    “All of you Muslims wake up!”

    and decide, how they would like to live their lives without disturbing and harming all others:

    May that be in a fundamentalistic, strictly closed 100% Islamic society, where hands are amputated, people are stoned to death or beheaded; where women and kids are raped, beaten up and human rights are not in first line – at least not for ordinary people.

    Closing I would mention a good advice for the future of the Maldives main income “tourism” (from “the west”, China) – only if you want to keep that up.

    Do not bite the hands that are feeding you - you might starve one day.

  21. LOL! I love it when Maldivian Muslims make assuumptions and then threaten me. That's what Allah and Mohodhey taught you eh? I'm glad the MPs are doing this. Maldives should go full Shariah, and the sooner the better! Then the real fun will begin as people start realizing that the mullahs can't deliver. Happening in Saudi, Iran and will happen in Maldives. Its the fate of the Islamic state. Allaat akbar.:P

  22. @Former tourist
    For your info, i have read here on Minivan news a former convict expressing his views on prisons. He prefers amputations or stoning to the animal caged way of living in prisons.
    Besides you are not even making a serious attempt to understand sharia.

    Amputations and stoning will be administered to the worst of the worst on confirmed atrocities. Muslims will not stone a person for traffic violations. May i also ask what would you prefer to give to the Mumbai bomber or Oklahoma bomber? Just a few years in a refined western jail? What if you are the relative of the victim?

    The beauty of islamic sharia is in the safety it provides. Now we have so many types of armed forces in our countries and yet nobody is safe. We even have private security to hire and the wealthy amongst us hire them, but still everybody lives in fear. That fear is the cost of not implementing sharia. The money that was wasted on layers and layers of armed forces is also the cost of rejecting islamic sharia.
    For the umpteenth time may i also remind you AGAIN that corporal punishment in islamic sharia (its just one part.. islamic sharia is a vast body of knowledge)is accorded to the worst of the worst who definitely deserve harsh punishment. And please don't preach about christian love and bla bla.. we all know what they did in inquisitions.

  23. May allah guide you all disbelievers and save you all from the hell fire. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar

  24. @ Hamdhu

    Masha'Allah - may be you´re saved as well ...

  25. @ dhivehi murtaddhu on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 5:50 PM

    I'm not threatening you but i am urging you to come out and express yourself if you think you are hundred percent correct! You are not sure, aren't you? That's why you are hiding behind some name eheh!and who am i to threaten you!!i am no one!!??

    You only believe in what these hypocrites tell you! you, yourself go to the Qur'an and find out the answers!And find out about Sharia law without spreading falsehood!!

    The fact is that the Qur'an does not command Muslims to kill apostates but to make them understand! but it's your choice! Muslims do not believe in apostasy because then it would cause great catastrophe. It would be like a great sheikh telling you to go have booze, drugs ,slave sex freely as these are the things you are demanding, isn't it? Tell me something good which benefits the community but which Islam does not allow!!!?? it would shed light on me also!!Alas pls do not do anything like committing suicide like the previous apostate and the powerful army men of America!!

  26. @Former Tourist

    Now, where in the world have i lied or spread falsehood???!!it's just my thought about the prisons in Male.I am not willing to give away my tax money to some hard core criminal who has butchered an innocent life!!??

    In fact, this imprisoning that the west has put forward has gained rather negative thoughts!!read the Stanford Prison Experiment which was put to a halt because of it's abusive behaviour.

    The points i have highlighted comes out from your western truthful media and this media makes me hopeful!

    Once again where in the world does the Qur'an say not to use anything which benefits the community be it from the west or any other place. The Qur'an says to do good and to resist evil
    and this is why i talk about your type of hypocrisy!!

    EU set to ban all types of porn!!??
    check it??!!
    Created something which the west couldn't handle??!!probably realized what kind of effect it has on children just like homosexuality and the lot!tsk tsk.

    This is what i am against and the neanderthal apostates here want it??!!

    BTW if islam is so brutal and inhumane why do the world try to benefit from the oil rich Muslim countries!??Shouldn't you ban this?

    Why do the western nations use African resources when they never benefit the poor?? In fact this was something i discovered recently!

    Sarkozy admits France's role in Rwandan genocide

    And how do you know that i am not contributing! Why are you blaming the bombings on Islam when Islam prohibits suicide all together!!Islam talks about extremism and not to delve in it!!??

    And do not try to make the west all innocent by blaming the 9/11 attacks on Muslims??this was where the extremism started!The fact is that it was an inside job which the good Americans are talking about now!!??there were so many unanswered questions in the report, you check it!!??
    read about the hunger strike in Guantanamobay now and then talk about humanity and blah blah...

    The point you have highlighted on corrupt bankers of Cyprus is exactly my point! why are the poor public being punished for the blunders of the bankers!!??

    Sectarian conflict was created by corrupt Muslims for political gains. The havoc benefits only politicians and this is what divides Muslims of becoming united!This is why Muslims should wake up!!

    but i guess you will still label me as a liar so go wonder!

  27. Tourists must be made aware of the evil that lives in paradise and boycott the MALDIVES

  28. Shimy is either 1. Deluded 2. Practicing taqiyya 3. In total denial or 4. Insane

    "Read the koran"... well, I have and he HAS NOT. Period.

    "The Qur’an says to do good and to resist evil"
    That's what your Imam told you? READ the bloody thing!! Question and investigate. THINK!!

  29. "blaming the 9/11 attacks on Muslims??"

    This conspiracy theory is true Islamic taqiyya. Just coincidence that 15 of 19 jihadis aboard the planes were Saudi Muslims?? Screaming Allahu akbar??

    Shimy you are a slimy Islamist moron. Truly. You sicken me.

  30. Muslims like Shimee have a hard time believing that Maldivians would leave Islam. They think that we non-Muslims want to drink and have sex. LOL. I can do that while being a Muslim, idiot. Maldivian so-called Muslims do all that at night and in the morning act all pious and shout "Defend Islam". No, we leave Islam because it's fiction, nonsense, made-up BS. Get that in your head. And why don't I come out? Remember what happened to Nazim and Hilath? Haha! And I don't have to kill myself, you're doing a pretty good job at it! LOL. Do the shimmy, baby, shimmy like Ursala.

    (Minivan I hope that meets the standards. My last two comments were deleted because Fikree and the other Haabees got an aneurysm after seeing the blatant. Too bad coz Maldivians ought to get used to that. But I guess Minivan is not the place for that)

  31. @JJFOX

    I sicken you so you should take some pills! you really think calling me slimy, islamist will drown my spirits. you bore me!

    pls, do not send your drones to bomb me, i am sick of it! ho hum!!??

  32. There is no such thing as a capital stoning punishment in the Qur'an for fornication. The punishment for fornication in the Qur'an is 100 lashes, so if they want to apply a capital punishment, they should apply the lashes and not the barbaric and savage ancient act of stoning. Although it is narrated in hadeeth that stoning did occur during the time of the prophet, it is not known if it occurred before or after the verses in the Qur'an were revealed. However, evidence clearly indicates the Qur'an revelations ended that barbaric punishment and replaced it with lashing. The stoning punishment was prescribed in the Torah but not in the Qur'an. There is no death penalty in Islam for apostasy, again evidence is from the Qur'an where many verses suggest otherwise. Law should be applied from the Quran and not from anywhere else, not even hadeeth when it contridicts with it since the Qur'an is INFALLABLE and hadeeth IS NOT NOT. Unfortunately, some savage Muslims will still insist on applying the cruelest sentences in total disregard to the Qur'an.

  33. And how is lashing not barbaric again? Or amputation? Or crucifixion? If it weren't for Aisha's pet goat, you'd be saying stoning isn't barbaric either. Just get rid of Shariah, that's the best thing to do if you want to move on with the times.

  34. Are you people serious???

    The Maldives relies on tourism - do you seriously expect to maintain the current number of western tourists if they have the slightest idea that the Maldives is going to revert back to being yet another islamic s%$#hole?

    I for one - and all of my friends will NEVER go back there for a holiday if that happens.

    Keep your barbaric 7th century beliefs in your pants - NEVER ever foist them onto other people.

  35. @Sierraman who says:"... There is no death penalty in Islam for apostasy, again evidence is from the Qur’an where many verses suggest otherwise."

    but there is so much in Bukhari.

    And if it is so wrong - then why is it part of islamic scripure at all??? No wonder muslims are so confused - every one just chooses what they'd like to believe and finds some verse somewhere to justify it.

    What an absurd religio-political ideology.

    Bukhari, volume 9, #17

    "Narrated Abdullah: Allah's Messenger said, "The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Messenger, cannot be shed except in three cases: in Qisas (equality in punishment) for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (Apostate) and leaves the Muslims."

    Bukhari, volume 9, #57

    Narrated Ikrima, "Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's messenger forbade it, saying, "Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire)." I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah's Messenger, "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him."

    Bukhari, volume 9, #58

    Narrated Abu Burda, "Abu Musa said.....Behold there was a fettered man beside Abu Musa. Muadh asked, "Who is this (man)?" Abu Musa said, "He was a Jew and became a Muslim and then reverted back to Judaism." Then Abu Musa requested Muadh to sit down but Muadh said, "I will not sit down till he has been killed. This is the judgment of Allah and his messenger," and repeated it thrice. Then Abu Musa ordered that the man be killed, and he was killed. Abu Musa added, "Then we discussed the night prayers .....

    Bukhari volume 4, #656:

    Narrated Ibn Abbas:

    Allah's Apostle said, "You will be resurrected (and assembled) bare-footed, naked and uncircumcised." The Prophet then recited the Divine Verse:-- "As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it: A promise We have undertaken. Truly we shall do it." (21.104)

    He added, "The first to be dressed will be Abraham. Then some of my companions will take to the right and to the left. I will say: 'My companions! 'It will be said, 'They had been renegades since you left them.' I will then say what the Pious Slave Jesus, the son of Mary said: 'And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them; when You did take me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a Witness to all things. If You punish them, they are Your slaves, and if you forgive them, You, only You are the All-Mighty the All-Wise.' "

    (5.117-118) Narrated Quaggas, "Those were the apostates who renegade from Islam during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr who fought them".


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