Jail officers helping inmates bring in “drugs, phones”

Several jail officers are being investigated on suspicion of helping inmates to bring mobile phones and drugs into cells in Male’ prison, according to State Minister for Home Affairs Ahmed Adil.

“Three inmates and several jail officers we suspect [to be involved] have been moved to Dhoonidhu [prison] for investigation,” Adil said.

Inmates in Male’ Prison last week damaged their cells after jail officers seized mobile phones and other contraband. Adil said the trouble started after inmates refused to hand over a mobile phone.

”Jail officers found a mobile phone inside a cell, and they checked other cells,” Adil said. ”Officers then discovered drugs in another cell.”

Adil said that after the officers took the mobile phone inmates started to protest.

”They broke the flush tanks in the toilet and damaged other jail property,” he said, adding that the inmates were eventually controlled with the help of police.

He refuted a report published in Haveeru that claimed the protest was started after a “delay in financial transactions between a family and the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS)”.

Police sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the DPRS requested help from police to control the inmates during the incident.

Nobody was injured during the riot, he noted.

Director of the DRPS Saudh Abdul Kareem meanwhile refused to comment on the incident, claiming that Minivan News “causes me trouble by always disturbing me to clarify cases.”


7 thoughts on “Jail officers helping inmates bring in “drugs, phones””

  1. Saudh Abdul Kareem..dont think that you are above the people. the public has the right to know..and if you are in charge you have to answer, if you think this causes you problems then please resign..and who gave you that job in the fist place.. incompetent .unqualified..and unprofessional

  2. DPRS's attitude towards transparency is still stuck in the dark ages of our nation. Democracy means that institutions will be held accountable.

    DPRS Director - Saud Abdul Kareem - needs to assign someone to deal with press or at least learn to be open and transparent about what is going on in his department. If he continues to neglect open polices, then his position will soon be in jeopardy regardless of how competent he may or may not be.

  3. this will never change until all the big drug dealers are behind bars not roaming around male in their expensive cars .. that i know and we all are aware of ...

  4. If drugs are not available, drugs cannot be imported to jail.

    The number of drug dealers captured by police does not seem to reduce the availability of drugs. I think there may be many more and not just 6 major people who are doing the drug trading.

    I wish the government uses a more heavy handed approach in dealing with the drug criminals.

    People like Adam Naseer are caught red handed they say. Why then can they not produce the evidence to prove he was indeed caught red handed? The court needs evidence and the police should be able to provide that. Otherwise there is no use for it will be Adam Naseer's word against the policeman's word.

    We really need to improve the capacity and calibre of our police force if we are to see a drugs free Maldives.

  5. Now we'll wait for the Human Rights Commission to come forward and express their concern over the "inhumane" conditions in which prisoners are held...what a joke this whole system is really!! When these prisoners start acting like spoilt kids and vandalizing government property, additional sentencing should be added and they should also be forced to make do without the facilities they are vandalizing and breaking!!!

  6. People are tired of this bull @#$%. Please, just deal with the inmates any way you see fit, just don't release them.


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