DQP fully supports Addu becoming a city, says party

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), led by former Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed, has released a statement saying that the party fully supports Addu becoming a city, but only if it was accomplished through lawful procedure.

Following the President’s first declaration that Addu would become a city prior to the local council elections, DQP Deputy leader Imad Solih filed the issue in the Civil Court stating that the President had not followed correct procedures and that therefore his declaration was invalid.

On Sunday, the Civil Court ruled in DQP’s favour and overturned the President’s decision to make Addu a city.

Adduans and ruling-party activists gathered near Dr Hassan Saeed’s house after the court ruling, and called for DQP to be abolished. Saeed is himself a prominent Adduan.

”The Decentralisation Act was drafted by the government and was ratified by the president,” observed DQP in a statement today. ”The Act very clearly states how cities should be determined in different parts of the Maldives.”

DQP said that if the government was unhappy with the procedure mentioned in the Act, it had the option to propose amendments to the Act.

”There are five ruling party MPs representing Addu in parliament, and to date they have not proposed any amendments to the Local Council Act,” the statement said. ”The President or anyone else should not be acting against the law.”

The party called on the government to cease its attempts “to create civil unrest.”

The Civil Court ruled that Addu could not be declared a city until it met unspecified requirements stipulated by the Local Government Authority. Home Minister Hassan Afeef, the sole member of the authority, yesterday published these requirements in the gazette and President Nasheed officially declared Addu a city for a second time.

However the Elections Commission has now stated that this will require it to redo the voter registration process, potentially delaying the elections by two months.


10 thoughts on “DQP fully supports Addu becoming a city, says party”

  1. correction **

    I was perplexed, perturbed and wholly perforated last night in front of VTV channel station, and come 23rd im sure we’l be celebrating.

    Even as i may walk bare behind basking in the glory of a hopeful whisper or two (didn’t happen though) of who i maybe, my pitiful genes are here only to keep public toilets habitable.

  2. Its a joke people considered these traitors as leaders. Tell me what has opposition so far did fro the development of the country rather they tried every mean to disrupt the life line of people. The opposition MPs fail to pass the very important bills needed to help Maldivians live freely. While when ever they passed a law they always make sure there are holes for them to exploit and hinder the governance. We do not need such an opposition and people should punish them for the proper functioning of democracy.

  3. Dont these politicians realize that with Addu becoming a city, the locals will also get some employment there itself. This will lessen the burden on over-crowded Male'. But no, they have to hinder everything that govt wants to do for the betterment of country or people.

  4. Changing the name board is the devlopment for Maldivians. It has been done the former leader who led 30 years. It has been done for the past 2 years. And it will be done as long as the world last.

  5. the most promissing dictator of the year goes to qaumee party for their contribution to hijack and destroy majority wishes. prize for the winner is a lesson on democracy by Doc shaheed.

  6. DQP's action is seen by the people of Addu as blocking development of that Atoll. DQP has a legal point but it is politically incorrect for the DQP with roots to Addu take legal action. Now the party will pay for its mistakes a price too costly...

  7. DQP is a dhebogeri party. they would not see any violations if it is from majlis and judiciary. look at JSC robbing public money case, or majlis imthiyaz bill. did we hear anything from them. none. they are using public as a tool to harras current president.


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