Leaked voice clips may be ‘conversations between friends helping each other’: Yameen

Three recordings of discussions between Majlis members referring to other members and officials, including a plan to cease work on the Tax bills in the Majlis, have appeared on the Internet.

The People’s Alliances party (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom told Minivan news this afternoon that a voice in the sound clips might be his, but the conversations were ”not to borrow money to bribe MPs… [rather] As friends, we might help each other,” he said.

Yameen said the discussions ”would be a recording of a telephone call”, and were potentially taped by either the Police or by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF). ”We have sent a letter to the telecommunications authority to clarify whether they gave permission to record any of their telephone calls,” he said. ”It is unlawful to record private phone calls.”

However, the Police denied Yameen’s claims. ”The Police will never record anyone’s phone calls,” said sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam. The police had no connection with the leaked voice recordings, he said.

The People’s Alliance party secretary-general Ibrahim Shareef said that he could not say whether the voice in the clips was Yameen’s. ”Personal calls should not be recorded,” Shareef said. ”We do not have anything to say regarding this. Yameen himself will be the best person to ask. This is a personal issue.”

Jumhooree party leader MP Gasim Ibrahim did not respond to Minivan News’ calls at the time of publication.

The second recording below is between the South Kulhudufushi MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed and MP Gasim Ibrahim, according to ‘Kutti’ Nasheed’s personal blog. Nasheed says that the request for cash from Gasim was made months ago. In his blog, Nasheed denies that the cash had anything to do with voting in the Majlis.

Recording:1 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi – mp3 file

Voice1: We have the original now.

Voice2: So if we put this through the ACC [Anti-Corruption Commission] tomorrow morning, how soon will the ACC release a statement?

Voice1: It should be released tomorrow. They are coming tonight. Two ACC commissioners are in Malaysia. The President [of ACC] is here. Our friend Hoara Waheed is there. I have directly given all warnings through him… in prelude to this… that this is a must. I have also passed the number to Gasim. Seems Gasim will maintain connection.

Voice2: Have we been able to get anything from Gasim yet?

Voice1: He said Rose matter is sealed. He worked very hard. He took Rose to Paradise yesterday evening at 6. And he came to that meeting at around 9.30 -10 and said “final”. That it’s done.

Voice2: So that means?

Voice1: It’s the one million matter. Isn’t it?

Voice2: Yeah.

Voice1: He tried a funny story with me. After Friday prayers yesterday, I went to Gasim’s house…

Voice2: So Rose is joining Jumhooree Party now?

Voice1: No it’s not that… It is just for these matters…

Voice2: In that case, Nazim, why don’t we take Rose, with this million?

Voice1: Yeah. Rose knows now. And I have asked Maniku to complete the deal. With one million given there is still two million… So what happens now is… I mentioned everything that there was doubt about. I wasn’t able to talk to Gasim later. He has said everything will be Ok…100% and not to worry.

Voice2: What are you telling Maniku?

Voice1: I went to Maniku… Gasim is going to see Hassan Saeed at 2.30.

Recording:2 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi –mp3 file

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: And again, it is three months since I have been trying to get myself out of that.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Finishing it now.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Are you still in the office, … mean … in the Majlis?

MP Gasim Ibrahim: I came at six o’clock and since then, now finishing and leaving now. Continuing tomorrow.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yeah, OK.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: What happened?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I contacted, this is just… how is your situation in relation to flow?

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Why?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I need some cash.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Yeah, ok… How much?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: I need it very much.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Have you got someone to come over here?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Here, at this time, there’s no one.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: Yeah it is…

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yes, tomorrow morning will be fine. It’s not a problem.

MP Gasim Ibrahim: People will see it there, will be watched, won’t it?

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: OK, I will try and arrange someone from there to go to Villa, is that ok?

Recording:3 Transcript below | Audio in Dhivehi – mp3 file file

Voice2: Yes, what is it?

Voice1 (?): Dilute, Thasmeen is working to dilute… Nasheed, could you please tell that story.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: Yes, I was contacted just then…. You have seen the first draft, haven’t you?

Voice2: I haven’t seen it yet, not yet.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: OK, the first draft states specific actions that will be taken. I will, for your convenience, read it for you right now, those bits.

Voice2: OK read.

MP ‘Kutti’ Nasheed: It was agreed that to prevent the government from doing what it is trying to do, to take a number of steps all at once.

These steps include meeting with those who submitted the [airport] bids, and clearly explaining to them the common Maldivian view on this, and the view of the political parties.

The Financial Act Amendments Bill, which is in the finishing stages, is to be pushed fast through the Majlis.

Submit a no-confidence motion to the Majlis for a decision regarding the Minister for Finance Ali Hashim and the Minister for Civil Aviation Mahmood Razee who is responsible for the privatisation.

And until all these things are done, to cease all work on the tax bills submitted by the government to the Majlis.


84 thoughts on “Leaked voice clips may be ‘conversations between friends helping each other’: Yameen”

  1. Petty, cheap, revolting, nauseating. If I see any of these people (Kutti Nasheed, Yaameen Abdul Gayoom, Gasim Ibrahim) I'd feel like spitting and puking on them.

  2. No amount of evidence is going to hold water in the court as long as we have corrupt judges.

    Look at how the courts are hindering the police against getting evidence.

    They made sure that Yameen and Gasim destroyed the evidence before giving the permission for them to go and check their residence.

    And guess what? Mahuloofu and Rozaina are right now on Dhitv that the audio tapes are fabricated after Kutti Nasheed admitted he ask people for money.

    If people like Yameen, Gasim, Thasmeen, Nazim and Kutti Nasheed go down, the judges will go down with them.

    What sorry people! Not a least bit of integrity or dignity for their own selves.

    And these are the people who are so hell bent on making the government accountable when the electorate cannot trust this kind of dodgy people doing dodgy deals.

  3. Constitution: Article 24: 'Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS. Every person must respect these rights with respect to others.

  4. These guys are trapped like small rats, a good piece of intelligent work. This is enough to charge them on treason and bribery. Anni is the man.

  5. There is no private life for MPs doing underhand deals. Our constitution has other Articles condemning these acts and also there are laws which details actions to be taken on MPs taking bribery under Oath.

  6. I am not a supporter of these MPs, but frankly these clips do not prove anything. Average maldivian understands that members of MDP are as corrupt as the opposition. We have heard threatening audio clips from Anni and other promises (eg. the mid-term election promise). Did anyone took these seriously?

  7. "Alis on Sun, 4th Jul 2010 10:27 PM
    Constitution: Article 24: ‘Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS. Every person must respect these rights with respect to others."

    @Ali - No kidding, this is our biggest concern here. When I whack you on the head with spade, your first thought would be about MY right to own the spade, second it would be MY right to swing the spade. By then I'd have whacked you on the head and maybe then you'll realize what an idiot you are.

  8. THIS IS IT!

    This definitely proves they took bribes.

    First we should arrest Bank of Maldives, because everyday people go there and ask for money and loans, its full of bribes.


    and everyone who borrowed money or took money should be charged with corruption.

    Everyone is the same, MP, President and all the citizens.

    plus! everyone should have access to the dhiraagu and wataniya audio archive, everyones conversation should be online like a media library!

    This is the evidence that the world has been waiting for, MP asking for cash, its like the biggest crime on earth! but like I said FIRST WE SHOULD ARREST BANK OF MALDIVES, its full of loans

    btw LOAN = BRIBE

  9. I do not put it past the MNDF and the Police to record conversations or leaking it, considering I believe they also snoop on private conversations between bloggers (constitution be damned!)

    Nevertheless - this episode exposes a lot that is wrong with the country's parliament.

    In other news. Do not mess with this president. 😉

    If there's more actionable evidences that haven't leaked yet, I hope the courts of this country will do better than their previous track record - and get these people behind bars.

  10. Ahmed [email protected] "We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it’s easy, but when it is hard"

    When you were running on the street and Gayoom tapped on your phone, and you fought, protested, bled to right it in the constitution. Now when you are the president and under pressure...

  11. The I have a feeling the Supreme Court will make the final decision on this....

    The Police has every right to investigate this based on this.

    I hope Anni makes sure the PG will actually send this to the Courts.

    This court case will be so interesting - it will basically decide on the future of corruption, particularly institutionalized corruption in this country.

    Mjlis, and Govt too - has come to the point of where people are becoming disillusioned because of corruption

    I am thankful to the President that he has taken the initiative to send a very strong message to everyone, be it MDP, DRP, The Courts, Police Govt...etc - that corruption shall never be tolerated.

    I hope we, the people win this case - we can only move forward after due process!

  12. It will be a brave independent MP who votes against the government in malice in future. What other secret recordings involving bribery are floating about the internet?

  13. How can any investor has any confidence to do business in Maldives anymore, where every conversation is heard by some one on wire tapping and leak it when ever they want. The only people who has the capacity to do this is MNDF and Police. Its sad Maldives is becoming a failed police state worse than Burma and North Korea.

  14. People think President is dumb and weak, lower your hearts, forgive and move on blah blah. Yamin has clearly underestimated President's ruthlessness and cunning. Stupid Yamin and Gasim. Now you're both in deep hot water

  15. Thick as thieves. Guilty as sin. Let them hang from the nearest coconut tree!

  16. The transcript is not very accurate. "In that case, Nazim, why don’t we take Rose, with this million?" this is not what was said. yameen said why don't we say this one million is for this matter and why don't you nazim take Rose. yameen and nazim were going to offer another 2 million for rose in addition to what gasim allegedly paid for 'this matter'. for an accurate transcript go to Haveeru website. Why don't the minivan team translate the transcript from Haveeru? there are other errors too in your transcript of the conversation between nazim and yameen, like the references to Maniku. in completely unrelated news, read this link too: http://www.dhivehiobserver.com/letters/Kutti_IGMH_Letter_2211200511830.htm

  17. @Ahmed Rasheed

    this evidence if obtained illegally will not be accepted in court.

    and yameen telling nazim to buy "rose" to PA on buruma's money is hilarious...buruma paid the money for some other deal but PA are gonna kill two birds with one stone. buruma is nothing but a toy! hehehe...a piggy bank...

  18. this transcript is not very accurate. there is a good transcript in Dhivehi on haveeru website. please translate from that.

  19. Have nothing to say except that.............I am ashamed. How cheap are our parlimentarians? corrupt bastards!!!

    Get out of the place.....

    Kutti...........at last we see your real face?? I also need some money..

  20. Ah just some conversations between fiends eh!
    But wait a minute has everyone forgotten that there is a law that actually allows the police to eavesdrop on telephone conversations, please correct me if I am mistaken.

    Indeed Kutti, why on earth would anyone be interested in rushing with the tax bill, as if there aren't enough burdens, to help the society, on the poor business people. Especially the truly big players in the majilis...tsk tsk. Shame, shame.

    On a more serious note; will any of those clips hold any validity in the courts?

    Long live the zaeem.

  21. This is absolutely shocking. I always knew that Yameen and Gasim were corrupt. But never dreamed that Kutti Nasheed would stoop so low as to take money.

    The public needs to know how these conversations were intercepted. But I think that is a matter for another day. What the police need to do now is to find out as much about these cases as possible and find enough evidence to convict these people in a court of law.

    They have already been convicted in the court of public opinion.

    Yameen- CORRUPT!

    Gasim- CORRUPT!

    Kutti- BANKRUPT and CORRUPT!

  22. WOW loan BRIBE....... THAN GOD IS DOG...my dear freind 'treason' i think u should try google and learn how the 21st century WORKS....

  23. Where is fili Dr Waheed who was also a master mind behind these series of coup events with Gasim. Gasim and Dr Waheed did discuss these issues! We need to clean Maldives politics of these bas..ds!!

  24. This act of police is digusting and I am sure this revealing of the clips is doen under direct instructions of dictator Nasheed. Nasheed what on earth are you trying to prove. Could you not just accept we in teh maldives want you to pack and go. May be you better suit as a self exiled activist not as out president. You are a man with no presidential qualities and we knew that even before you came into that post. We voted you on the second round becuase of Gasim and Hassan saeed. You are just a peice of rubbish. You do not carry any weight infront of the Maldivians, less respected than a hair you shave off from your arm pit.

  25. the transcript has several errors. there is a good transcript in Dhivehi on haveeru website. you can translate from that transcript and publish it.

  26. this is a very important link:


  27. and time for a good laugh:


  28. whether the evidence is taken illegally or not, i don't give a shit, but if they try to break the law and create a threat to national security, police have every right to tap their phone lines.

    Next is to hunt down the criminal judges, and put their d*cks into crab holes

  29. and time for another good laugh:


  30. we have corrupt mp's and we have corrupt govt officials breaking the law and listening to private phone conversations and leaking them, in order to further their own political self interest. the few rich people run the country and do what they want and the rest of us remain to be screwed over, again.

  31. No surprise with Gasim and Yamin but Now we know who the real Kutti is...

    These are all just common criminals the only difference is they managed to get super rich before getting caught thanks to Maumoon.

  32. This is disgusting!!!

    Who is Rose any way? Whoever went to Paradise from 6.00pm to 9.30-10.00pm recently will be shivering with fear now.

    And Kutti is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap. I never expected parliamentarians to be so shameless. Doesn't he earn enough money? Why does he have to beg from Gasim for money?

    These clips are I believe, bits and pieces of the conversations. I hope the whole thing will be enough evidence in our courts of law to convict these guys.

    @ Praxis

    "No amount of evidence is going to hold water in the court as long as we have corrupt judges."

    Keeping that in mind, the government needs to outsmart them. That means the government will have to provide indubitable evidence that no sane person can disregard. Then there will be no room for anyone to say anything.

  33. Those of you sorry brown nosers who are talking about illegal tapping; why don't you address the toddy from that tapping heheheh

    adhives andhun elhuveythoa thi ulhenee dho

  34. these are money in millions spoken over the phone with no records. looks more like a drug deal. business deals generally will be documented. But in this case the police will be prosecuted because they have recorded the conversation and the corrupt guys will run away again. THis is Maldives. so sooory.

  35. These are people leading the Parliamentary national security committee and economic committee. They have the final say on appointing the ACC, HRC, Governor of MMA, Auditor General, Cabinet Ministers and Civil Service Commission. I do not trust they can do any of these professionally, fairly and without corruption. SHAME.

  36. Congrats Police you are doing great work. The recording is surely the voices of the suspects no doubt about it and is definetley talking about corrupt practices and even more than just corruption.

    However the recording may be invalid for court to act as evidence and the police are very sure about. The only way to prove to people is by leaking it.

    I call the police to leak all the calls made by all the MP's, Ministers, HEP & VP & the judges. We will have a lot more stuff to hear and to convict more. It is better not to leave any corrupt guy with this clean up.

    We should have a Govt online site free for download recordings of private calls of any individual.

  37. ehmen eh janigiyalakah erigen ulhen naa falahaigen ves dhaaneh.. adhi dhaanee varah baarah. Adu ves kiyaafiehnun!!

  38. Telling things are easy, not to prove them,
    here i go . . . . .
    Maumoon is my father, Anni my sister, Laila my classmate...but question, can any one prove it ?..Politcs is full of stories. Nobody knows the truth except allah & we pray to him give us a better life...Insha allah we all will be happy if we believe in ourself & fight for ourself rather than support these politicians..
    Take care all. .. . .

  39. I know for a fact that Gasim is allegedly servicing some of the loans of the so called independent MPs.

    Hey MP Nasheed! When you so cheaply ask for money from people like Gasim, you will be obliged to accede to the requests of such people. One need not have a degree from Islamic University of Malaysia to figure out that ok. MP Nasheed you are such a cheap person. What professionalism have you got?

  40. Kutti Nasheed: how the mighty have fallen. The MP who claimed to be morally pure and above the dirty politics of the Majlis has been getting filthy wads of cash from Gasim all this time

  41. Kutti Nasheed, I tell you this:

    "Ladhehnethi aith dhimaakurumee thimaage edhun thakaa medhugai,

    Higaagos anekaage gaathah kameh thoa huthuru nuvedhaaney."

    and I also tell you this:

    " Libey minvaru nikan dhanegen, vibeynuntha bahaalaigen,

    Thibey namaee fikuru kohgen mibeyzaareh nuves vaaney"

    Shame on you Kutti, what a shame!! and you want to lead this nation!, I for one would not let you. Be a man and appologize for your wrong doings. Taking a loan from someone when the going gets tough is different from the way you are taking money.

  42. Think in a Holistic manner. Why not make a list of all beneficiaries, to whom gasim has pledged money in relation to his political interests. Who think this is a once off incident??? What happens if there are MDP members who have also been pledged money??? Think Open. anekkaaves alhugandu dhannavaalaanee kobaahey BODU MAZARU???? Olympahah gosgen viyas bodu manzaru balaigen kuriyah dhamaa higaa.

  43. oh, kutti. what have u done. thought u will keep it clean but asking money from Gasim when u get about 60000 a month? not cool. gasim must be the biggest idiot in this world. and yamin is... well... i almost pass bricks whenever i hear his name mentioned. nazim looks like he has some daddy issues, which is probably why he is just so fond of yamin. i want Rose too.. and in Paradise 😀

  44. Kutti!... Not good... Not good...

    Ofcourse, people may run out of money when they have to live up to the expectations of others...

    But borrowing money from Gasim? Colleague in Majilis? The Chair of the committees to do with finance... some one who ran for the presidential elections and lost it? An ex Vice Leader of DRP who later formed his own Party and later started running between other parties?

    Not Good. Not Good... The jinnis say you are doomed...

    The jinni advise you have to stop writing on your blog immediately and go low profile...

    Or else take a vacation like Dr Latheef and others who does whenever responsibility is in visibility...

  45. so much bla bla. they would be cristal clean if they sign to MDP. do we talk about Jabir and Redwave saleem? No we don't .. soon people will forget abou this.

    My issue is simple why not prosecute these people.. answer is simple and anni knows well.. if we he goes against corruption that will take as much of MPs from his party as it would take from DRP.

    The only reason for this political drama is to put fear on DRP. To pull them down in time for local council election which MDP knows they have very few chances of winning.

    When this is done, cabinet will be reinstated and all corrupts will live free.

  46. Rose is Hassan Saeed, I guest they are referring to his party's rose logo


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