Israeli eye surgeons visiting Maldives to “illegally harvest organs”, claims Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has reiterated calls to the Maldives government to “shun all medical aid from the Zionist regime” with a team of seven Israeli eye surgeons due to arrive in the country next month, claiming that Isreali doctors and surgeons “have become notorious for illegally harvesting organs from non-Jews around the world.”

An article on the Foundation’s website titled “Beware of Israeli eye surgeons” claims Israeli medical teams have harvested organs from dead Haitians after the devastating earthquake that struck country as well as from Palestinians killed in fighting in the longstanding Arab-Isreali conflict.

“The health authorities in Maldives have to take utmost caution in allowing Israeli medical surgeons into this country and Maldivians who apply for treatment from these doctors have to take precautionary measures to avoid any foul play,” it reads.

A day after the government-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) announced the imminent arrival of the Israeli doctors, the Islamic Foundation called on the government not to normalise relations with the Jewish state or “accept any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine.”

President of Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy told Minivan News last week that the Foundation does not recognise Israel as a state, asserting that “it is also against our religion to have relationships with Jews.”

IGMH has meanwhile invited interested patients to register before December 2 for a screening process before treatment.

In November last year, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence forwarded by the opposition for his role in the government’s plans to normalise relations with Israel.

Dr Shaheed has stressed that the government has not signed an agreement to establish diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Humanitarian mission

Speaking to Minivan News today, Political Counsellor at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Itay Tagner, stressed that the delegation was coming to the Maldives “on a purely humanitarian mission”.

“Top eye doctors from Israel are coming voluntarily with the full cooperation of the government, the Health Ministry and the Disaster Management Centre,” he said, adding that the delegation will operate “under guidance of the relevant authorities.”

The team of surgeons will conduct eye camps in Male’, Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo and Addu Atoll Gan “for free, for no cost”, Tagner explained, and will bring surgical equipment, including a mobile surgery unit.

He dismissed the claims by the Islamic Foundation as “ridiculous and outrageous” with “not one gram of truth to it”.

“They are just trying to spread hatred,” he said. “This is a beautiful partnership between two peoples. It is nothing political. It’s just doctors from one country coming to another to build bridges between people.”

Tagner argued that Isreal “has no problem with Islam”, pointing out that 20 percent of its population were Muslims “who enjoy full rights as citizens”.

Asked if the Embassy was concerned about opposition from some segments of society, Tagner said that “the camps will be taking place with the full cooperation, assistance and sponsorship of the Maldivian government,” he said.

“It has been coordinated for a long time. I have been to the Maldives recently and I saw nothing but preparations. Everybody was very excited.”

He added that a 10 to 15 minute procedure performed by the eye surgeon could restore eyesight to the blind: “Once you see a person come out after 15 minutes and his whole life has changed, that picture is worth more than ten thousand words.”

“A doorway for Jews”

Addressing supporters at a rally Thursday night, opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Afrashim Ali claimed that Israelis and other foreign elements that “should not be allowed to enter a 100 percent Muslim country” will gain a foothold in the Maldives as a result of handing over management of the Male’ International Airport to Indian infrastructure giant GMR.

“[The airport deal with GMR] will open a big doorway for the people of Israel, who are brutalising Palestinians without any justification, to come to the Maldives and take over,” he said.

The leader of DRP’s religious wing asserted that it is “expressly forbidden” to give any assistance to Israel as “they forced Palestinians out of their homes and brutalised them only because they say ‘We are Muslims’.”

He added that “the loss of this airport from Muslim hands” would open “a huge door to help those who deliberately, antagonistically torture Muslims.”

Warning of the consequence of foreigners exerting influence on domestic affairs, Dr Afrashim said that “when foreign kings and businessmen and company heads get a foothold in a small country like the Maldives, the result will be that they will never leave.”

He added that the second step of the foreign invasion would be to “sow discord” and ferment chaos “to destroy the country”.

To back his assertion, Afrashim quoted from the Quran 27:34: “She said: ‘Verily! Kings, when they enter a town (country), they despoil it, and make the most honourable amongst its people low. And thus they do.’”

“They will destroy Islam in the Maldives,” he warned.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference today, Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed said that the Maldivian government and people wished to declare its “support and cooperation” to the Palestinian people on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians.

“The Maldives is a country that has always been with the Palestinian people,” he said. “We have always called for the freedom of the Palestinian people and advocated for their rights.”

Moreover, the government was trying to establish stronger ties with Palestine, said Shaheed, noting that President Mohamed Nasheed has had phone conversations with Palestinian leaders and had appointed an ambassador to Palestine.


91 thoughts on “Israeli eye surgeons visiting Maldives to “illegally harvest organs”, claims Islamic Foundation”

  1. I would like to know what religion this Ibrahim Fauzy of Islamic foundation belongs to?

    Dr Afrasheem obviously needs psychiatry treatment, being an MP and talking such irresponsible stuff.

    He is building hatred and discord among people in the name of Islam. People like him bring shame to our religion and country.

    The things some of the DRP speakers were saying at the rally against the Indians, were horrific.
    But next thing we know they will all be going off to India for holiday and medical treatment, such hypocrites.

  2. We welcome the beautiful people of Israel with a humanitarian mission and we hope those Maldivian who have lost their eyes sight would soon enjoy the beauty of the world. Let’s not allow these religious fanatics to destroy this fantastic opportunity for these misfortunate individual who otherwise would not see the light in their life. Do we call these crazy people God loving human being who becomes obstacles for such great mission with that these unfortunate people could see the God’s wonders? There is no doubt these Israeli doctors will enter paradise if any exists and those who reject it will be in hell.

  3. We don't have the means to build an airport but we don't want GMR to help cos Indians might take over Maldives.

    We don't have the means to cure eye diseases but we don't won't Israelis to help us cos they will destroy Islam in the Maldives.

    DRP and the opposition; please give us Maldivians more credit than that and stop ridiculing and using us in your greed for power.

  4. I'm convinced the Islamic Foundation is out to destroy the very foundations of the Maldives.

    There is a method to their madness, calculated to create paranoia, and destroy our relationships with Israelis and other foreigners.

    It is especially worrying that an organization that has pretensions of being Islamic and pious will resort to Lies, damned lies to propagate its ugly, hateful propaganda.

    Acts like this should border on treason, as it has no other purpose but to foment instability, destroy our economy and the goodwill the country has internationally.

    Are these guys trying to topple the existing democratic structure of the country - that will aid in their goal of turning this proud sovereign country into an Arab satellite state, as seems to be their fervent desire?

    Finally, every word that comes out of Afrashim's mouth seems to drop his IQ points by a little amount.

    "Israelis and other foreign elements that “should not be allowed to enter a 100 percent Muslim country""


    Does this guy even know the very foundation of this country's economy - or where that Fat paycheck he receives every month comes from?

  5. There are no words strong enough to condemn these traitors in the Islamic Foundation.

    They don't even look or dress like Maldivians to begin with, but their shameless anti-national acts are absolutely unpardonable.

    From this article it is confirmed that

    a) They want sick Dhivehin to remain sick, the blind to remain blind. Why do they hate Dhivehin so much?

    b) They have no intention of making peace with the Israelis - or mending relations with the Israelis. Yet, they have the audacity to claim their hateful ideology is a 'religion of peace'. Bollocks! Wahhabis can only do one thing - create war, war, war by breaking even existing peaceful relations.

    3) The Islamic Foundation, and Afrashim of the DRP have attacked the very basis of subsistence. Do these traitorous morons expect us to live off Saudi dates?

    Excuse us, but not every Dhivehi person has an NGO that is funded by filthy oil money from Saudi Donors.

    It is simply not surprising that the Wikileaks cables reveal that Saudi donors are funding terrorists worldwide.

    The acts of these fake-Arabs are targeted to harm our citizens and country. If Congressmen in the United States can call for a website to declared a terrorist organization for harming their country, surely - what's stopping the Maldives from declaring these anti-Nationals as traitorous terrorists?

    It doesn't have to be an airplane or a bomb every time, after all.

  6. Not only Afrasheem, Muthalib at a recent press conference basically the same things, but one significant thing he said was that "you can never trust a jew, as they are always plotting something against muslims"

    Well, since SOMEHOW, Muthalib seems to magically know all that, I wonder if he's claiming to be God. Only God knows what's inside a person's heart, not MP Muthalib.

    These people are ridiculous. These doctors are not coming here to steal a person's eye. This is done WITH the Maldivian health authorities, and the government. They are coming here to help people for free. FREE. How many Maldivians can really afford expensive eye surgery? The normal or below average Maldivian would even find it a lot to pay for simple eye examinations or even to buy glasses. Not everybody earns 65000+ like Afrasheem or Muthalib. So why are you creating so much hatred for no reason? This is in no way political.

    Discrimination works both ways, always remember that. If Jews always want to destroy Muslims in anyway possible, then by that same sense, non-Muslims could say that all Muslims are terrorists. I'm sorry, but some Maldivian politicians and fanatics from Guantanamo Bay make absolutely no sense at all.

  7. That the Islamic Foundation is critical of Israeli assistance is understandable, since they are radical fundamentalists who are determined on oppressing women, creating an atmosphere conducive to the abuse of women and children, and since most of them are in favor of violent Jihad.

    But Afrashim claiming that Israeli doctors should be banned form entering this country is horrendous. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    They are coming to benefit the people of this country. We cannot bow down to people who spread hate, when Islam is a religion that was founded on tolerance - especially of other peoples of the book (monotheists).

    They are not here to "sow discord," nor are they here to destroy our nation. Afrashim is taking the Quranic verses out of context in order to appeal to the more popular notion of supporting the Palestinian struggle for independence. I have many friends who are Palestinian, who've even been part of the resistance, and not one of them believes that ALL JEWS are responsible for the situation there. Not one of them agrees that this dialog of hate is beneficial to the cause.

    People who advocate such hate are betraying our religion. People involved in the Islamic Foundation betray our very way of life and bring hate, leadings us ever into darkness and turmoil. If anyone despoils our country, it is them. If anyone corrupts our youth and our peoples it is them. Not some foreigner half way across the globe. Not some humanitarian doctor coming to help our people, and asking nothing in return.

    That people would turn away from such kindness is one of the most disgraceful things i've seen in this nation. That the Islamic Foundation would spread hate, and lies, and that no one will speak out against them is appalling.

    In this I support Dr. Shaheed 100%. In this we need to resist those who would corrupt our religion. Spread hate. And lead us into darkness.

    If we are to stand in the light, we must be tolerant. We must support friendship, offer faith, and promote harmony. To do anything else is to turn away from the light of our faith. And to turn instead to these conservatives darkness and hate.

  8. I have absolutely no idea why Israelis are so adamant on visiting Maldives to operate our eyes.

    Please for God's sake leave us alone.

    We are simply not ready to comfortably smile at Israelis as yet.

    May be later, somewhere in the distant future, when we hear good news on TV.

    But for now, please, please suffice with the eyes of just our Foreign Minister and President.

    They need eye operation, very badly, and they may be comfortable in gaping their eyes wide apart at Israeli surgeons.

    But I feel more safe in gaping my eyes under the needle of a sewing machine than one of your sinister surgeons.

  9. You omitted the part where Dr. Shaheed mentioned that the Maldivian government supports two state solution for Israeli-Palestine conflict.

    Wouldn't that be the first time since Maumoon the government of Maldives recognizing Israel's right to be a state?

  10. Who on earth is Afrashim to claim that Jews cannot enter 100% Maldives? Medina in Saudi Arabia consisted of Jews and Muslim during the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as we all know.

    Afrashim should be prosecuted for falsifying Islam and its history. I thought we already have laws on these issues!

  11. We should be concerned about the Israeli doctors as they have in the past & even now (its alleged), stole organs from patients & dead bodies. And after undeniable facts & proofs these Israel doctors have accpeted committing this horrendous crime.

    These Israeli soldiers have stooped so low by printing shirts that calls for killing pregnant women & children of Palestine. See for yourself:

  12. What Islamic Foundation has pointed out has a valid justification based on what Israeli medical teams have done in the past.

  13. Isreal is the only country in the world with technology to extract vital human organs through a needle thin hole made in the eyes of the patients they operate. No wonder Islamic foundation is worried!

  14. Heck
    please volunteer to do the operations for those in need, that also Free, then we will have no need for foreign expertise Israel or others

  15. @Alibeyya

    I can imagine the number of dead Palestinian eye balls they practiced on, before they mastered the operation!

  16. There isn't enough Specialist doctors who are capable of handling 1000's and 1000's of patients using the IGMH. Where are the people who said they can manage IGMH better than apollo. It was an issue when government tried to privatise and improve the facilities in IGMH. Now it has gone to "Tholhiyah". I don't think it is not allowed to get treatment from jews or Israel doctors in Islam. But its a good point that Islamic foundation have highlighted and people can be more cautious about this matter. But also it doesnt mean that all Isreal doctors are like that.

  17. O God when those Addalaths idiots will go to the hell and discus with Shaitan how short they pants must be?

  18. Fracture, the only reason why that was a controversy is because it was done over a decade ago and because it is against Jewish law! So tell me, is it really jews that are coming to steal our organs? Are they coming here to kill us so they can sell it on the black market. Does this make any sense at all?!!? How can people who are smart enough even to use the internet actually believe such drivel.

  19. @heck

    "But I feel more safe in gaping my eyes under the needle of a sewing machine than one of your sinister surgeons."

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

  20. It's great we have the opportunity to discuss more agenda and more freely today.

    One of the reasons we discuss in all these sites is perhaps that we believe we are at a junction. And frrom this eye/Isr junction, there are several paths to follow as well. 1 of the most restrictive being the IF path and the most open could be taking the eye docs at their diplomatic story.

    The least we can do is though, to accept it while keeping an open and vary mind; and never shut our doors!

  21. @heck
    You are an opthalmic surgeon? You are as delightful as the leader of the Islamic Foundation. Would you like an orange-flavored sweet? A treat in return for your amusing comments here and there on various websites and blogs. Hahaha.

  22. I must admit, evidence shows that Israeli medical teams have admitted to harvesting organs from dead bodies in the past (both Israeli and Palestinian), without notifying their families. However, it is also important to note that these activities took place on *dead* bodies; it was not the case that someone coming in to get their cataract removed went out without a cornea.

    Even so, we must understand, as many others have pointed out that we are in no position to refuse free medical aid and assistance. The fact that they come to a muslim country, knowing how a lot of muslims feel about Israelis, to lend us their expertise and assistance free of charge says something about their mindset.

  23. The viewpoint of Islamic foundation also has some weight in it. Israel have massacred Palestinians without any regard to the women and children, and even the Amnesty International claims this. As Maldives being a muslim state, despite being a small fraction of non-Maldivian muslims who are practicing it covertly, this is a matter that deals with the sentiments of the majority of Maldivians, possibly 99% of Maldivians from my conjecture. It is an evident fact and even millions of people around the world concede that UN, US and the many of the western nations have yet failed to make Israel accountable, despite their ruthless attack on innocent civilians who live in the fear of their lives day and night. I ask my non-muslim Maldivian friends how they would react to a matter like this if their own siblings, childrens or parents are treated unfairly and deprived of basic human rights? The world has yet given a deaf ear and Islam does not permit any such unfair treatments and unjustice.

    From the point of Islam, it deplores the holocaust and killing of non-muslims unjustly. Similarly, It is not wrong, from the perspective of Islam and possibly be obligatory to oppress every way we can to abolish these unacceptable treatments and unjustice to our Palestinian brothers.

    On the other hand, Islam does not obstruct to live peacefully with non-muslims (especially christians and Jews) as it is even permitted to marry muslim men with any women of these monotheistic religion. The concern and the antagonism that we had in our society is due to the suspicions which we have with the incumbent government with regard to their sincerity to the islamic values of this nation.

  24. The people in IF wants people to live in caves, they are on earth wrong time, they want live on those medieval time. I don't understand every time when these people say something media needs to give any attention. Are these majority of Maldivian voice or just few individuals, who has nothing else to do.

  25. its not likely that somehow the Israeli doctors got bored in their 'terrors state' and are seeking some diversion in Maldives. This eye camp has a purpose. It may not be to harvest organs. But the purpose is to repair their tattered image.

    Now why do have to give them this opportunity to play PR in our country. We used to have eye camps in this country before, several times but none with Israeli help before. This time its happening because this MDP govt just want to normalize relations with Israel. Not that Israelis are dying to come here and help out us.

    What worries me is the lengths these empty politicians would go to appease the most racist state on earth!

  26. We need to teach our children to love people of different races, whether its Jews, Christians or Hindus for that matter. Human race does not differ any one from what their belief is. For about Israel we have mostly ill information and and we don't have any ability to verify those information , before we come to conclusion. I don't have any problem with Israel or Palestine. Let them find solution for their problem. Getting Israel experts is something we gravely need in Maldives now.

  27. Is this Mohamedan Foundation of al-Maladifiyin, headed by an ex-inmate of Guantanamo, a sovereign state that recognises or withholds recognition from other sovereign states?

  28. (Political Counsellor at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Itay Tagner, stressed that the delegation was coming to the Maldives “on a purely humanitarian mission”.)

    Hey Tager, if you Jews are with kind heart, then why don't you first give that facility to the Palestinians. Once there was an imaged leaked which showed Israeli former prime minister Ehud Barak, putting his finger inside a dead body on an Arab. Can you justify this.

    The thing is that although Maldives is formed with 300,000 people, it is a vote in UN. And as Maldives has won a seat from UN Human Rights Council, Israel wants to take advantage out of it.

    We know who you are. And sincerely, we hate you.

    (“They are just trying to spread hatred,” he said.)

    I want to ask Tagner, who are creating hatred in the world. Who are threatening (1) Iran, (2) Syria, (3) Palestine, (4) Lebanon.

    Suddenly you stole the lands of Palestine, and now you are trying to portray as an angle.

    GO TO H***

  29. I am afraid to show my eyes to these doctors. I won't know even if they steal my cornea.

  30. How does someone 'Harvest' organs at IGMH... This is exactly what happens when minds are washed to read only the text in Quran and Hadith... utter bullshit.. so narrow minded and ignorant.. give these people a one way ticket to afghan mountains with a free suicide belt..

  31. How can one make the islamic foundation and afrasheem realize that nobody cares about their religion?

  32. Idiotic thought: Minds are never clean, it's the ability to control it that makes a difference.


    1- Government has bulit a deplomatic relationship with ISRAIL.
    2- Government has allowd ISRAIL to influence our education system.
    3- ISRAIL is going to start direct flights to maldives from ISRAIL.
    4- Israil eye camp is comming to Maldives,

    who knows their next plane.

    they are cunnig jewish people. they always hate Muslims and Islam. A clear proof can bee seen on plastinian land. Israilis are killing innocent muslims everyday.

    they have drives many muslims away from their own land.

    Do you still think Israilis wish all good happen to us, especially MUSLIMS.


  34. Islamic Foundation, Dr.Afrashim,Muthalib and all such idiots should be relocated into a separate island where all the inhabitants share their sentiments and view points. They can practice their perverted form of religion and law, choose their leaders and marry as many women as they want. They can find money and doctors from Saudi fundies and live happily without trying to make our lives difficult with all the blabbering and nonsense. Can see for how long they survive without all the comforts and material that "infidels" money bring into this country.

  35. Salim, did you really think afrasheem is any different from these IFM guys?

    they do not care about religion and its values. they only see some verses in the Quran and read it where their political goals can be achieved OR stay relevant in the society.

  36. No matter how much most of us (including me) despise the Islamic Foundation, we cannot argue that their argument has some weight.

    It's very clear that Israel is shielded (by the USA) from any criticism and condemnation of human rights abuses in Palestine. Any resolution against Israel is promptly blocked.

    Nevertheless, we should remind ourselves that all Zionists are not Muslim-haters, and that some will come here with genuine intentions to help.

    Only time will tell.

  37. @Xa-yanu

    "we should remind ourselves that all Zionists are not Muslim-haters"

    I have serious doubts about that. Demolition of Palestinian homes and building jewish settlements on the lands grabbed are going on almost on daily basis. But ofcourse we do not hear these things thanks to the Zionist controlled mainstream media. Here are some of the demolitions that happened this very month that the mainstream media conveniently ignored:

    Al-Quds home razed despite court order

    Israel razes more Palestinian properties

    Israeli forces destroy another mosque

    As Muslims and as fellow human beings, it is our duty to condemn these atrocities committed against the Palestinians.

  38. what is our economy only islands if we start blamming every non muslim nobody will come and invest here then what will be our condition nobody will put their money in any country wher ther is no respect ex somalia . afghanistan

  39. we don't need the investments of JEWS.

    @hammeed are you out of your mind?

    We want Palestinians.

  40. This country, being 100% muslim, is enjoying so much rights that could not be seen in most countries. Why not enjoy it rather bringing hatred.

    The government is slowly crossing the line. You don't need the whole population to be against such programs/measures.

    Remember, the government is not capable of tackling terrorism in this country, at least not at the time.

    You don't need a whole party/organization/population to f8ckup this economy.

    Most of your work is just spilling oil when their is no fire. There seems to be too much oil spilling, and once a spark comes to it, the whole thing burns down.

    Be wise. Stop building hatred.

  41. chaachi,

    This is what happens if you're going to filter reality for your convenience.

    Similarly, I can demand that all Wahhabis - including Islamic Foundation and J Salaf and Adhaalath party be executed/deported/exiled/banned.

    Why? Because we Muslims need to stand by each other (in your words). Wahhabism got its first break by siding with "the enemy" and bringing down the Islamic Caliphate. (This is history, you cannot dispute this)

    Furthermore, their horrific attacks on innocent Muslims continues to this day.

    Twin attack on packed Friday mosques in north-west Pakistan kills over 90 Muslims:

    Another bomb in Pakistan mosque kills dozens.

    This one in Rawalpindi, Dec 2009, also killed lots of innocent Muslims

    2008, the Taliban attacks more mosques

    Attacks on sufi shrines kill innnocent muslims.

    Do I see you joining me in condemning the wahhabis? Surely, if ALL Jews/Israelis are to blame for Israeli policies, then there's nothing to stop you from demanding a ban on all wahhabis in this country?

    They've already attacked us once in Sultan Park bombings. They've already revolted once in HImandhoo.

    And as this article illustrates, they're hitting the Muslims in this country where it hurts the most - in the stomach, by threatening our international goodwill/aid/tourism.

    We cannot let these anti-Muslim forces operate in our country now, can we?

  42. Israel is an advance country way ahead in R&D. We should not criticize anybody because of person's religion. Why bring religion in humanitarian services. As for conflict between Israel and Palestine is concerned, let UNO do its work. Or why is that Saudi Arabia (the biggest pal of US) dont interfere in that.

    If Islamic Foundation is so concerned about Muslim's right, why they dont talk about Uzbekistan? and how China had ruthlessly crushed Uzbek Muslims.

    Might was, is and will always be right in this world.


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