President declares Addu Atoll a city again, after Civil Court overturns decision on technicality

President Mohamed Nasheed has declared Addu a city – for the second time – after the Civil Court ruled yesterday in favour of the Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP) that the President had no authority to do so.

The Civil Court of the Maldives ruled that the President did not have the authority to declare islands as a city before the Local Government Authority had established a criteria to determine cities, as the law stated that “all cities should meet the criteria established by the Local Government Authority.”

The President’s Office said this afternoon that the Local Government Authority had now established the criteria and published it in the government’s gazette, and stated that a city council had been formed for Addu in accordance with Decree number 2010/15, and Annex 2 of the Decentralisation Act.

The President also sent a letter to the Elections Commission, informing them of his decision to declare Addu a city. In the letter, he requested the Elections Commission to hold elections for the Addu city council as scheduled and in accordance with law.

The Local Government Authority’s criteria for establishing a city include that it have a minimum population of 25,000 people, and have a GDP of no less than RF 1 billion.

Statistics from the Department of National Planning show the GDP of Addu in 2010 as more than Rf 2 billion, while the population is almost 30,000.


12 thoughts on “President declares Addu Atoll a city again, after Civil Court overturns decision on technicality”

  1. This government has turned out to be the biggest joke I've ever come across. I hear that the Local Government Authority presently has just one member and that is Home Minister Afeef. None of the other members of the authority who are to come from NGOs, councils and the public have yet been appointed.

  2. DQP leaders are crazy to pull over a technicality in a clause in the law and destroy the rights of Addu people.The requirements mentioned on appendix 2 of 2, 3. These conditions can only be met after appointing the Local Government Board. While the board has to include a city council member from the islands in addition to the council member of Male so first of all the stupid law should be invalidated to move forward.Mr.Saeed should know that his political career is over due to mistakes he made personally.

  3. i believe Minivan is a good and reliable news source with some good analytical writing, but it is disheartening to see it peddling government views all the time uncritically. While the Civil court identified technicalities the whole issue is not one of technicality but of a legal nature. Anyone can see it. As a responsible news provider on one who espouses impartiality and analytical rigor I expect better coverage of this issue by Minivan. As many are saying, what the government is doing is merely changing the name board for short-term political gain. It has nothing to do with the people of Addu, their development or aspirations. BTW I don't thing 90% of us Maldivian even know what all the local council and cities are supposed to do and what changes it will bring to governance.

  4. Anni is doing right by tring to make Addu We need leaders like u to cut through the political baggage put up by thugs like Imad, Jmeel and Hassan Saeed .

    And DRP stands by idly - shame

  5. Govt wants to hold next SAARC meeting there and wants to build Addu for that purpose. Whats wrong in declaring Addu as a city. We should be proud that such a big event (SAARC Summit) would be held in our country.

  6. When the rights of his peoples are involved, the president do not have to dance to the tune of anyone. He has to act accordingly! He has has avowed to this!

    The referendum of the Peoples is sufficient enough to let Addoo be a city! So let it be!

    Though it has not been officially declared, Addoo has been a very civilized city before any other city in the Maldives.

    I cannot see any difference why it cannot be called and ruled as a CITY! In fact it is a city worthy of being called THE CITY OF ADDOO!

    It would be better for the president to act upon honest and worthwhile judgment, rather than dance to the tunes of expired whims and thoughts of culprits and two timers!

    It is a pity that some amongst the learned peoples of Addoo are sacrificing "A PRIDE TO ADDOO", to the evil vices of evil peoples!

  7. Anni's aim is to get what he wants in the incoming election.It's the right time to instigate the feelings of the people. Once the election is over everything would be forgotten.What this govt so far has done during the past 2 years of its rule for Adduans. Yellow dreams ONLY! I think Anni believes Maldivians are crazy people, who can be manipulated easily for political goals.Poor Maldivians!

  8. @Maanu

    Why dont U ask this very question to Maumoon what he did in the last 30 years. And U expect that new democratic govt has magic wand??

  9. I don't support the government but that doesn't mean that we should stop the government from doing things which are good. Making addu a city is not only good for addu but for the whole country.

  10. "heck on Tue, 11th Jan 2011 11:02 AM "

    Ehem! Who is this commenting under my pseudonym?


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