Bill banning import of alcohol presented to parliament

A bill banning the importing of alcohol and pork into the Maldives has been presented to the parliament.

The bill was presented by Independent MP Ibrahim Muthalib, which he said amended the list of things that could not be imported to the country under 75/4 of the law on concerning contraband.

”The last time I presented a bill  banning that sale and usage of alcohol on inhabited islands they sent it off the floor claiming that it only bans particular places or areas (inhabited islands),” he said. ”This time I am presenting a bill to ban [alcohol and pork] from being brought inside the country at all.”

He said he hoped that all the MPs would make “a good decision” on the bill after thinking “with a good mind.”

DRP MP Ahmed Rasheed said that he would not support the bill.

”By removing my arms in case I hit someone, by cutting out my tongue in case I talk filth, by blinding my eyes in case I see something that ought not to be watched, by plugging my ears in case I hear something I ought not – I can’t be a Muslim that way,” he said. ”I don’t think there is anyone with so weak a faith.”

People’s Alliances party MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abu Bakuru said that he “fully supported” the bill.

”I have information that in 1972 alcohol was not imported to the country,” Jamal said. ”It is not a good way to think that its best to be surrounded by sins and not to commit. [For example] it is said to stay away from sex before marriage, and to wait patiently without doing it.”

PA leader and MP Abdulla Yameen said that although the Maldives was a hundred per-cent Muslim country importing alcohol could not be fully banned.

”Look at Jeddah (a Saudi Arabian city on the shores of the Red Sea). It is a city in an Arab Islamic country but you can get alcohol from there,” Yameen said.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary group leader Moosa Manik claimed he would not support the bill as it was “politically motivated”.


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  1. Well, say goodnight to the tourist industry if this passes. Stupid independent MP's trying to get some fame and brownie points with the terrorists who are vying to control Maldives.

    Why do you think the tourists come here in the first place?. To drink, party and have fun wearing itty-bitty clothes. This holds true even for the middle eastern tourists.

    We'll be forced to turn into the next Afghanistan if this happens... Anyone know how to raise goats?. Anyone have a good opium plantation?.

  2. Its good that in general the consensus is against the bill, i don't think Maldives can afford to ban it. If there are investors ready to invest in Islamic tourism in the Maldives they ca go ahead and see how it turns out.

  3. Completely banning alcohol import, eh. That means they have to shut down shops like Le Cute.

    That's right. A ban on perfume.

    Ohhhhh, I fear for the life of this idealistic independent MP when the women learn of this... I-I-I'm just going to tell them, and I'm going to hide under my bed.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. The man should be removed from Parliament for suggesting that we completely destroy the nation like this.

  5. When the bill to ban selling alcohol/pork in inhabited islands was presented to Parliament, MPs rejected saying that those should not be imported into Maldives & they will support such a bill. However, when the bill that they suggested was presented the same MPs rejected again. So should we have removed the MPs when they suggested so at that time, Mr. Jeffrey Waheed?

    If you want to drink alcohol why don't you go outside Maldives. After-all you grew up not in Maldives. You have not an iota of love for the Nation or Islam.

  6. i wonder who is more stupid, the MP or those who elected him. Good reason why we should think before we vote. Is there any way he can be removed before he comes up with a better Maldivians should ride camels to be carbon neutral?

  7. @ buscador , i think he/she was just maing a point, and YES in parts of Afghanistan perfume is banned!! cause the Taliban belived it was wasting money. its interesting to kw that baari himself profits from trade of alcohol he should for an example first give up his resort , or least close bars in all sun-land resorts? perhaps and @salim why do ppl elect these idiots ? we should go back to the constituency and ask them why they elected him? and how he has addressed their concerns in their local communities otherthan use them to set into the parlenment and carry out their fanatical propaganda !

  8. Who the hell is Ibrahim Muthalib?

    Adhaalath party-poopers and the islamic ministry is written all over this bill. What are these people trying to do, create a fanatsy land in which they can feel safe in???...with their wives covered,...and their children their pathetic lives don;t get deviated?? Hello. has reality completely bypassed any authenticity in Islam? least in Muthalib's world.

    Might as well all maldivians start herding sheep and living in huts...because non of the modern day life will exist in a couple of years time after the complete and utter collapse of our economy and our country.

    Everyone remember to thank Ibrahim Muthalib...who you would call one of the 'impotence' of our parliment.

  9. This is a good example of how childish our MPs are. The most annoying thing though is that these people will get elected again. I have a better suggestion to Muthalib. Why don't you submit a ban on passing urine and faeces because consuming those are haram in Islam too.

  10. buscador: Perfumes popular with women all have an ethanol/other"thol" base. Ever hear of people swigging "kolaa vataru"? It may not be alcohol in the base of sense, but chemically, it is still an "alcohol".

    And if a complete alcohol product ban is in place, I shudder to think what an angry mob of women can do to that MP. Of this, I'm sure. They'll make the exploits of Unit 731 look like a pillow fight.

  11. ha! ha!, the only muslim in parliment Muthalib comes up with one of his gems. And Abu Bakuru should know before 1972 also maldivians were sleeping around, ie fornicating, that wasn't something that was imported, and even now its going on again without anything being imported. People do what they want to do, keeping the surroundings pristine clean does not guarantee one won't sin

  12. Muthalib will never become a Saint even if he succeed on this. First of all he got to repent.

    Yes Salim, the man must be removed for suggesting to destroy our economy!

  13. Wonder what this blogger knows about this country or politics when he goes to say "The man should be removed from Parliament for suggesting that we completely destroy the nation like this". I say to you "Just get your butt out of this country as we have seen what you and your clan are upto, as seen on the "Hotseat" show. Who are you to say who has to be removed and who has to say. Tell your old man to get himself removed from his posting, as we know they are the ones who are bickering and dissatified with the way things are going.

  14. God gives us food. so even without tourism the country will survive. Please support this bill.

  15. Buscardo le verdad : "anony alcohol isnt in its form in perfume, its another compound, ever did first grade chemistry? the properties are of no similarity!"

    Really? Ethanol changes it properties when sprayed onto the body?


    We have a solution to this whole issue, ladies and gentlemen. Spray-nozzled vodka bottles.

  16. Ahmed Anony, For your kind info it's not called "thol" base.. Ethanol is a component of Alcohol and you are right on that aspect but it's identified as "ol".


  17. Im not a fan of Alcohol and Pork, and let me tell you folks, this is not about alcohol and the pork. immature idiots trying to get some fame and power. why don't we hang ourself? really do these people think using their brain or something else?

    alcohol and pork is not the problem in this soceity! stupidity like this IS. nothing creative or productive to think. Your economy and personal life does not improve just by submitting your will to god without a brain.

  18. hey and also please do pass a bill to ban cough syrups too. they have traces of alc i believe. We can drink jamalu milk and cure our coughs.
    Yes yes, why doesnt this shaheem person send a group to sunland resorts to close them down. orrrr let sunland be a alcohol free resorts and operate them. and also please dont have musical events in sunland resorts. Bad bad bad !!!

  19. What next?

    Why not just stop tourism unless they are muslims? I'm sure then there will be no need to import alocohol.

  20. YokYok. That won't work either.

    Even the Middle Easterners come here to throw off their hijabs and robes, and just relax in a place where the religious police from their country aren't watching them.

  21. @huraameeha really?.

    I'll believe that when this "god" you speak of comes down here and personally reduces food prices.

    We're already suffering from economic collapse; food prices are horribly high. They're out to turn this country into another third world nation where Islamists can dispense "their version" of Sharia law.

  22. If this bill is swept out of the floor, are you going to present a bill asking our parliament to ban alcohol and pork produce in the world! Are you?

    Great gimmickry!

  23. @Mohamed

    You have just hit their thinking spot-on.

    They think they have the right to police the world, while they engage in the sickest crimes possible.

  24. As far back as 1948 the Maldives government (at that stage it was just the government) imported alcoholic beverages to issue under licence to expatriate state employees. At first such personnel included medical and pharmaceutical staff and from the 1950s, power house workers as well. From about 1960 onwards the majority of expatriate government employees were teachers who also obtained alcoholic beverages under licence. During World War II and later from the mid-1950s to 1976, Her Majesty's military, naval and air force personnel and civilian contractors based in Thiladummati Atoll and Addu Atoll had fully stocked bars in their facilities. From 1960 to 1963 the residences of the staff of the United Kingdom Government Representative in Male and Dhoonidhoo stocked alcoholic beverages, as did various diplomatic residences beginning with that of the Embassy of the Republic of China in 1966. The member is advised to do some research before making inaccurate claims in parliament.

  25. After all these bills get passed i suppose we get a free passport to heaven, issued by the Rayyithunge Majlis of Maldives. Hail Abdul Barakathul Muthalib.

  26. It may be MP Muthalibs vision to ban import of alcohol altogether, and we start our own productions. Sensible economic thinking .... Foakaidhoo Dry Gin ...... n Thoddu Larger.

  27. oops! who will be after in resorts? only bearded holy wahhabith peoples with beautiful girls and some wisky?hehehe

  28. I do not understand DRP MP Ahmed Rasheed statement? Alcohol is being imported to the country from elsewhere. His arms and other parts of his body are already there. He has alternative drinks to survive unless he has been drinking alcohol only all his life? I do not know, I am just curious how the statement does not make sense.

    Alcohol is prohibited in Islam. That is the only point I believe the independent MP is trying to make. As a Muslim he would get much more rewards in proposing the bans then any other MP. That would be a fact since in the hereafter you only pass the test if you do things in support of the laws of Allah (swt).

    Yes it can have a bad effect on the tourism sector and economically speaking it might not be a good idea in the short run. But is not Allah (swt) the most sufficient in what he provides to the believers? Unless your faith and patience in your Creator is not strong enough.

    Righteous God fearing Muslims should keep an eye on which MPs vote against it for what ever excuse. Be it MDP, DRP or any other party. If this goes to a vote and any MP votes against it. It would be a clear and simple vote against a ban which Allah (swt) has already declared. Hence the best way to use your power is to vote them out of Parliament in the next elections and to let others know and remember which MPs voted against it. One thing majority of the MPs seem to care about is their seats. Hence use this and let your MPs know that if they vote against it, you will not vote for them next time. This is your right as a voter.

    In the U.S the congress tried to ban alcohol and it failed miserably. So why would any country try to import something that the exporting country's government once tried banning? Yet Islam was able to ban Alcohol due to the Iman of the believers without any law enforcement, etc. That is what it means to be a believer - loyalty to your Creator. A little history which will hopefully educate some in regards to the history of Alcohol in U.S and Islam.

    I would also encourage all that is so much against a Islam to visit Dr.Zakir Naik as he always has a Questions & Answers time after his lectures which you can ask him any question you would like. He will give you references direct from the Quran and Hadith which you can note down, go back home and look at yourself. Or you can bring a Quran translation yourself.

    Ummah has a lot of blind followers. They might be a good human being, but there is a difference between being a true follower and a blind follower.

    Hope the lectures help, but in the end Allah (swt) helps who He wants.

  29. I wonder why Minivan News failed to publish my last comment as I am pretty sure it was under moderation and there was nothing offensive in my comments compared to remarks made by anti-Muslims in their website. Could it be that they are filtering out anything which is pro-Islam? maybe that is the reason for this particular article having mainly the view of anti-Islamic sentiment?


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