DQP allies with Thasmeen as “momentum with opposition”

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) has signed a coalition agreement with Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, after a day of political infighting among the opposition.

The deal could represent an alliance between Thasmeen and DQP leader Hassan Saeed against the DRP faction led by dismissed deputy leader Umar Naseer, who received tacit support from former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom during the location council elections.

Although unable to speak of the role a collective opposition may play within the Maldives’ newly formed local councils, Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Secretary General Abdulla Ameen claimed the recent elections showed public sentiment was “clearly” now against the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

“I think the local council elections clearly show that the public has no confidence in the government,” he said. “With two years until the next general election, the government will have to be much more accountable.”

With ballot counting yet to be finalised following polling for local councils over the weekend, the DQP said it had so far taken two seats – one each in the island and atoll councils – out of eight possible candidates running from within the party.

Ameen added that a “full strategy” for the DQP’s elected council members had yet to be outlined.

The uncertainty over the direction of the council members comes after Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, leader of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), yesterday told Minivan News that successful candidates in the elections were as yet unaware of the mandate for the country’s local councils.

“It is a fact that candidates from many parties including ours may not be clear on their responsibilities and mandates,” Thasmeen said.

Ameen said that the party would be speaking with its local council representatives as soon as possible to begin trying to outline policy and how exactly they will work to serve constituents.

“We are still waiting for official results, so I can’t say anything right now until we consult our councils and see what direction we will be taking,” he said. “Public sentiment appears to be with the [political] opposition. We now must see what they can do.”

However, the post-council election outlook for the DRP, the country’s main opposition party, seems uncertain.

Umar Naseer court-bound

Amidst claims by the DRP of a decisive victory during the local council election campaign that saw them take a large proportion of island seats, infighting within the party has continued this week, with former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer reportedly set to file a Civil Court case to nullify his dismissal.

Haveeru reported today that following the conclusion of the council election race, Naseer, who was dismissed by a DRP disciplinary committee back in December, is heading to the courts to have his former position reinstated.
The former deputy Leader has said he believes he still holds a deputy leader position in the party despite the internal DRP ruling and only a party congress has the authority to terminate his role, according to the report.

Naseer has been campaigning during the elections with DRP supreme leader and former Maldivian president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom with whom he spoke alongside at a “victory” celebration for the party this week at a ceremony near Male’s artificial beach.


13 thoughts on “DQP allies with Thasmeen as “momentum with opposition””

  1. I don't know what to say except laugh and laugh. What happened to the coalition made before?

    What does Hassan Saeedh want? Will Solah Shihab and Crown Saleem join Thasmeen as well? Oh my my.

  2. Solah Shihab has deserted Hassan Saeed and he is now backing the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    Hassan Saeed and DQP should ally with post menopausal women because that is where DQP's support base lies. We've seen this in Hassan Saeed's presidential campaign videos. Maybe DQP sees something similar in Thasmeen. With Maldivian politics you can never tell what kind of baloney is going on.

  3. Hassan Saeed is hoping to become the VP and then take over in 2018. But this man is not different from Thasmees. All he is after is money. There is a lot of dirty stuff in the background that will come up. Hassan is a failed man. People from his own atoll hates him.

  4. DQP needs to align itself with a couple of goats before the next election. Might be an educational opportunity and a chance to get "back to nature"!

    Hassan Saeed is a joke and a moron!

  5. Is Thasmeen not confident of getting things done on his own... Look what happened when he teamed with Umar Naseer. The end result of Hassan Saeed is doomed to be just as bitter. Get real. Coalitions are for sharing power when you have the government but not in opposition. A bad move whatever angle you look at it...

  6. DQP become desperate the prostitute of Maldivian politics. Their desperation even make them enter back door without using the condoms. People who are greedy will do any thing to achieve their goals. DRP will use DQP and dispose them like what they did to PA.

  7. Both Thasmeen and Hassan Saeed need each other. With Gayoom taking credit of DRP win, Gayoom faction wants Thasmeen Ali to quit the party. Within next six months, we will see many changes in political parties.

  8. DQP thiyaee "fakkadaadhey meeha" ge role adhakodhevva beyfulhuntho. kureega MDP ah mihaaru DRP ah. Hama saabas!

  9. Champaa Afeef supports DRP. Mohamed Shafeeg is with MDP Salah Shihab backed Hassan Saeed. Whoever wins will protect the interest of the Afeef business. Now that Anni had extended the lease of tourist island for 50 years Anni is the best.

  10. LOL ibrahim hussein on Tue, 8th Feb 2011 6:58 PM
    seagull solah is teaming to aussie PM:)
    no your right, DQP support lies with menopausal women. i think Maumoon is the same.

  11. @akuram
    Don't know about black, white, Addu. But most islands are ready for a Jinni president.

  12. Fantastic move by DRP.

    No matter what people who comment here say, DRP's alliance with DQP will strenghten the two parties. Gayyoom is hell bent on dividing the party. But now, he will find it more difficult to go ahead with his plans.


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