Israeli eye surgeons visiting Maldives to “illegally harvest organs”, claims Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has reiterated calls to the Maldives government to “shun all medical aid from the Zionist regime” with a team of seven Israeli eye surgeons due to arrive in the country next month, claiming that Isreali doctors and surgeons “have become notorious for illegally harvesting organs from non-Jews around the world.”

An article on the Foundation’s website titled “Beware of Israeli eye surgeons” claims Israeli medical teams have harvested organs from dead Haitians after the devastating earthquake that struck country as well as from Palestinians killed in fighting in the longstanding Arab-Isreali conflict.

“The health authorities in Maldives have to take utmost caution in allowing Israeli medical surgeons into this country and Maldivians who apply for treatment from these doctors have to take precautionary measures to avoid any foul play,” it reads.

A day after the government-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) announced the imminent arrival of the Israeli doctors, the Islamic Foundation called on the government not to normalise relations with the Jewish state or “accept any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine.”

President of Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy told Minivan News last week that the Foundation does not recognise Israel as a state, asserting that “it is also against our religion to have relationships with Jews.”

IGMH has meanwhile invited interested patients to register before December 2 for a screening process before treatment.

In November last year, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence forwarded by the opposition for his role in the government’s plans to normalise relations with Israel.

Dr Shaheed has stressed that the government has not signed an agreement to establish diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Humanitarian mission

Speaking to Minivan News today, Political Counsellor at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Itay Tagner, stressed that the delegation was coming to the Maldives “on a purely humanitarian mission”.

“Top eye doctors from Israel are coming voluntarily with the full cooperation of the government, the Health Ministry and the Disaster Management Centre,” he said, adding that the delegation will operate “under guidance of the relevant authorities.”

The team of surgeons will conduct eye camps in Male’, Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo and Addu Atoll Gan “for free, for no cost”, Tagner explained, and will bring surgical equipment, including a mobile surgery unit.

He dismissed the claims by the Islamic Foundation as “ridiculous and outrageous” with “not one gram of truth to it”.

“They are just trying to spread hatred,” he said. “This is a beautiful partnership between two peoples. It is nothing political. It’s just doctors from one country coming to another to build bridges between people.”

Tagner argued that Isreal “has no problem with Islam”, pointing out that 20 percent of its population were Muslims “who enjoy full rights as citizens”.

Asked if the Embassy was concerned about opposition from some segments of society, Tagner said that “the camps will be taking place with the full cooperation, assistance and sponsorship of the Maldivian government,” he said.

“It has been coordinated for a long time. I have been to the Maldives recently and I saw nothing but preparations. Everybody was very excited.”

He added that a 10 to 15 minute procedure performed by the eye surgeon could restore eyesight to the blind: “Once you see a person come out after 15 minutes and his whole life has changed, that picture is worth more than ten thousand words.”

“A doorway for Jews”

Addressing supporters at a rally Thursday night, opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Afrashim Ali claimed that Israelis and other foreign elements that “should not be allowed to enter a 100 percent Muslim country” will gain a foothold in the Maldives as a result of handing over management of the Male’ International Airport to Indian infrastructure giant GMR.

“[The airport deal with GMR] will open a big doorway for the people of Israel, who are brutalising Palestinians without any justification, to come to the Maldives and take over,” he said.

The leader of DRP’s religious wing asserted that it is “expressly forbidden” to give any assistance to Israel as “they forced Palestinians out of their homes and brutalised them only because they say ‘We are Muslims’.”

He added that “the loss of this airport from Muslim hands” would open “a huge door to help those who deliberately, antagonistically torture Muslims.”

Warning of the consequence of foreigners exerting influence on domestic affairs, Dr Afrashim said that “when foreign kings and businessmen and company heads get a foothold in a small country like the Maldives, the result will be that they will never leave.”

He added that the second step of the foreign invasion would be to “sow discord” and ferment chaos “to destroy the country”.

To back his assertion, Afrashim quoted from the Quran 27:34: “She said: ‘Verily! Kings, when they enter a town (country), they despoil it, and make the most honourable amongst its people low. And thus they do.’”

“They will destroy Islam in the Maldives,” he warned.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference today, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed said that the Maldivian government and people wished to declare its “support and cooperation” to the Palestinian people on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians.

“The Maldives is a country that has always been with the Palestinian people,” he said. “We have always called for the freedom of the Palestinian people and advocated for their rights.”

Moreover, the government was trying to establish stronger ties with Palestine, said Shaheed, noting that President Mohamed Nasheed has had phone conversations with Palestinian leaders and had appointed an ambassador to Palestine.


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  1. As a nation thoroughly footed in a principled foreign policy that recognizes the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause and thereof thus in protest of Zionist designs for the middle east, and as a responsible member of the International community we reserve the right to not afford undue support or consignment of any measure to the Israeli State.

    As a Moslem Nation State, we reserve this right, and we do so as democracy allows the same consanguineous bias on the American domestic front towards Israel.

    The Maldivian foreign Minister, in his official capacity has a responsibility to adhere to dhivehi ethos, dhivehi values & sentiment which gives Israeli crimes its rightful place. The people of dhivehi-raaje by way of majority do declare their right to deny Israel the privilege of a dhivehi friend.

    Our responsibility to common humanity and International Law demands no less. period

  2. This is for Islamic Foundation & JUS

    DUBAI, Nov 30, 2010 (AFP) - US allies in the Gulf were silent on Monday over embarrassing revelations by WikiLeaks about their extreme concern over Tehran's nuclear programme, to the point of even calling for an American attack on Iran.

    The US documents released late on Sunday by the whistle blower website and its media partners showed Saudi Arabia was most forthright in calling for Washington to act militarily to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions.

  3. glad minivannews covered this. the world needs to know how intolerant we are here. how much we hate jews and how much kafir bashing goes on here.

    and for all the haabees and semihaabee doublethinking maldivians out there...what exactly did the jews do to you anyways? kill muslim brothers and invade muslim holy lands? wanna know who else killed muslims brothers and invaded muslims holy lands? The Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

  4. You bad people (Jews), don't come to steal our eyes. Maybe the purpose of the Jews are to explore Maldivians, as they my be from a decent of a lost Jew tribe. I hope it won't be that way. Or else Israel will force us to live in the stolen lands in the Middle East.

  5. It's time the government put an end to this hate mongering.

    In case the Islamic Foundation and it's sympathizers are not aware, according to a WHO report, two Muslim countries - Pakistan and Egypt are among the top five hotspots for organ trafficking.

    Since there are also several Pakistani doctors working in Maldives, would the Islamic Foundation also issue a similar statement against them?

    Pakistan among 5 organ trafficking hotspots\story_7-8-2007_pg7_6

  6. @Z-nut

    "Totally agree with U. They should be shunted out to an Arabian desert."

    And you? To the Negev desert? haha!

  7. @moyameehaa

    "the world needs to know how intolerant we are here."

    The world knows that already, but do they know how intolerant the Israelis are. I bet no. Neither do you.

  8. @Z-nut

    "Israel is an advance country way ahead in R&D."

    Thank you! Sweetie.

    Let me decode the R&D :

    (R)obbing land.
    (D)eath squad.

  9. @yaamyn

    What? You two are getting a scholarship from Israel to get a PHD in Talmudic Law?

    Don’t go for those. According to Talmud Jesus is being boiled in dung!!! (nauoozu billahi)

    P.S - MN - please do not post my earlier two comments with a serious spelling mistakes. This one is ok.

  10. heck, not they dont. in case of israel the whole world is speaking against them openly and publicly. a lot of books have been published on this issue. a lot of documentaries. people like james miller and other 'impure infidels' and muslims have died for that cause. you know, wahhabis aint the only ones fighting for the rights of palestinians. but islamic fundies ,zionist extremism and chritian right...all religion based political extremism...are among the reasons why we cannot see a peaceful end to the middle east conflict.

    and no, no one knows whats in the doubleminds of these 'paradise dwellers'. even in the media what you read in dhivehi language is not translated to english if it shows such remarks and actions. doubethinking hypocrites. the material half want all western luxuries and wealth, the haabee half hates all that. not that this really matters to the world. we are so small in number and insignificant even though we try to think of us as the center of the world. why would anyone want to hunt us anyway, there are plenty of other muslims they can hunt down and harvest organs from.

    wake up from your haabee w*t dream. the world is not all about your imaginary war. quit dreaming of that utopian fantasy and start living in the real world. where this is a tiny island nations that needs help from more advanced nations. doesnt mean i support israeli occupation or their crimes. i just dont understand how arab palestinains (not all of them muslims really and many support secularism)...are more important muslim brothers than the bangladeshi muslims brothers you discriminate against here in dhivehistan. the recent UPR review... palestine was objecting to the reservations we made in the ICCPR...article 18 which is about freedom of religion and conscience. clearly palestine is not of the same ideology as adhaalath & co when it comes to politics. but we all know how haabees and all sorts of fundies and religious terrorist organisations try to capitalize on this conflict.

    so this isnt about your beliefs really. you have no clue what this is all about. you dont know why you hate jews, you just do.

  11. @stupid meeha

    "in case of israel the whole world is speaking against them openly and publicly."

    The whole world? Wait..wait..wait!

    So now you are saying, the whole world is talking rubbish?

  12. heck, did you learn to browse the internetz! i mean...everything is there... in dat tl;dr comment i wrote. had to keep em long hoping you would understand. but i guess it is all in vain. but really, do you have someone else browsing the internetz for you and write comments for you? and were you trying to be sarcastic? omfg.

  13. "Israeli army admits stealing organs"

  14. @ moyameehaa

    Dont pay attention to guys like heck. They are "made on special order" of bearded Mullahs who see conspiracy in everything. We should only 'pity' them.

  15. knowing this this a Muslim country on our very own eye unjustifiably killing of several Palestinians, demolished own houses use bulldozers and raped crooks from Israel. I think its fair this is only time Maldivian can express the consolation with suffering of Palestinian. REJECT THE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM ISRAEL GROUP

  16. @ stupid meeha

    "how did you learn to browse the internetz!"

    Israelis were behind it while Secularists always stood by me!

    I never noticed!

  17. @ stupid meeha

    "wake up from your haabee w*t dream."

    This is pure discrimination and not fair!

    Did you ever want to wake-up while you were having one? So why only haabees have to wake up in the middle of it?

    That's why you are you!

  18. wouldn't it be better for israel to start closer to home? heard there are lots of eye patients in gaza too who got their disability by something called phosphorous bombs israel used. maybe israel shall start there and heal all the wounds they inflicted on palestinians.

  19. @ yaamyn

    "They don’t even look or dress like Maldivians to begin with"

    Maldivians began with...(censored)..!

    You want to send us back to..(censored)..?

  20. @sameeu

    "heard there are lots of eye patients in gaza too who got their disability by something called phosphorous"

    Israel says Palestinian's are mineral deficient.

    The easiest way to overcome the problem was to use banned weapons on them.

    Who knows. Next in line could be calcium bombs!

  21. i suspect this is covert operation by mossad to eliminate threats to state of Israel. Heck. i suggest you find safe heaven ASAP. Recently, Iran's top nuclear scientist was assassinated, Hamas tops official was killed in Dubai hotel.
    By the way i heard saint fareed got another GF. Is she a hottie? Man is a legend. when he dies people will make cities around the globe named after him, call it saint Fareedsburg /Fareedjaya/fareednagar/fareedabad/fareed town etc just as he wished free from sins..allowed under-age marriages,polygamy,jaariyas etc

  22. Where does this pathological hatred of jews come from..........your arab masters? Maldivians are not arabs but south asians and recent converts to islam. Israel should take their charity to more appreciative people. India should also stop Maldivians coming to India for medical treatment.

  23. Maldivians should be very careful.

    The President's appointed nominee for the JSC recently said "the world is headed towards a new world order" This means Anni is trying to follow Bangladesh's example and trying as much as possible within his tenure to convert Maldives to the religion of Secularism.

    Remember. Maldives was once Buddhist, and the then king had converted Maldives to Islam out of shame when Abul Barakath discovered what a royal pervert he was - raping and killing young girls in his temple.

    Anni may be having such a weakness which was accidentally discovered by some Secularists. We don't know about the weakness as yet.

    Therefore it is highly probable that he is being blackmailed to accept Secularism.

    Since Maldives is now a hundred percent Muslim democratic country, it might not be as easy for him, as it was for Abul Barakath.

    So he must try some new tricks.

    The easiest trick is to create pockets in Maldives which are faithful to him. He uses his Friday sermons well to the effect.

    Inviting alien forces to the Maldives might be another way. As such I presume these Israeli surgeons are part of a package designed to introduce Secularism to the Maldives and ultimately make it the official religion.

    What we have to understand is that they are looking for an excuse. An excuse to ban Islamic parties and Islam based politics in Maldives.

    Therefore all of us who love and respect Islam must be very careful not give these alien forces any chance to be successful in implementing their agenda on us.

    Most important thing to remember is NO VIOLENCE. NO TERROR.

    If any Muslim makes the mistake of resorting to terrorist activities like the Sultan Park incident - that might be the last stone they need to turn before they find their much awaited treasure under it. Their TREASURE would be in the form of an EXCUSE.

    We must never give them that excuse.

    Whatever we have to say we will say it peacefully. Be it demonstrations or any other gatherings to voice out our dissatisfaction of this government - hiding a weakness.

    But if this weakness is just a scrotal hernia - then, need not be shy.

    The Secularist who discovered your secret is no secret at all.

    All men have one testicle bigger than the other!

    So, there is no need to be afraid of them Secularists - Anni!

  24. heck,

    I sometimes worry for you. Surely, you can't honestly believe half the stuff you spout here?

    Unless the Israeli eye surgeons can do something to remove the lens of mullah-filtered reality from your eyes, I can't imagine what a medical doctor can do to introduce secularism in this country.

    Second, your wild theory that Anni is being boycotted by secularists because of some "weakness" being exploited, because of cryptic hidden messages in Velezinee's 'New World Order' statement.. I'm impressed. Just when I think you've hit the rock bottom with your familiar conspiracy theories, you start digging again.

    It's hard to not bring out the pop corn when reading your comments.

    If Anni DID actually lift a finger to promote secular thought in this country, it would be much welcome. And the simplest reason for it, I presume, would be that Anni has actually lived and studied in an actual modern, developed, secular country. He doesn't really need the Mullahs telling him how it is "really" like - unlike some people I can name.

    Seriously. Is lying, conspiracy theories, paranoia, fear, threats and plain old puerile anti-Semitism the only approaches you have left to propagate your ideology?

    But of course. That's all your ideology comprises of, isn't it 😉

  25. @ yaamyn

    "Surely, you can’t honestly believe half the stuff you spout here?"

    I do!

    But I admit. I don't know what the weakness is.

    You, stop blackmailing him!

  26. @ heck

    "when Abul Barakath discovered what a royal pervert he was – raping and killing young girls in his temple"

    U were one of those girls heck?

    Get well soon heck.

  27. @ Z-nut

    "U were one of those girls heck?
    Get well soon heck.."

    Booo Hooo!

    Oh! Thank you, hon! This hardness will be over in a minute..if you continue to give me a helping hand like that!

    I can see how eagerly you have been waiting for me, outside the temple!

    Did any one see you coming here?

    Quick! Before Abul Barakaath arrives.

  28. @ yaamyn

    "That’s all your ideology comprises of, isn’t it"

    No! No! That's not all.

    Separating church and state is next.

  29. "Verily, you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) the Jews and those who are Al-Mushrikun, and you will find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: "We are Nasara." That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud" (Quran 5:82)

  30. @ Z-nut

    “U were one of those girls heck?
    Get well soon heck..”

    Booo Hooo!

    Oh! Thank you, hon! This hardship will be over in a minute..if you continue to give me a helping hand like that!

    I can see how eagerly you have been waiting for me, outside the temple!

    Did any one see you coming here?

    Quick! Before Abul Barakaath arrives.

  31. An impressive analysis by heck- it will fail to be resolved by those who think so highly of themselves, that they imagine only they are capable of analysis.

    Such dismissal does not fail the ideology that Israel has much to gain from exacting acceptance from a nation which boasts a hundred percent moslem populace- a rarity on the worlds stage.

    And in today's geopolitical climate there is no such thing as DEFINITIVE.

    Islamic jihadists are here to impose an ideology. It may not agree with western romanticism, but in a world that purports such pristine ideologies as gay rights, we see how a simultitude of ideals as holocaust revisionism are shunned or ostracized. And it is as much an ideology as it is a world order, one that would never see eye-to-eye with the west, much as the Third Reich never did but only because it challenges the status quo- it seeks to destabilize old cliches, old world settlements, old banking. The same terror which the Nazis sought on the world, America (this does not only imply the
    United States) today reigns on it in the form of economic embargoes, unnecessary wars (who decides?), Arms industrialization, nuclear proliferation, systemic hostile sieges of non-aryan cultures and every act of transgression as far as an international law is concerned. Who imagines that today America or the west is peaceful simpply because silicon valley is not a war zone? Their marauding armies are constantly poised to secure 'their' interests, their collective seizure of global natural resources and they continue to kill. Kill they do so in the thousands daily. The dead are the casualties of a global heist which the white world continues to perpetrate. So if there presents a violent ideology that does not agree with the west, which begs to defer as far as gay rights and bikini's are concerned, which prefers cover over bare, who are we to tongue our vile repulsion over who is suddenly seeking a change in the order of things?
    If Islamists are bombing white lands and wrecking havoc on an international scene, I say let them. Were we benefiting before under white rule? under a white united nations, under a white veto, under a white banking system, under a white international monetary system. If there are forces that seek to challenge that order, I say let them. Who are we to inflate over our dead bodies for the sake of a west and its ideals. not ours.

    when and if we see fit to deny other nations our espouses, our befriendment, based on whichever mindset or not, who is America or any other to say we may not hold that opinion. can you demonstrate to us an impartiality that is beyond human fallacy or bias, even in your west. WE are moslems by tradition, much as america is christian by tradition- if we see fit to deny Israel our friendship it is our right to that opinion, much as america saw fit to befriend Israel over human dignity and common humanity. I do not care that it is a democracy and developed, when they did not care much for my sentiments when they kill innocents in the thousands, and in violation of their own international laws. I do not care much when they say they have a right to defend themselves, so do Islamists.

    Who cares that palestinians have a cause? who then cares the Israelis too have a cause.

    Wear a band on your wrists tomorrow or when they come and show your protest. Show that Islamists also have a voice. Global change is afoot. lets them see whether our populations can be controlled. lets them appease the chinese and russians, who while white (and yellow) are determined to undermine the west and its order.

    To imagine the world is as simplistic as the west deems it necessary is an agile demonstration of naivety and lack of not just an imagination, but intelligence as well.

    THe west finds itself under a self-imposed siege by supposed islamists, their walks of fashion paris, there pavilions of gold, their banks (soon hopefully), their 'peace' is under threat. their missiles and bullets and guns have however not drowned out yet on this side of the planet, even after the great wars ended.

    if they are feeling a chill running up their spines, we need not feel the urge to scratch their backs. we in the midst of our poverty, our mal-appropriated resources will fight.

    i pray we see better days, once these so called islamists are done with it. be quick about it though.

    The threat is of course magnified, and their resources, allocations, wealth, stature and place on this planet is secure for now. The chinese, the japanese, the russians while democratic in one form or the other, have demonstrated how virulently they are hegemonic- and little europe and its american dollywood will soon find its fiat money is but a rain cheque awaiting its doom.

    Israeli doctors must enter our gates knowing we do not find their tickets to find acceptance on our shores, the new climate change front, appealing. If the tourism wealth of a few oligarchs is affected because of islamists, i say jolly good. Be gone with it. i prefer coconuts to slavery, in any form, except when it is of my choosing.

  32. Heck wrote:

    "Maldives was once Buddhist, and the then king had converted Maldives to Islam out of shame when Abul Barakath discovered what a royal pervert he was – raping and killing young girls in his temple."

    The king did not convert to Islam out of shame. He was more than glad to do it after learning a bit about the founder of the religion. LOL!

  33. Oh dear lord!

    what a poor state we are in. even Maumoon did not use religion to this extent to stay relevant in the public sphere to keep the money coming in.

  34. All who are mocking Islam, and using Islam as a shield or a means to promote hatred are in the same basket. Mark my word, By Allah Truth will win. If Israelis are coming here let them come and do what they want. At least I'm not afraid of them in the least bit. And I don't even believe the falsehood spread. Allah is our Protector, There's no god except Allah ("Allah' means:The most highest divinity, supreme in might and most wise, for whom all minds wonder, Of whom there's nothing comparable in any single human's mind- That is the Al Ilah (The gighest GOD) we worship and believe in) to whom all worship (Everything pleasing Allah is worship)belongs, We shall put our total trust in Allah alone, The Lord of the Throne (These are human words but this throne mentioned here is something that a human mind can never think of, incomparable)and the earth.

    Btw I'm happy that Israelis are coming this way. If they are part of Zionist deceptions let them come even. We will wait and leave their affairs to Allah. If they are coming in a good cause , Alhamdhulillahi (All Praises are due to Allah). Not all Jews and Christians belongs to the ideology and mindset of Zionists. There are good friends among them who are closely working with Muslims and other Non-Muslims for good of humanity all across the Globe. Allah Knows What we reveal or hides in our hearts and minds (Spiritual).

    Allah reveals in the Glorios Quran "O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)." [Al-Hujurat - {The Private Apartments, The Inner Apartments, The Chambers} Verse: 13]

    So, as long as we do not take them as "Auliya" (Protectors) we can have relations with any non-Muslims. Why do we have to jump up and down when we are even putting trust in Buddhists and Hindus (Non-Semitic Religions) even for the education of our children and in life saving medical conditions of our brothers and sisters day and night? I personally prefer Muslims. But people! that is not the case. We Muslims are not a bunch of people belonging to a name sake Group. We are suppose to put our trust (whole) in Allah and go ahead in life. We Muslims are supposed to spread the word of Truth(Haqq) even with them but not follow their way of life.

    Right is "right" even no one follows it. Wrong is "Wrong" even everyone follows it. Did you all get this?. We may have abundance of wrongs in our societies but that does not make those wrongs legitimate even if the court of laws or the law enforcement authorities are able to punish and contain them or not. Like wise, think outside the box and embrace Islam the way it was followed for about the first 1000 years of Islam.

    The Muslims then did work with all peoples of faiths.They shared knowledge for the sake of Allah alone. Not for their fame and prosperity in worldly glitters. For evidence I will leave a BBC4 Documentary for everyone's benefit:

    Muslims gained knowledge and spread it just because they were instructed to do so by Allah in Quran and from the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him).

    May Allah give guidance to all brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity. It's a choice we make that we be who we are. Because Allah had willed for us humans "freewill" (Not absolute) and ability to make choice. And I would like to say " This is the most advance technology of Allah Subhanahu Watala (glorious and exalted is He), the program installed in us humans and also Jinns ( The other intelligent being made out of smokeless fire). Only we both beings are able to obey or not obey Allah (The most highest supreme Authority who created all things, who is uncreated (Absolute and eternal).

    That's a very short way of giving a comment and answering all my brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity who had expressed their views out of the choice they had made ( executing the program of "freewill" [not absolute, but limited freewill was given to us].

    Peace, Mercy an Blessings of Allah be upon all of us. (In Arabic: AsalaamAlikum Wa Rahmathullah Wa Barakath)

  35. Firstly, let me say I'm a Jew. And reading these posts, I'm grateful to the people here who understand that Jews and Muslims don't need to fight each other, that we have the power to help each other. The Maldives is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I don't know one person who would not want to go to your country, for a month or a year, to help people there.

    I don't believe that doctors in Israel, who spend 10 or more years of their lives training to heal people, are planning to come and destroy anything. I think it's sad that some people in the Maldives would be afraid of accepting their help.

    I've always wanted to go to the Maldives. But when I saw recently a youtube video of these stupid people going through a "marriage" ceremony know what I'm talking about... I thought, maybe they hate people who aren't Muslims like them. Maybe it's not a good place to visit. Maybe, because I'm Jewish, the people would be unfriendly and think that I've got horns on my head or am part of some huge conspiracy. It's very sad. I know a lot of Muslims, and we have no problems being friends. The war between Israel and Palestine is about tribes fighting over land, not about religions. Jews and Muslims have more in common than they think.

    I hope that the Maldivians understand that there is no harm in this gesture from the Israelis. It is meant, truly I think, as a way to lessen the distance between the two peoples. I think if the Maldives sent people to Israel, they would be welcomed with open arms. I don't know, I'm not Israeli. But I really believe there's no harm intended here, and it's very sad to see some people think that there is a malicious reason behind everything Jews do.

  36. The last people gave refuge to Zionists were palestenians. There land & lives were stolen. They are ready to give medical treatment at what cost. They charged America gov to freeze settlement for little while 6 fighter jets. Being morden and civilised is not protecting our interest. ISREAL gov talked about stripping the citizenship to non jews middle of this year. ANNI has taken money from UK for his fight against previous dictator. Now he has become a Dictator to stay in goverment by getting money from jews and UK goverment. Getrid MDP Which is puppet goverment.

  37. The last people gave refuge to Zionists were palestenians. There land & lives were stolen. They are ready to give medical treatment at what cost. They charged America gov to freeze settlement for little while 6 fighter jets. Being morden and civilised is not protecting our interest. ISREAL gov talked about stripping the citizenship to non jews middle of this year. ANNI has taken money from UK for his fight against previous dictator. Now he has become a Dictator to stay in goverment by getting money from jews and UK goverment. Getrid MDP Which is puppet goverment.

  38. These Muslims are whackier than we first thought. Who would deny those needing care the professional and reliable assistance of the Israeli Doctors? Have these Muslims lost their minds completely? Maybe we can bring in some Israeli neurosurgeons to work on them? How dumb are they?

  39. The climate of Maldives is warm year round. May to October reorcds the highest average monthly rainfall and the seas are rough in these days. From December to April, the skies are clear with very little rain. So this is going to be the best period for a holiday in Maldives. Don't forget to bring cotton clothes and sunscreen lotion with you.Reply+57Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike


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