DRP release condemns violence linked to Gayoom supporters

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has hit out at violence confrontations it has said are linked to supporters of its founder and supreme leader, Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, calling for party followers to protest peacefully in line with “democratic values” after troubles outside its headquarters.

A representative for the party confirmed that a press release was issued by the party concerning confrontations outside party headquarters on Tuesday February 8, which led police to escort DRP spokesperson and Deputy Leader ‘Mavota’ Ibrahim Shareef to safety after he came under attack. The representative was unable to comment on the press release’s content any further.

Various DRP members along with dismissed Deputy Leader Umar Naseer were also unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

The fracas itself took place after suspected party supporters loyal to Gayoom gathered to call for the resignation of Shareef and party leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali after an audio clip allegedly linked to the party spokesperson, which appeared to suggest the party “beat” the former president and his supporters away from Aduu Atoll during elections campaigning, was leaked to the press.

Coverage of the audio clip led some party supporters to gather outside the DRP headquarters in protest, leading to police escorting Shareef to safety after he came under attack.  Shareef later claimed that while the voice in the leaked audio clip was his, they had been edited from their original meaning.

The press release has not been seen by Minivan News. However, according to newspaper Miadhu, the release condemned violence “instigated” by alleged supporters and security personnel of Gayoom, calling on genuine party followers to avoid trying to stir up violent confrontations and respect the rules and regulations of the party.

The calls come after an official party meeting held back in December resulted in violence that led to police intervention after former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer attempted to enter the meeting after being dismissed by the party. The disturbance was linked to a growing war of words between Thasmeen and Naseer, with the latter still choosing to campaign with the party during local council elections alongside Gayoom.


6 thoughts on “DRP release condemns violence linked to Gayoom supporters”

  1. These are lies, lies and more lies...

    His Holiness Saint Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the Supreme leader of the Universe, Zaeem or his supporters of DRP will not hurt even an ant.

    Please stop your evil efforts to tarnish his good name.

    We love him his hands are soft.

  2. haha was having a hard day you gave me best laugh I have had all month! "we love him his hands are soft!!!" Haha Wicked!!!

  3. We nationalists are so misunderstood!. We don't want to rock the DRP boat!.

    We want to sink it!.

    PS: I wonder why they know that Maumoon's hands are soft.

    ....Wait....DO I want to know?

  4. Now that Gayyoom's role model in Egypt has caved in under popular pressure, it's time for DRP to severe its ties with the ex-Dictator.

    I'm quite sure that this is the beginning of that phase with the Gayyoom faction trying desperately to revive the old Dictator.

    DRP can only be a good thing for this country when they part with Gayyoom and his legacy. We thank Gayyoom for all the good things that he did. Gayyoom should learn from what has just happened in Egypt. His friend Mubarak has been humiliated. At least Gayyoom had a clean exit; he had better learn to keep it that way.

  5. Talking of legacy - what legacy do these gullible dictators have?
    If one may say so, it would be a legacy of lavishly spending people's money, double crossing, vote rigging etc., etc.
    If these are legacy to boast, well.....


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