MDP reveals candidates competing in Male’ area primaries

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced the names of candidates competing in its parliamentary primaries for thirteen Male’ City constituencies.

The party also announced that three candidates won the ticket without a primary because they were the only candidates contesting in primaries for those seats.

The three candidates in question were Medhuhenveiru MP Ali Azim, Galolhu Uthuru MP Eva Abdulla, and Maafannu Uthuru MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, who contested for the constituencies they currently represent.

Among other sitting MP s who are contesting in the primaries are Hulhuhenveri MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, Medhuhenveriru MP Ali Azim, Henverirudhekunu MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, and Machangolhi Uthuru MP Mariya Ahmed Didi competing for the seats they currently hold.

Majlis Chair and Keyodhoo MP Abdulla Shahid will compete for the newly introduced Henveiru Uthuru constiuency ticket and Maafannu Dhekunu MP Ibrahim Rasheed ‘Bonda’ for the newly introduced Maafannu Medhu constituency (formerly Villi Maafannu).

Candidates competing in the primaries for all constituencies other than the thirteen Male’ City areas were announced last month.

The only sitting MDP MP s who are not competing in the primaries are Maafannu Hulhangu MP Abdulla Abdul Raheem, Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Rasheed, Komandoo MP Hussein Waheed and Gaddhoo MP Zahir Adam.

In addition to sitting MPs, former members of the Majlis and the Constitutional Assembly, senior members in the MDP government, prominent party activists, and other famous national personalities will be competing in the MDP primaries scheduled to be held on 24 January.

The parliamentary elections are to be held on March 22 to elect the 85 members of the 18th Peoples Majlis for a five year term.
The complete list of candidates competing in the MDP primaries for Male’ area constituencies can be seen here.