Police evacuate Mavota Shareef from DRP headquarters after spokesperson attacked

A crowd gathered outside DRP headquarters was this morning calling for the resignation of Party Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Spokesperson Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef.

The call came in response to an audio clip allegedly of Shareef, aired on MNBC and DhiFM, in which he apparently expresses a preference for MDP over former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Gayoom would never leave if returned to the leadership, Shareef apparently says, during a campaign trip in Addu.

Minivan News is trying to determine the authenticity of the audio with Shareef, however his phone was turned off at time of press. Thasmeen was not responding.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that a crowd gathered outside the DRP headquarters had tried to attack Shareef, “so police put him into a vehicle and took him to a safe area. He is not in police custody.”

Haveeru reports that Thasmeen and the DRP council will meet at the office shortly, however it notes that Gayoom’s members on the council – his daughter Dhunya Maumoon and former Attorney General Aishath Azima Shukoor – did not appear to be in attendance.

The DRP underwent a major factional split following the dismissal of Deputy Leader Umar Naseer by the party’s disciplinary committee, an incident which came to blows in December 2010 when Naseer and his supporters gatecrashed a DRP rally at Ghiyasuddin International School celebrating the departure of seven of President Mohamed Nasheed’s cabinet ministers on a successfully-prosecuted constitutional technicality.

Naseer claims he does not recognise his removal from the party as legitimate despite confirmation from the Elections Commission. The return of Gayoom to politics and the backing of the party’s ‘honorary leader’ consolidated support for Naseer in the party, and the two campaigned together during the local council election while Thasmeen campaigned seperately.

This mornings’s events suggest the frosty civility between the two factions in the lead-up to the election may be diminishing, as the fielding of multiple opposition candidates in many council electorates may have split the votes and needlessly handed wins to the ruling party.


5 thoughts on “Police evacuate Mavota Shareef from DRP headquarters after spokesperson attacked”

  1. This is exactly what i have told your guys early.
    If Maumoon,Mavota and Umar is involved in any political party that party will be failed.These people have already failed more then once. push them out and try to go forward.Success is without them.

    So please make sure not give them a second chance them to be involved in politics.

  2. The cult nature of Maldivian political life (calling Maumoon our Beloved ‘Zaeem’ etc…) all seems false. I am sure none of these DRP guys really revere Maumoon the way they claim they do, they just think everyone else does so they make these claims of Maumoon’s greatness thinking the party will elevate them for how great they make Maumoon in their speech and actions.

    All they are doing by worshipping Maumoon publically is destroying his character by giving him an ego too big to allow him to ever see his own faults clearly and act on them decisively.

    The bigger the cult nature of political life, the more corrupt it becomes.

    The only one I have seen from the DRP side I really like and really think is genuine in loving Maumoon is one of Maumoon’s daughters (I can’t remember the name but she tried to advocate Women’s rights at one point) The one I am thinking of is really a genuinely beautiful soft hearted person… I met her myself once and she was really warm and humble.

  3. The chain reaction to destroy DRP was started by the founding leader and the dictator who ruled Maldives with a iron fist. It is better for DRP to let go the access baggage which cost them 2008 election and city council election of 2011. Young and innovative leaders should rise to the occasion and fulfill their duty to develop opposition.

  4. A political party with Gayyoom wud harm the citizens and the Muslim Ummah as v all have bitterly experienced Gayyoom's 30 year old DICTATORSHIP which is very similar to Egypt's...pleasing the anti-Muslim leaders in the Gulf and killing Egypt's citizens for the sake of remaining in power for lifetime....


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