DPRS to jam mobile phones in jails

The Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) has reportedly decided to place cellular jammers in all the country’s jails to prevent inmates from communicating with the outside using mobile phones.

The DPRS announced that it would be purchasing cellular jammers in the edition of the government gazette dated 18th April.

Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed Shihab said he did not want to give any information about the cellular jammers as it was “the concern of the DPRS.”

DPRS Director General Mohamed Rasheed said he also would not give any information on the cellular jammers.

”It’s not good for us to tell you how many guns and bullets the police have,” he said. ”You also should know it is not very good to [publish] all the information on the armed forces and their work.”

However, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair confirmed that the government was trying to establish cellular jammer in all the jails.

Zuhair said that it would make the jail security level more advanced.

”Many times we have noticed inmates receiving assistance from people outside,” he said. ”They have connection with people outside.”

He said after the cellular jammer was installed a land line would provided for the inmates’ use, ”so they can reach their family and relatives in a regulated manner.”

State Minister for Home Ahmed Adil has recently claimed that jail officers help inmates to bring in mobile phones and drugs to the cells.

He told Minivan News that several jail officers were being investigated on suspicion of helping inmates to bring mobile phones and drugs into cells in Male’ prison.

“Three inmates and several jail officers we suspect [to be involved] have been moved to Dhoonidhu [prison] for investigation,” he said.

Inmates in Male’ Prison last week damaged their cells after jail officers seized mobile phones and other contraband.


5 thoughts on “DPRS to jam mobile phones in jails”

  1. I think this is a good move. The prison system in Maldives needs an urgent revamp and as mentioned in HRCM report prisoners need to feel they are confined from the society and should learn to adhere to the rules of the prison rather than rules being made to the wish of the prisoners.

  2. tonite on TVM police suprindent jina blamed all the criminal offences due government's negligence on prison system, and also he doesn't know where actually they are lacking, and he further said police is doing there work at highest level? but the surprising thing is that this police officer who is the head of anti drug force in police was only able to arrest 2 drug dealers with this 1 and half years ..?? where are the other 4 cartels? which is also a joke, which police breifed President earlier last year there are only 6 drug dealers in this country, and funny thing is after arresting 1 dealer it takes another one year to catch the other .. hehe, please for godsake get some competent police officer to do the job, it's this government 5th pledge this isn't a joke ?

  3. What I find more interesting than the jammers is the ongoing miscommunication between the different levels of government. I think this really needs to be addressed unless they want everything to steadily fall to pieces.

    On topic, this just sounds like another expensive headline gadget that won't really do anything in the long term to get rid of our gang culture.

  4. DPRS is struggling to control Mafushi jail. Its the Governments responsibility to get the police and MNDF to give assistance to the Dept.till they are able to renovate the damaged jail or outsource the security services. Whatever, the government needs to act fast.

  5. Goverment not givingright powertocontrolthe jail... DPRS can control thejail without polic and MNDF also . But there need an order and power


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