DRP issues statement in support of Thasmeen after criticism from Gayoom’s family

Members of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) are claimed to be throwing their weight behind current leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali after he last week came under criticism from the family of his predecessor and former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Press reports in the Maldivian media have continued to focus on the impacts of a DhiTV interview with Gayoom’s daughter Yumna Maumoon on Thursday, accusing Thasmeen of “spreading” autocratic rule.

Haveeru has reported that the party has sided with Thasmeen, although none of the MPs have publicly criticised the party’s ‘Honorary Leader’.

Yumna Maumoon said Thursday evening that DRP members were concerned that Thasmeen was ruling the party dictatorially, as well as failing to properly oppose the government of President Mohamed Nasheed.

The criticisms have added further weight to a split within the party down factional lines between various MPs.

In a statement, the DRP said that all policy decisions adopted by the party were made by majority decision agreed upon by an internal council.

“Therefore, the leader is required to execute any decision made by the council. This party does not believe that this is part of spreading the leader’s dictatorial ways within the party,” the statement read. “This party also does not believe that the leader should follow the instructions of a specific person in such a way that it contradicts with the spirit of the charter.”

DRP MP Rozaina Adam told Minivan News that according to the party’s rules, former President Gayoom’s position as ‘Honorary Leader’ and did not give him a say in the political running of the party.

“The political leader of the party is Thasmeen. He is the one who is legally responsible for the actions of the party. It is the DRP Council that votes on a course of action, not former President Gayoom,” Rozaina said.

She speculated that much of the tension within the party revolved around the Council’s decision last year to send former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer to the party’s disciplinary committee, which made the decision to remove Naseer from the DRP.

“It was the Council that voted to send Umar Naseer to the disciplinary committee, which made a decision regarding the issue, not Thasmeen himself,” Rozaina said, adding that it was doubtful whether Thasmeen even had the authority to change the decision of the committee.

The DRP had a review committee, Rozaina said, “but Umar did not even apply for that. Instead he went and complained like a little boy to Mr Gayoom, to try and get him to change the decision.”

A split was looking inevitable, she suggested.

“Right now it looks like we are heading towards that. A lot of members in the Gayoom faction have been talking about creating a new party. It probably will split – I don’t see us getting along or working together.”

Even in the event of a split, Rozaina said it was unlikely that the opposition’s parliamentary majority would be threatened. While there were five DRP MPs on Gayoom’s side, both sides were still working against the ruling MDP, she said.

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), led by former Attorney General Hassan Saeed, has already joined Thasmeen’s side of the DRP as a new coalition partner.

Rozaina said the party’s other coalition partner, the People’s Alliance, had been leaning in support of Gayoom’s side.

“There’s been a lot of rumours that [PA Leader and half brother of Gayoom] Abdulla Yameen is behind all this, and that this is something he has been planning from within,” Rozaina suggested.

DRP MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom told Minivan News that while he had no comment on any specific allegations, he was “very happy” with the democratic processes within the party.

“Every decision is made in a democratic manner,” he said.

Speaking to Minivan News last month, DRP MP Ahmed Nihan said that the current antagonism between factions loyal to Thasmeen and dismissed former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer had made the party very susceptible to rumour and damaging gossip.

However, he said at the time that the party would remain unified and that gossip that the party could be split into individual political groups loyal to either Thasmeen, Gayoom or other MPs was inaccurate.

However, the party has continued to be rocked by reports of literal infighting with DRP MP Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef claiming in February that factions within the party were trying to “stifle freedom of expression” in a bid to seize leadership.

Reports of factions within the DRP have circulated since Naseer’s departure last December, leading to violent confrontations at an official party meeting held the same month that required police intervention after the dismissed deputy leader attempted to gain entry to the event.

The disturbance was linked to a growing war of words between Thasmeen and Naseer, with the latter still choosing to campaign with his former party ahead of local month’s local council elections alongside Gayoom himself.

Various MPs including Thasmeen, Ahmed Mahlouf and dismissed former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer were unavailable for comment when contacted by Minivan News at the time of going to press.


20 thoughts on “DRP issues statement in support of Thasmeen after criticism from Gayoom’s family”

  1. Fascinating to learn how Gayyoom's family about dictatorial rule, especially by a man originally appointed by Gayyoom himself.

  2. Maumoon still thinks he can be in politics. When would he get the message that his style is outdated and doesn't fit into the modern political systems?

  3. 30 years is not enough for this man and his family. It would be hard to live now the extravagant life they once enjoyed. This is a country with over 300,000 citizens' rights for god's sake - not a family treasure.

  4. This shows that Gayoom and his family are desperate to get control over DRP. They are aware if they form a new party they will have to start from scratch.

  5. Gayoom's family has a long way to go b4 they get it into their heads that daddy boy no longer has absolute power.

  6. I find it incredibly ironic and hilarious that yumna maumoon can accuse anyone of spreading autocratic rule,Funny how that line never seemed to work when the gayoom family had the reins of this country for thirty years.I dont like either maumoon or thasmeen but in this occasion i have to give it to thasmeen.I weep for the future of our nation.

  7. Offer them a cardboard model of theemuge and ask them to shut up.

  8. these kids from the palace only realised what they have lost only once they have been thrown out of the the gook life in palace. now they have hijacked the aged father to regain power for them. the time of misuru is over. now it the new generation of educated from west.

  9. Moyamoon and Family are just Jealous that Thas found a much younger and a much fairer intelligent boy.

  10. I'm definitely not a fan of Maumoon. However there is some weight to what they are claiming as well because of the way he became the party leader. This was his biggest mistake. If he became the leader through an election, then he would have had more power over the other faction.

    Makes me wonder whether the MPs who are not too hard core Thasmeen or Gayyoom will not start looking at other avenues. To join party where they too will have a voice and a future. Whether we like it or not, at the moment MDP is the most democratic party and the party with a future for young politicians.

  11. Wonder where Afrasheem will go. I guess he will stay stuck with Gayyoom because he is the who introduced Afrasheem to Sufism.

  12. Who does this Maumoon think he is? A prophet? He is a thief who stole MORE than the alleged 800 million dollars from this country! We need a more responsible opposition, so the best thing he could do is go and make his own party, then all the garbage from DRP can go there. DRP doesnt need Maumoon, Male' doesnt need Maumoon, Addu doesnt need Maumoon, MALDIVES DOESNT NEED MAUMOON!

  13. Why dont the old man keep out of politics?
    Now forcing his daughters to come on TV to defend him?? Shame!

  14. Yumna Maumoon and Dunya Maummon should just shut up!!

    When will they realise that Maldivians do not want them?

  15. The flame of bitter jealousy has engulfed Maumoon and his family. They felt so humiliated to be thrown out of Theemuge. Maumoon and family want Anni's blood. Thasmeen is not willing to go out into the street every other day for small small things. Maumoon wants a hit man a thug to lead DRP. He found in Umar Naseer the perfect man for that. So the whole party split was actually orchestrated by Maumoon himself. He is no fool. He knew very well what the consequence would by making Umar Naseer his beloved boy.

  16. Of course Umar is a Trojan Horse inside DRP working for Gayyoom and his family. Funny how things turn around. Of course, they can twist and turn Umar, since he has no intellectual capacity to speak of.

    Gayyoom always used thugs during his 30 year rule to control the country and he's using the same old tactics to get his way within the DRP.

    Gayyoom wanted to create a dynasty and he still dreams of that. It will forever remain a dream...

  17. Maumoon and his cronies need to understand that they have a price on their heads. A lot of people still haven't forgiven them for the massacres and brutality that spanned more than a decade in their regime.

  18. Very interesting to note the same tactics being used by Maumoon as he did when he was in power for 30 years. My guess is that MDP is well aware of Maumoon's playbook. It would be in MDP's best interests, and that of the nation to make every effort to prevent Maumoon and his allies gaining legitimacy in the opposition.

    Also, Thasmeen despite his shortcomings is a person I think Anni can work with. He seems a reasonable and moderate man in the midst of hardcore praetorians such as Ali Waheed, Umar Naseer and Mahoof.

    This nation cannot go back to Maumoon and his cronies! Ever. If I were advising Anni's government, I would urge them to strengthen Thasmeen's hand.

  19. This is crtisism from oposition earlier during their campaign for predisential election, where the opposition regime has caricaturised HE Maumoon and his family, but see now who is better Maumoon or Canery ge valu dhoraashi?


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