Maldives a “land of sin”, says jihadist after departing with family for ISIS territory

A Maldivian is believed to have travelled to ISIS held territory for jihad with his wife, mother, and 10-year-old sister after describing the Maldives as an apostate nation.

Local media reported a that 23-year-old Ahsan Ibrahim from Raa Atoll Meedhoo, who left for the capital Malé with his mother for healthcare is now believed to have flown to Turkey via Dubai.

While speaking to Haveeru, Ahsan’s father Ibrahim Ali said that he spent 18 days worried about the lack of communication from his family after they left for Malé. He then received a Viber message from his son saying they were abroad, and refused to allow Ibrahim speak to his wife.

“My son texted via Viber and said they were now under the care of IS [Islamic State], and that he wouldn’t return to this land of sin,” said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim said that he had requested Meedhoo Island Council’s assistance, and with their help found out that the family had flown to Turkey via Dubai.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) confirmed to Minivan News that a case involving a family leaving for jihad had been filed to the police, but refused to give further information regarding the case.

Ibrahim Ali said that his son loved religious rituals, but there had been no indications that Ahsan would leave the country with his family.

Jihad and Extremism

In September, an online jihadist group Bilad Al Sham Media – believed to be based in Syria and the Maldives – claimed that a total of four Maldivian men had been killed while fighitng in the Syrian civil war.

Speaking to press at the time, President Abdulla Yameen said that the government was unaware of Maldivians fighting abroad. He also said that if they were fighting abroad, it was not being done with the government’s consent.

Foreign minister Dunya Maumoon has publicly condemned atrocities carried out by ISIS, suggesting that the group was violating fundamental Islamic principles of peace and tolerance.

In early September two hundred people, including ten children, staged a protest march in the capital Malé calling for the implementation of full Islamic Sharia laws in the country. They carried placards expressing strong anti-democratic sentiment and black flags now synonymous with the Islamic State.

Police were unable to stop protestors from carrying the flag being and the march concluded with a communal prayer wishing success to the various holy warriors fighting in conflicts around the world.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has claimed that up to 200 Maldivians are on jihad, alleging that a vast majority of them are ex-military. The government has rejected the claim.

“Radical Islam is getting very very strong in the Maldives, their strength in the military and in the police is very significant. They have people in strategic positions within both,” said Nasheed in an interview with UK’s Independent newspaper.

An investigation report by UK based Athena Investigations suggested gangs motivated by religious extremism to the most likely explanations behind the disappearance of Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan 76 days ago.

The report suggested gang leaders had been exposed to radical Islam during incarceration in prison, saying that they openly supported the actions of the Islamic State in Iraq and had recruited jihadists for the war in Syria and Iraq.


20 thoughts on “Maldives a “land of sin”, says jihadist after departing with family for ISIS territory”

  1. True Islam of the vast majority of the Muslims in this world and Jihadist/extremist Islam is not the same religion. Obviously they have a lot in common but are different in its very core:

    - True Islam being an inspiration for care, tolerance, solidarity.
    - Extremist Islam preaching hate, intolerance, violence and destruction.

    The abuse of Islam for causes opposite to true Islam is the worst insult one can direct towards Allah and Muhammad. ISIS creates what is described as "hell", they are the infidels who must be fought at all costs.

  2. Maldives is in the last stage of Talibanisation - all the writing are on the wall, if the dumb PPM and MDP reads it.

    The extremists are on a devious agenda
    - feeding dissent (playing political parties aginst each other, not condemning judicial corruption
    - they started with colored head veils, then black head veil. then total face cover up, then preventing girls from educations
    - Now extremist are questioning education curriculum. Music is to be banned.

    Its likely that the extremist party runs a candidate for 2018 election on the pretext of bringing law and order. Thus more disapreances (like Rilwan) and more chaos and lawlessness is how the extremist become a a default alternative..

    That's their proven business model in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq, libiya etc..

  3. When you teach basics of the religion, the way it is taught in Maldives, what else can you expect?

    It's a wonder, more doesn't do similar.

    Basically when you repeatedly, from birth, promise them the heavens by doing what this family is currently doing, this will happen. Without doubt.

    Religion, ignorance and the disadvantaged combination is the ultimate recipe for the desaster. They then become the tools for the opportunistic criminals.

    This is the direct result of abusive, supposed-scholars, coming back from cancerous countries in the Middle East. These countries feed the cancer, for their benefit. Every one knows this. And factually, instead of trying to address the core, most are also trying to get what benefit they can out of the tiring mess.

  4. Meanwhile the government of Maldives can't agree on a counter terrorism strategy due to in-fighting between institutions. MNDF is designated as the lead agency in the current drafts, but senior leadership at MPS is adamant it should be them (their main interest seems to be paving way for MPS to acquire lethal weapons). Both the 2009 and 2012 drafts have been shelved due to this bitter rivalry, meanwhile the terrorists aren't just sitting around. As for de-radicalization, the government's idea of it is to send suspected radicals to have a talk with an Adhaalath/Salaf 'Sheikh'. One can imagine the outcome of that conversation!

  5. Good good. Hope more of them leave. I for one am willing to start a fund box for a few charter flights to help them all go over there. Let us 'sin' in peace

  6. The poor family is into a rude awakening, most Syrians/Iraqi's are full of assabiyya...

    They the majority of them would not want them there.

  7. Jihaadh is prescribed in Quran for Muslims to fight to spread the words of true God. In this fight you can do no wrong, this holy struggle is well organized constitution, under which, financing, training, brain washing, does happen same like any functioning government. The money comes from petro dollars, the brain washing are done by Thableegee Jamaath and Islamic madharsa funded by Saudi Arabia the cradle of Islam. The Quranic Holy war is now used mainly by arrogant Arabs who feel that they have lost the glory of Islam due to West and its popularity in evolving global community and they use young Muslims who are desperate to be felt good and great and hunt such people to fight against democracy the very thing they believe will destroy Islam and the Arabs will be left with nothing in contemporary world. There should be well funded organization in Maldives whose Job is recruiting Maldivian and guide them to travel to Syrian with finance. This can be stopped in Maldives with political will to do so, but as usual in ignorant Muslim countries, the Islamic puzzle is the best tool to keep general public from doing anything to elect leaders who can work to build future. And this is no different in 100% tiny Maldives with Majority ignorant devotee of Islam and recruiting will be much easier in a country like Maldives that has nothing to be proud and feel great except their great religion.

  8. Another one bites the dust. How many more to go? Its better kashim and hero leave before they run out of booze and 72... hehe

  9. @Ali Rameez you have a point there; it’s all from what they repeatedly have been promised.
    And if they had kept the Islamic thatching for care, tolerance, solidarity and not hate, intolerance, violence and destruction as you @Ekaloas buddy correctly pointing out, would your radicalized problem only be minimal now. As it is now, it’s a big problem, The Government could help jihadist family’s with air tickets and trawling documents for easy accesses to ISIS territory
    That would ease the burden regarding the wave of criminality in the Country.

  10. President Yameen has also been missing for over 2 weeks now from the 'land of sin'

    Official reports says on medical leave.. could be on the way to Jihad?

  11. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have more than enough money to fund the largest and best equipped educational facility in the world.

    Instead of an ISIS or ISIL or IS, they could fund the Islamic University for the whole world. Kids from all over the world can gather there to learn, engage in debate and research and create something beneficial to all human kind.

    Wait a minute. Wasn't that the model of the old center of learning in Baghdad? Alas, the wealthy Arabs of the Middle East have no interesting in creating that environment.

  12. @kaashit
    For what? I shouldn't go just because you tell me to.
    Unlike you, I have a mind that can judge for itself while you seem to have a chip buried where your mind should be. You can be easily talked into things like jihadh by almost any guy that have a beard. And at the time, your brain will most likely be completely useless.
    You cannot live with anyone who doesn't support your way of thinking or someone who don't talk like the way you do. You shouldn't even be here because 90% of people hate you and your Blasphemy.

  13. Maldives Government is under the WORLD NO 1 TERRORIST Sheikh Imran. Now he is the ruling party of Maldives ADHAALATH PARTY leader. Yaamin has NO POWER to implement any of its Developments. Imran is allowing them to do anything.


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