Nasheed calls for Dr Waheed to step down, hold elections in two months

Political unrest continues in the Maldives following the issuing of a warrant for the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed by the Criminal Court on Thursday morning.

The unrest was sparked three weeks ago after the military took Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed, into custody on the military training island of Girifushi – the same island used to hold Nasheed’s underwater cabinet meeting.

Nasheed’s government had accused the Chief Judge of political bias, among other allegations going back to 2005 under Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration. The judicial watchdog body – the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) – had concluded an investigation into allegations of political bias, however the judge sought an injunction from the Civil Court against his investigation. The JSC complied with the Civil Court order.

A warrant was also issued for the arrest of former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim.

Minivan News is currently attempting to confirm the charges against the pair with the Criminal Court.

Nasheed resigned in dramatic circumstances on Tuesday, handing power to Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, after elements of the police sided with opposition protesters. The group had attacked the main military base in Male’, and then took over the state broadcaster, rebranding it ‘Television Maldives’ (TVM), its name under Gayoom’s government.

President Dr Waheed then held a press conference on Wednesday morning in which he pledged to create a “national unity government”, and praised the police defectors for their “great sacrifices in upholding the constitution”. He denied there had been a coup when challenged by reporters: “Do I look like someone who is attempting a coup?” Dr Waheed replied.

That afternoon former President Nasheed rallied Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters in Male’, announcing to his party and foreign media that he had been forced to resign under duress, declaring Dr Waheed’s government illegitimate and calling for elections.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) last night denied using force against Nasheed prior to his resignation.

Thousands of MDP supporters, including many women, took to the streets for what the party claimed was a “peaceful” protest walk around Male’. A brutal police crackdown, in which Nasheed was beaten and 50 people were hospitalised, including MDP Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa, sparked a wave of violence and vandalism across the country’s islands directed at police buildings, courts and other public buildings. Dramatic footage of the protests and the injured was shared on social media networks.

Protests spread, police and courts damaged

At 11:00pm last night police released details of the damage caused to police property during public protests on the islands.

  • Protestors on Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll Thinadhoo set fire to the police station, magistrate court, atoll council office, and all police vehicles. Nine policeman were attacked and subsequently treated at the Thinadhoo Regional Hospital. Police officials have declared the area unsafe for local policemen as “MDP supporters have threatened to attack the residences of policemen.”
  • Similarly, on Faresmaathodaa island of the same atoll, protesters close down the police station and forced those officers on duty to return home.
  • In Addu City, which is synonymous with Addu Atoll and which hosted the 2011 SAARC Summit, protesters torched police stations in Hithadhoo and Gan islands, as well as the Addu Police Training School and all police vehicles. The buildings have been destroyed beyond repair, and criminals held in those police stations have been released by protesters.
  • In Raa Atoll Dhuveaafaru and Alifushi islands, MDP supporters marched into police stations, halted police operations and closed down the building with police officers inside.
  • In Shaviyani Atoll Milandhoo island, protesters forced themselves into the police station where they set two police motorbikes and a vehicle on fire. Following threats, all island police officers have been transferred to Funadhoo island in the same atoll.
  • On Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvahmulah island, protestors threw stones at police after they were prevented from closing down the station. Some police officers have been injured, and station windows have been smashed.
  • In Haa Alifu Atoll Dhidhoo island MDP supporters walked into the local police stations, halted operations and closed down the building, forcing the policemen off the island. Criminals held in the station were released.

Several governments have issued travel advisories urging tourists to avoid travel to the capital city of Male. Resorts and the airport island remain calm.

Controversial appointments

Meanwhile, President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has made appointed several members of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s government to key posts.

Last night Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed of minority opposition Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP) was appointed Minister of Home Affairs.

Dr Jameel previously served as Minister of Justice under former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and briefly as Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication former President Mohamed Nasheed. Dr Jameel was also involved in a controversial pamphlet published by his party, the DQP, accusing the Nasheed government of conspiring with Jewish and Christian figures to “spread vice” among the Maldivan public.

The President also appointed Mohamed Nazim as Minister of Defence and National Security. Nazim previously served in the National Security Service under Gayoom, and in the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) under Nasheed.

Ilyas Hussein Ibrahim has been appointed as Immigration Controller, a position he held under Gayoom. He served as Director of the Center for Disaster Management under Nasheed.

Today, the President appointed Masood Imad as President’s Office Media Secretary. Imad previously worked as Gayoom’s presidential campaign manager in 2008, and has served as director of Maldives Airports Company Ltd. (MACL).

Foreign media informed Minivan News that Gayoom’s spokesman Mohamed ‘Mundhu’ Shareef was serving as acting spokesman for Dr Waheed’s government.

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12:15pm – MDP Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik is being examined by doctors. He remains in a serious condition, a party spokesperson has said.

12:30pm – The Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for former President Mohammed Nasheed, as well as former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim. Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed was released from military detention after Nasheed resigned at 1:00pm on Tuesday, February 7, and following the swearing-in of then Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

12:35pm – Security forces were reported as on their way to Nasheed’s home at Keneryge to arrest him.

1:49pm – Nasheed is reportedly giving a press conference inside his home of Keneryge, to both local and foreign media. He has reportedly claimed that the current government is illegitimate.

2:10pm – Nasheed’s wife Laila and his two daughters are currently in Sri Lanka, Solih has said. At Nasheed’s Male home Keneryge, the party says it is still unaware of the charges against Nasheed.

2:11pm – Minivan News has been informed by the UN in Male’ that UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, will arrive in Male’ this evening.

2:26pm – President Nasheed addressed reporters in Keneryge, his family home in Male’:

“200 or so police and 80 military officers helped the opposition change the government. Police and military were very brutal; they beat me very badly. We all fear for our safety.

“The Maldives is in a very serious situation. The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) said the judge [Abdulla Mohamed] is not fit to sit on the bench. All we wanted to do by arresting the judge was to implement the JSC’s ruling that he was not fit to sit on the bench.

“I never fought and I don’t want a war. When police come with a warrant we will go with them.

“I cannot believe that the Vice President hasn’t participated in the whole thing. Military officers very clearly told me that if I did not resign in an hour they would use arms.

“We went to [Republic Square?] at 5:00am [on Tuesday]. Police officers sitting there defied my orders. MNDF (military) officer told me that they wanted to have me gone. MNDF officers on my side then begged me to open the weapons vault. I refused.

“I went to the President’s office and wrote the resignation letter as I was instructed by the MNDF. I tried to hand the letter to my secretary but the MNDF grabbed the letter and took it to parliament.

“My advice to MDP and to citizens is not to do anything unwise. And keep all actions within the laws. I regret that I have heard nothing from the Prosecutor General about all this.”

“I have a team of lawyers and I think they will consider filing a case in the Supreme Court.”

2:55pm – Nasheed has gone upstairs into the building with former Special Envoy Ibrahim Zaki.

3:02pm – Laamu Atoll Gan island was without Dhiraagu internet services as of 8:00 this morning, following a public demonstration last night. Sources report that several have been arrested in the atoll.

Dhiraagu has said the outage, which had affected islands in Laamu Atoll, Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Gaaf Alif Atoll, Thaa Atoll and Naviyani Atoll, was due to a likely lightning strike on the northern side of Meemu Atoll on Kolhufushi Island. Company Manager of Marketing Communications and Public Relations Mohamed Mirshan Hassan said the outage was not related to the social unrest.

As of 11:00am today, services had been restored to islands including Fares in Gaaf Dhaal, Herethere, South Feydhoo, Kolamaafushi and parts of South Hithadhoo, Hassan said.

3:07pm – A petition calling for the security of Mohamed Nasheed, his staff and the Maldivian people organised by environmental NGO has received 30,000 signatures.

“President Nasheed has been one of the strongest, most outspoken leaders on climate change willing to both state the truth and lead with action commensurate with his words. We need more leaders like him around the world, and for now we are doing what we can to assist in ensuring his safety and the restoration of peace and democracy in the Maldives,” writes founding member William Bates. He adds that the organisation hopes to convey their message to US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake before his upcoming visit to the Maldives, as well as other diplomatic envoys.

3:15pm – Major General Ahmed Shiyam has been appointed as Chief of Defence Force, after Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel respectfully retired from the position today.

4:10pm – Local newspaper Haveeru has reported newly appointed Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz as saying that he does not consider the court order to detain former President Nasheed and former Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim as an arrest warrant, and that he will only implement the order after looking into the legal bounds for making such an arrest. “However I never said I will not make the arrest,” he told Haveeru.

Riyaz would not give a comment on his intentions to follow or dismiss the court order.

4:30pm – There are several hundred MDP supporters outside Mohamed Nasheed’s house. Police were earlier seen in the area, but left. The atmosphere is one of a stalemate. Storms and bad weather have kept many people indoors today.

7:00pm – Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodig has confirmed reports that members of various opposition parties are leading the police to MDP members and supporters in Addu and beating them before the police arrest them. Approximately 100 individuals including minors have been beaten and arrested, and arrest warrants are said to have been issued for members of the city council.

Sodig sustained injuries during a targeted attack at the City Council yesterday, including a wrist fracture and head injuries; he said he is unsure if there has been damage to his brain as he is still in need of a CAT scan. He is currently “hiding in a safe place”. His family is also hiding in different places, he said.

8:11pm – UK Conservative Party MP and Chairman of the party’s Human Rights Commission expressed “deep concern” for the “severe setback for democracy and human rights in the past three days.”

“We understand that President Nasheed was forced to resign at gunpoint, was subsequently detained, and that when he addressed supporters of his party, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), he was beaten and gassed by police, along with other MDP members.

“Today, we have learned that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. We condemn these actions in the strongest possible terms, and urge the Maldivian Government to return to the path of democracy and human rights, to guarantee the safety, security and freedom of Mohamed Nasheed and his supporters. We also urge the Government to ensure that the MDP and other political parties and activists can engage in the political process free from fear and repression, and to hold new free and fair elections as soon as possible, which Mohamed Nasheed and his party can contest.

“We encourage the British Government, the European Union, the Commonwealth and the international community to do everything possible to support the protection and promotion of democracy and human rights in the Maldives, and to seek guarantees for the freedom and security of Mohamed Nasheed.”

8:18pm – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has “registered our concern about developments in particular the reports of attacks on members and supporters of the Maldivian Democratic Party.”

“It is for the new leadership to establish its legitimacy with its own people and with the international community with an independent review of the circumstances leading to what has happened earlier this week, and we hope that the new leadership will demonstrate its respect for the rule of law, including peaceful demonstrations.  I welcome the call for calm and order from the former President Nasheed to all his supporters,” Hague said.

9:30pm – MDP members and supporters have gathered at Dharubaruge for a meeting.

10:55pm – British MPs John Glen (Salisbury) and Karen Lumley (Redditch) have called for an end to the “coup d’etat” in the Maldives, saying “the international community needs to condemn the violence and recognise the truth behind what has happened.”

“It now seems very likely that the new ‘President’ – Nasheed’s former deputy Mohamed Waheed – was working quietly behind the scenes with the military and police to orchestrate an apparent legitimate handover of power for the world’s media, when the truth is that it is a coup d’etat by those who were beginning to have their interests threatened,” they jointly wrote on a political blog today.

11:01pm – A man has been brutally beaten in Addu Gan by police forces, who have reportedly been beating and arresting MDP supporters since this morning. An islander said the man’s son, a police officer, was in the police-occupied van at the time. “He was beaten over and over, he couldn’t stand up or sit down. He is a supporter of Nasheed,” said the islander, who requested anonymity.

11:05pm – Independent daily global news hour Democracy Now! has today aired a conversation with US-based environmental NGO founder Bill McKibben, “The Island President” director Jon Shenk, and former advisor to Nasheed Paul Roberts.

Calling Nasheed the ‘Mandela of the Indian Ocean,’ McKibben said Nasheed, “was a thorn in the side [of the U.S.] because he kept bringing up the topic of climate change, a topic they’re not that keen on. On the other hand, he — almost to a fault — was cooperative with U.S. efforts about climate change. The State Department owes him and I hope that they take this seriously.”

11:10pm – MDP meeting at Dharubaruge has concluded and people have left the area.

11:21pm – “MDP is a boat fit for every ocean. The boat won’t sink. The party will not fade away,” said Nasheed during tonight’s rally, which filled Dharubaruge as well as the road outside of the convention building. “I don’t believe that my strength has been weakened. We get strength from one another,” he told the crowd.

11:27pm – “We want to serve the people with kindness, and also a clean living. MDP has not come to power to enjoy the luxury and respect of a ruler. MDP has come to power to serve the Maldivians,” said Nasheed.

11:30pm – Citing MDP’s five key pledges (affordable living costs, housing and quality health care,  nationwide transport, and prevention of narcotics and drug trafficking) Nasheed said, “Maldivians would not believe that their countrymen were tortured or assaulted and left in pain. The Maldivian Democratic Party came with their activities after [the former regime] killed Evan Naseem, and the party’s main purpose is to bring proper justice to the Maldivians.”

11:40pm – “It wasn’t 24 hours since our government was toppled before [the new government] had put 500 people in prison without justice. There are almost 30 people now in the hospital for intensive care. Many Maldivian citizens have been disturbed and many are suffering pain and great loss,” said Nasheed. “I am out here again to bring back kind leadership to the Maldivians. I am not going home unless we achieve that for the Maldivians.”

11:45pm – “My main purpose is to bring democracy,” Nasheed told those gathered, reiterating that the party’s main target is a proper justice system.

11:46pm – He said the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has evidence against Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed, who was released from military detention following Nasheed’s resignation on Tuesday. Nasheed called on the body to take action against the judge.

11:48pm – “Abdulla Mohamed is a person against whom the JSC has filed several cases regarding his disciplinary actions. He is not capable as a chief judge. If he is the chief judge, then the whole Maldives’ justice system would be ruined, I have observed.”

11:50 – Nasheed maintained his request that the JSC take action against Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed and reform the courts to align with the Maldives’ constitution, adding that the methods used to appoint the judges to the lower courts were against the constitution. “I have requested to re-order the court’s again according to the constitution,” he said.

11:52pm – Judges in the Maldivian court system must be educated to modern standards, Nasheed explained. He added that the constitution was drafted to ensure “a proper, lawful leadership.”

11:54pm – “Without proper justice, it is not possible to have a lawful government. And as we have seen in the last few days, that is not an easy thing to achieve.”

11:56pm – “As a president of Maldives, I do not regret any step I have taken. Whatever step I have taken, I have taken to benefit Maldivians and according to the constitution,” Nasheed continued.”I repeat: I will take those steps necessary to reform the Maldives’ justice system.”

12:02am – Stating that the Maldives’ justice system was for 30 years designed for people to hide their behavior, Nasheed described the Maldives courts as an arena maintained by businessmen to serve their own needs. “For the past 3 years, we [MDP] have been ashamed that the Maldives businessmen have taken advantage of the courts for their own purposes. ‘My resort, my island, my building, my land, my factory’-they’ve been using the courts to follow their own needs.”

12:05am –“The 30 year-old regime has been changed. The pain they gave to the people, we have stood and protested against it. The pain the Maldivians have seen during those days by the police and the army- those forces are not independent. Many Maldivians are angry because of the way police mistreat people.

“The police station has been co-opted by the businessmen to bring a coup to fulfill their needs. If that happens, we cannot bring the changes and development we want,” Nasheed said, stating that the police had to be friendly with the Maldivians to enact positive change. He further stated that the police had to be loved by the people as well.

“The Police is not a department of which people have to be afraid,” he said.

12:20am – Nasheed has said those who orchestrated the coup must be investigated and punished, however MDP does not seek control per se. “From what I know, the coup that has taken place in the Maldives has to be properly investigated. And the people who have been ruling the government unlawfully will know it. The international community will only accept the government after the government investigates the coup,” he said, adding that it was important for Dr Waheed to step down from his post. “I repeat, we are not looking to be the rulers of the country. What we need is the development of Maldives.”

12:25am – Observing that the constitution only offers two means  of changing the presidency (short of death)- by completion of the term or parliamentary vote- Nasheed insisted that a vice president could not take office by any other means.

12:38am – President Dr Waheed’s press secretary Ibrahim Hood has announced his resignation. He has worked for Dr Waheed since he first became Vice President in 2008.

12:46am – Saying he is not sad to have been ousted from the presidency, Nasheed said “when I go home tonight and sit on my swing, I will still be very happy. Being president of Maldives is not the only reason I ran for the presidency.”

He added that it is important for Dr Waheed to step down, but before that, “please free those who have been arrested.”

“Until those prisoners are free, we will not come to any discussion table,” he stated.

12:57am – Nasheed noted that if Dr Waheed steps down from the presidency, the Speaker of the Parliament must hold elections within two months, during which time the Parliamentary leader serve as national leader. “We request to have that election within two months,” he declared, adding that the party had been discussing holding mid-term elections before he resigned on Tuesday due to the difficulty of completing a five year term.

However, he continued that mid-term elections would disturb the political and social stability of the country. “But now, we are looking for an election.”

1:01am – During the two months prior to an election, Nasheed said the Parliament Speaker would be tasked with investigating the police actions of the last few days and reforming the courts. “These two months would be the most important days of the  Maldivian history.”

Nasheed said the party would support and respect the Speaker’s leadership in the event that Dr Waheed stepped down from office.

2:00am – UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, met journalists at the airport earlier this evening after he arrived in the capital. His purpose, he said, was to meet everyone, “not to investigate”.

“The investigation or clarification of what took place is primarily the responsibility of the judiciary and the parliament,” he said.

“We are concerned about the safety of the former President [Nasheed],” he added, stating that it was important he be treated with due respect to human rights and due process “like all Maldivians”.
“I would personally urge all actors to end the resorting to violence,” Fernandez-Taranco said.

“It should be clear that any solution to this crisis must be generated by national actors. There can be no externally generated solution to something that can be solved by Maldivians themselves.”

2:05am – Minivan News has been informed that arrest warrants have been issued by Meedhoo Court for the arrest of all Addu City Councilors. Two councilors are already in police custody, a source claimed. As in Male’, 100 percent of Addu City councillors were elected during the most recent local council elections on MDP tickets.


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  1. Please accept one fact... It is a elected govt. and it is people who has brought it to power. The govt. should be allowed to complete its term. Then if people feel, they should remove it from power. SO IT IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE AND RESPECT TO CONSTITUTION...

  2. Maldivistan ... that's where the paradise of Maldives is heading for. Since many weeks already the propaganda machines of the fundamentalists and old dictator were writing what in fact they intend to do : sharia, all men with beards, veils for women, no English in schools, hunt for any sign of christens, demolishing "anti religious statues" ... not to forget internet (a "light strike" - how suitable in an area where police is not in charge anymore), phones blocked and tapped, websites too, tv station taken over ... of course no more porc meat, no alcohol, no western music, no movies, NO 'no' anymore ... and voting will be kept simple again, just yes or no, at gunpoint, they are experienced in that ...
    The police report of yesterday is far from complete ... I know of myself through local contacts of at least two more islands where the local people have taken over all local authorities ... could have been another light strike which dammed connections to report it properly ?
    The democrats in Maldives are under siege, beaten (one woman beaten to dead by police forces), jailed without any reason but to disagree, ... NONE of this ever happened under the one and only President Anni.
    Local councilors in jails, activists disappearing, ... while the old boys network of the dictator again is taking the minister berths, police, mndf, ... no, really, serious, it was a light strike, the vice president did not know about any coup until he read in the newspaper ... no issue ...

  3. @ Anthony - very true - China flights being cancelled and I can't blame them!!!

  4. Peter Kasper (nl) - thank you for your experienced advises - Insah Allah! Exactly, one day we will drag our present unlawful president (Dr. HASSAN), Maumoon, Yameen, Gasim, etc, etc, to for an International Court for crimes against humanity.

    Imagine what & how they have forced our Police and our MNDF to hurt our own people. They are so unhuman that they DO NOT feel nothing.

    Most of all, Allah SWT is the most powerful and the most merciful - surely Insah Allah, Allah SWT will guide our president Honourable M/Nasheed on the right path and he will, I repeat Insah Allah! he will rule the Maldives again N again with the guidance and blessings of Allah Subahaanahu Wata'laa.

    Allah SWT is the most knowing and the most knowledgeable, Our Hounourable President Mr. Mohamed Nasheed did worked hard to implement the proper Islamic Shariah' and Law, which surely is seen and known by Allah SWT - as thus, sooner or later he will be the winner - as Allah SWT will never let the person fail when he works on the right path towards Allah.

    Ofcourse he must not loose faith from Allah SWT - Dear president Nasheed, think of the blessings of Allah SWT and work whole heartedly on the right path of Allah SWT - we are behind you, and Insah Allah, we will togather become the winners on both the world's.

    Allhamdhu Lillahi!

  5. attaturk - You're talking about the votes which was 4 years back - you're far behind us, you're ralking about History.

    Consider, today - how happy now the Maldivian are - just simply imagine the Mrf 100,000 (Health Ins., Coverage) available for every single Maldivian across the nation.

    Ofcourse the oppositions can't control when a wise and a skilful president like Honourble President Nasheed, spitting for past, and looking always high head for the future of the Maldivians.

  6. Amnesty International about news from Maldives:

  7. Nasheed sure knows how to make drama and a show of everything. The LIAR came on to streets yesterday with his thug MDP mates and attacked police officers, destroyed public properties and put public places on fire. Now he is seated in his house and giving interviews to foreign journalists as if he is a saint. He and his mates has destroyed and harmed shops and places of ordinary maldivians who have no business in the current political crisis going on in the country. He should be tried in our courts along with his mates for the damage he has done yesterday. Then only he should be given a chance to even bluff out the word 'election' from his wine drinking drooling mouth. Nasheed is a menace and a danger to the peace and security in this country. He is an animal who loves to vandalize and terrorise our country. I hope the authotiries make him pay for the damage he has done.

  8. You see? Islam was rammed down the throat of Maldivians, who were not educated people and they did not realise that is a form of power. Maldivians welcomed those nasty arabs preachers (they are not considered as such in their own countries) and their medieval thuggery, misogynous, homophobic... Maldivians think that their real history is worthless (the Buddhist artefacts have been vandalised I understand, Dhivehi History destroyed once again). The consequences: music and entertainment banned; monogamous historical relations scorned; the pleasure of making and drinking alcohol banned, although many drink toddy and other beverages, heroin addiction at about 40% of the youth, who are also unempolyed... The list is too long to put it here.

    When is it going to be accepted as it is Dhivehi History? When are you going to stop to emulate arab islamism? Nobody is perfect and Ancient culture of the Island Nation is ignored. Forget the preachers and their bullshit and start being responsible and authors of your own culture and future. Otherwise, just look around you what blind belief of ethereal beings bring you: power for the very few and misery for most of us.

  9. For all u ppl who still fail to see the point, we never saw such inhuman brutality under Nasheeds presidency. Think abt that. Dont justify the actions of the police by saying "they are getting what they deserve" ,if ur someone who wishes such brutality on another Maldivian uv got some serious issues. Enuff said.

    Now watch this.

  10. The banana republic is on blame game now, the very nature of this fisherman, who is still lagging behind in the evolutionary tree. They elect a president to give the life of luxury promising to uphold 07th century barbaric system of government they call divine law. This zombies living in mystical world with fantasies believe that they live in a paradise and it is saved by a narcissist God who keeps them alive because they are so called Muslims. I am not sure why Anni is unaware of the nature and mentality of these crazy people, Anii will never be able to satisfy them because it is beyond any human’s reach. They believe the government is there to feed them while they procreate and pray to their nasty God who has promised them the real lust that is waiting once they say good bye to this temporary life

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  12. Jameel had the nerve to declare today "We are not responsible for yesterday's police actions"! He may declare until hell freezes, but he along with his comrades and his boss will face trial for this. That's as sure as day follows night.

    It's not in my character to despise anyone, but I really can't stand the sight of the snake called Jameel. This guy is evil, pure and simple. Using a military coup, he's sitting warmly on the seat of power today. Jameel, you'll once again, be a nobody in good time, and you'll have to answer for the crimes you committed against humanity.

  13. In just 3 years, he has made the boldest of decisions a President could have ever made: Downsized a huge civil service, cut public spending,introduced taxations (largely opposed by the business community), dealt with the dollar rates, all very unpopular decisions but desperately needed for the sustenance of this vulnerable economy. Although, this could be part of his undoing and a number of errors were made in his bid to "get things done", there is nothing that anybody could say to prove that he did not love his people. There has never been a ruler who worked for the people like Anni. Everything he did was for us, the flats, the housing schemes, universal health care, the transport network and the rest. I salute him for the CHAMPION he is and will always support him.

  14. My Dear Maldivians, please understand what is happening to you………

    You are some of the most lovable people I have ever had the luck to know and you live in a paradise.

    The elite class of Maldives is using deceit, force, and religion to control and exploit you. They want to be in the government only to protect their businesses. They have no interest in making your lives better. Still you people elect them to power.

    Nasheed is an exceptionally brave and selfless man who tried to bring reforms to help the common man. He stood in the way of these rich men trying to protect his people, and so the elite class want him destroyed at all costs.

    Instead of supporting him with your lives, some of you have sold your souls for the measly scraps thrown at you by these cunning businessmen. You have shamelessly resorted to malighn and slander Nasheed. You have turned against your own brothers and sisters with guns and batons. You have sold your dignity, reason and freedom for a few lari.

    Is your soul only worth a scrap? Would you rather be controlled and exploited by the elite, rich businessmen and continue to be mindless slaves, living in ignorance, illiteracy and misery for generations?

    Think about it my dear friends. Do not betray yourselves, your children, and your own people. If democracy returns, elect to power and support only those who want to serve the people. Please, please do not give one vote to those who want to make you slaves for their own benefit.

  15. ahmed, Anni is responsible for the incidence and that is why he need to be responsible. Before he started making all lies , the country was calm and he is the one created this chaos. Last 25 days, Anni has ordered and use excessive forces and you don;t see that.

  16. Major General Moosa Jaleel has been forced to resign by the Coup Plotters in the MNDF and arrested.

    People like Shiyam was begging for their life on the knees from the Tamil terrorists while brave soldiers like Jaleel was willing to give their lives for their country.

    Yet because Major General Jaleel refused to accept the coup he has been removed from office and arrested now.

    Is this how we treat a true Maldivian Hero? I am ashamed of the Police and the MNDF as a Maldivian. I have no respect for them anymore. They are not professionals anymore but a bunch of thugs with guns. Shame on you MNDF.

  17. @rambe on Thu, 9th Feb 2012 7:49 PM

    "Anii will never be able to satisfy them because it is beyond any human’s reach. They believe the government is there to feed them while they procreate ..."

    There's quite a lot of truth in this, I fear. No one wants to pay a single laari in tax. But everyone wants free healthcare, education, jobs with high salaries and so on.

    You only have to take a look at their attitude when Nasheed introduced the public health insurance scheme. They started blocking up hospitals with the claim, that since it's their money that's being used, they can demand any treatment whenever regardless of the opinion of doctors.

    Indeed, there's a mindless section of society with IQ way short of 70. Let's see their new leader providing them all they desire! Waheed, you've got your work cut. Enjoy.

  18. Myself as an maldivian pr living in malaysia,we have heard lot propergendas etc, nasheed has been crticised many times,yes there r many corrupt people in nasheeds team,many boozers etc,but who cares look at the country what it become,what it has achieved and the respect we earned from other countries,just three years only.why do we keep accusing,look at the bright took thirty years for mamoon to even have an hospital which was donated.. 🙂 we would do anything to bring back nasheeeeeed i ..

  19. Islam is about peace,truth, purity of the soul and 4gvness,these are things we will alwez blv in how much eva educated we get.We Maldivians dont blv in hate, otherwise we would not have got this far as a peaceful society despite repressseion and ensalvement of the ruling class for centuries.We should 4gv and 4get with Nasheed just as was with A.gayoom.mistakes r made by every1 n we cant turn against our won blood unless we want to make this country a bloody battlefield, something maldivians wil neva give a chance.

  20. It`s so sad to see these kind of things going on in Maldives.
    Maldivian establishment(police and military) should have acted more responsibly. By using force against their own pple, they are damaging their own credibility and turning pple aginst themselves.
    Let`s have fair and free elections and put an end to this horrible episode.

  21. at long last someone makes me laugh...haha...bwwwahaha

    yes sly deception is the name of the a virus insignificant, unseen, unfelt.... infect and destroy.

    lemme ask...what for? becos viruses dont ve what it takes to live, other than as parasites?

  22. see the video of President Nasheed being treated as a no body or ignored by MNDF. They did not show him any respect.

    Just as Nasheed disregard authority, the MNDF has this time disregarded Nasheed. Shame.

  23. So, the police chief will adjudicate on whether a court order is legal. Well, well. Today is a day of shame for all Maldivians - too bad they have no shame. Toppling a democratically elected government is an act of an unintelligent society cursed with excessive stupidity

  24. I do not care who is the President but I would not accept a government imposed on us by the Police and the military.

    Lets fight against these evil forces in Maldives and bring back justice for the ordinary civilians of Maldives.

  25. Believe or not president Nasheedh is a best democratic leader, most of the presidents want power and money but Anni is different person, he wanted to serve within the rules.

  26. Thank you very much Anni, cox of ur decision we were very much aware d about Criminal Court Judge Abdullah Mohamed's term of his ruling, JSC members duty and their terms and dictatorial police term ans their bad behaviors towards to innocent people of Maldives.

  27. Dr. (?) Waheed was not elected. He should get out of the Goverment and as VP - he is not President according to international law - call for elections. Maldivians should not allow a coup d'etat to replace the protocol of democracy.

  28. No Maldivian will ever respect our Police and the Military today other then the people who planed this coupe these people will be called [Baahgee] Traitors of the Nation. Those who are commenting they should uderstand about Common Sense, President maybe ousted by a no confidence vote by the People's Majlis
    Waheed should resign Immediately

  29. I just found out the Starforce sexually assaulted Maria and beat anni on front side. How low could they get? This is insane.

  30. daniel on Thu, 9th Feb 2012 3:03 PM and other people hailing Ganjaaboa Nasheed.
    If Nasheed is that peace loving man why the get out in the street and damage peoples lives and public and goverment property. He is a complete moron and without a doubt a man of no sensible values.

  31. @manik on Thu, 9th Feb 2012 9:31 PM

    "Major General Moosa Jaleel has been forced to resign by the Coup Plotters in the MNDF and arrested."

    Events clearly show that General Jaleel was not in charge of events that lead up to the coup. Jaleel is the most professional soldier we have and I don't believe he will have had any part to play in this coup.

    The fact that he has been sidelined shows that the coup plotters didn't want him in MNDF anymore. I still cannot understand how a failure like Nazim, a civilian, can come in to MNDF HQ, and demand the resignation of an elected president! The only explanation is that he was part of the coup plotters and his compatriots within MNDF facilitated the whole thing.

    I do not believe a word of Brigadier Ibrahim Didi. He claimed he was in charge of operations on 6th Feb. Clearly, there's no evidence to show his control, unless, of course, he was also part of the coup plotters!

    An international investigation needs to be carried out to find the truth behind this. The UN should know better than to ask the local judiciary to investigate this! It's like asking the fox to go and look after the hen-house!!!!

  32. On hindsight, I do not believe that General Jaleel did not know anything about this coup. We do not know how much he knew or when he knew.

    Only a completely open public hearing will clear this up. We need a public hearing into the events that lead to coup on 6th February.

    The international community will not recognise a government that was planted by force. The legally elected president was ordered to resign by a civilian who happens to be a former soldier expelled from MNDF. If nothing else, the circumstance in which that occurred need to be explained fully to the international community.

  33. If Nasheed had an ounce of patriotism, he would have discretely accepted his loss of mandate and gracefully stepped aside to let the legitimate authorities get on with the task of governance.

    Instead, he has chosen to throw a tantrum and rallied his thuggish footsoldiers with the sole purpose of bringing this country to the precipice of destruction and bureucratic collapse and, I fear, beyond.

    Ostensibly, he thinks he can persist in his violence until he gets his way (the very definition of terrorism, I might add) all the while he will pander to the international media with his sensationalist rhetoric in order to portray himself as the victim. Pathetic.

    Nasheeds administration is over. Let’s put that unfortunate episode behind us and move forward as a people and rejoice when order is finally restored.

    As for Eleanor Johnstone, I did not appreciate this piece of propoganda on her part. In any event she has, as I have stated prior, overstayed her welcome. Packing her belongings and leaving would be the decent and appropriate thing for her to do. I sincerely wish her well in her future endeavours.

    I also see no further reason that Minivannews should continue to exist. It has demonstrated time and time again that it is no more than a conduit for unpatriotic villains to spew their hate-laden messages, forment destability and ruin our image in the eyes of the international community.

    We deserve better and we shall have better. God bless the Maldivian people.

  34. Miner, why not? He has every right to get on the streets and protest. He never damaged anyone's property or government property. He has already called for anyone who was found to be damaging property to be prosecuted.

    Can your boss Jameel call for the prosecution of the Police who brutally attacked innocent people in the streets of Male?

    Once you attack innocent public by the Police then of course the public is going to retaliate.

    It is time that people like you and the security realise that it is the public who pay their salary. Or is it Gayoom from his private funds that he stole from the Maldives?

    You are an absolute Moron. I do not support his government but this is insane. The security services of Maldives has destroyed the fabrics of Maldivian society and brutally beaten innocent civilians including old men and women without any cause.
    It is these security service officials that needs to face a court martial and be prosecuted.

  35. Maumoon, Yamin and the ridiculous puppets. Please STOP RAPING our little Maldives.

    You've done enough, please leave us alone.

  36. Anni should be responsible for all this mess. It is he who created all this trouble for his own party members. He brought them on to streets and stimulated the police and army to attack them all. Everyone knows maldivian army and police are good at beating their own people. But they always do and this under the orders of a respective government. Under Qayyooms government they did so and so did they the very Anni’s government. This time its neither under Qayyoom nor Annis government that the forces have harmed the citizens. Anni and MDP should stop this sick blame game on Qayyoom now. They have a habit of blaming on Qayyoom even when they are constipated. Anni was brought down from his position by the very oposition people who brought him to presidency. Qayyoom never formed coalition with him. Everyone knows now all political parties are selfish and work towards their own selfish interests. They are not working on any orders of Qayyoom, rather Qayyoom has stayed away from all this mess. Anni should have behaved in a more civilized way after his resignation. But he is always like an animal, he loves protesting and running around the city with thugs. He could have asked for election by legal means and with the help of the constitution instead of protesting and making his party members to go around destroying public properties, citing fire in the city and islands, and demonstrating terrorism and vandalism in the Maldives. Shame on you Anni. I thought I would still vote for you after you resigned, but the way you have reacted to all this made me realise you are a very low character human who doesn’t deserve a second chance.

  37. Dear Dr. Waheed,
    Please announce elections. The action by MPS in the name of your government are huge crimes against Maldivians! I do not believe these to be your orders! Please do not be a scapegoat for the crimes of others!

  38. Neither MNDF nor the Police should arrest Major General Brigadier MOOSA JALEEL.

    As Jaleel is a hero for all our Maldivians, and even in last night DhiTV television broadcast - DHANDAHILU (former Dictator Maumoon's one eye - Abdul Rasheed Hussein) said that in India saying a bad word to Mahathumaa Gandhi is a CRIME.

    For Maldivian, saying something to Mr. Jaleel may not be a crime - but he MUST BE SAFE GUARADED - and he CANNOT BE ARRESTED.

  39. I don't live there,i am neither a member of any political party...i did hate Maumoon, former President's regime, didn't like most of Anni's policies and MDP... but i do have to say Some of the Police, and MNDF guys,according to what they had sworn, they have betrayed to Their own Mother,Father,And family, their own Country, Most importantly they betrayed to their religion...Can anyone tell me, how you can trust any of these guys? If those who betrayed are on that job, i don't have any guarantee that you will be alive or will come back home to see you family and children,end of the day...Because you don't know when they will change their mind and attack you for no reason... The power they used was insane, after seeing pictures and videos i should say, That was inhumane...Them police and Army have to be punished...otherwise nobody will see peace there.

  40. Yasir, either you are an idiot of the highest order or just being a troll.

    Nazim, the Defence Minister in this current set-up is Gayoom's man. He was forced out because he revealed National security secrets to Gayoom. Yes now we all know how the courts gave the verdict in his favour. No wonder since the Courts are in the pockets of Gayoom.

    It is bloody obvious that Gayoom would stay away from this mess as otherwise everyone would know he is behind this. We know he is behind this and even funded this along with Gasim and Champa.
    I would have no issues with the funding if they all had funded the election next year. But what I and many other Maldivians would never accept is a government thrust upon us by force by the Police and the MNDF.
    Hold fair and free elections now and who ever comes to power most Maldivians would accept it. Let us get a public pledge from Anni that if fair and free elections were held now that if he loses he would respect it and stop his protests.
    If he gives that and if he does stop protests then we know he loves democracy. If he does not then he is finished. Right now he has a case that he was the legally elected President who was forced to resign by the security services of the Maldives.

  41. We dont want this government we are calling for election, if not the consequences will be worst .....

  42. This regime will not last long. That's as sure as day follows night. Look at the technocrats in charge:

    (1) Dropout Nazim. What are his qualifications again? For Gods sake, the idiot was expelled from Sandhurst!

    (2) Snake Jameel. His only technical expertise is in lying and fabrication as well raising anti-Semitic, anti-Christian propaganda.

    That's all we have so far! What a government of technocrats we have!

    The situation has gone beyond Nasheed or MDP.

  43. The leaked video establishes evidence that Anni shouting at the Military to use force against the police.

    I salute the ethics of the Military for refusing to obey illegal orders.

  44. People in the USA, UK and in most civilized country people respect their forces in Uniforms but the traitor Judas Waheed you have destroyed the little respect we have gain towards them over the last three years, I am seriously am afraid for my children's future.

    Apparently we been taken back to horrible days of Maumoon Abdul Bloody Gayoom Days.

    Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Gasim Ibrahim, Yamin Abdul Gayoom and Tasmeen Ali: those who spend well over 4,000,000-oo USD to create this coup must answer to the Maldivians, as far as I am concerned they should be tried for nothing less than treason.

    Judas Waheed must step down immediately.

    All those uniformed officers who took part in this coup has to be dismissed disgracefully and charged most severely.

    For Maldives most important business of the day for the Parliament is to attend to these traitors action until than I see only blood shed in Maldives. You can never run this country with this illegally planted government.

  45. Our elected President is Mr.Nasheed. Cops remove him , it's a crime . We call them ( police , m n d f) not to involve crimes and to obey the law. Dr. Waheed's government is illegal.

  46. I saw a defenceless, sweet old Dhivehi man being smashed on the head by the military, blood gushing from his head. A second soldier smashed him, no apparent reason, raw blood lust. I saw men, women and children lying on the street, helpless, smashed, as the military passed they smashed them again. Not even a wolf at war with another wolf attacks that wolf once it is rendered helpless. To call these humans animals is to degrade an animal.

    At the heart of it, Maumoon and Yameen are driven by raw blood lust. Make no mistake about it, Yameen is controlling these thugs, it will be extremely soon that Wahid realizes he is going to be thrown to the dogs himself. Sad for Wahid, that resentful little punk always had a chip on his shoulder anyway, he was sick of being the 'nice guy,' thought he was being used because he was seen as too soft, too weak. He had his chance to show the power of his softness when he spoke last night, yet he never appreciated his natural self, fed resentment in his heart, he will hurt soon, just as his family had before him, it will not be by Anni or MDP either.

  47. Mr. Nasheed, during his tenure as a president of the Maldives, did everything to consolidate democratic set up. Remember, he had so many factors to look into. It was Gayyom’s rule for 30 long years left the country into shambles. People of Maldives were not educated Politically and they knew only to throw stones and use box cutter knives. Given the situation, Nasheed tried hard since November 2008 to educate the people about democracy, rights and duties, etc. But the Civil Servants and the Judiciary who were benefited by the Gayooom’s regime did not like the new changes and created much trouble to Nasheed. The opposition as well as MDP MPs too politically immature to do any good business in the Parliament. International community failed to educate the elected representatives and the people in general how to participate in a democratic set up and how to obey the constitution. Nasheed should have been allowed to complete his term in the office and the Civil Servants should have joined him in his effort of Nation Building. It is the religious extremists element in the Maldives did not like his policies. Hence the downfall.

  48. Dear Malidivians !!

    we all are forgetting the foreign hands in this inhuman poltical acts in our country. Off late GMR is funding the ouster of Pres Nasheed as he and his men took lots kick backs/bags from GMR to dance to thier tunes and unfortunately they are not able to deliver to GMR. GMR who are anti MUslim and want to take control over Maldives and convert all the Malidivians as Salves . This will happen soon. Gayoom/Gasim/Waheed/Ibrahim and all are slaves to GMR .

    We need to kick GMR out of this country to bring back proper democracy and Future for the Citizens of Maldives . Male airport is the only asset we have and the rest has no face without it. We will have to fight against GMR the foriegn elements and the drive them away first before we fight within our selves . IF required we can ask our arab brotherhood for help...


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