Ex CSC Chair seeks compensation for “financial loss and psychological trauma”

Former President of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Mohamed Fahmy Hassan has filed charges against the state seeking compensation for losses after the People’s Majlis dismissed him from his position.

Fahmy was removed from his post through a no-confidence vote after a parliament committee investigation into allegations of sexual harassment of a female employee.

But the Supreme Court later overturned the Parliament’s decision, deeming it “unlawful”.

An official of the Civil Court confirmed receipt of the case, but declined from providing details.

Meanwhile, local media have reported that Fahmy has sued the state for MVR 7 million (USD 456,029) for psychological trauma and the financial loss that the decision of the parliament had cost him.

He further added that the damage it caused to his reputation has made it difficult for him to obtain other employment.

However, incumbent President Abdulla Yameen has appointed Fahmy as the Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia. The post is equivalent to the post of Deputy Minister. Hence, tehe Civil Court has asked Fahmy to resubmit his case without the reference to the difficulty in obtaining employment, local media reported.


Police sent the case against Fahmy to the Prosecutor General’s Office in August 2012, requesting for charges to be pressed against him for sexual harassment. The PGO returned the case to the police, requesting further clarification.

In November 2012, parliament voted out Fahmy with 38 votes against 32.

Chair of the Independent Commissions Oversight Committee Mohamed Nasheed had said at the time with regard to the committee’s investigation of the matter that the committee had applied widely accepted civil standards.

“We have oversight mandate over the CSC and do not need to conduct a criminal investigation. Based on our findings, 7 out of 10 committee members decided that it is more likely that Fahmy had committeed this act than that he did not. And that is enough to remove him from the post,” Nasheed had said.

However, the Supreme Court overruled the parliamentary decision in March 2013.

Fahmy continued to go into work even after the parliament voted him out and a new Chair was appointed to the commission.

By mid-September 2013, the commission finally revoked Fahmy access to its offices, cancelling his fingerprint access on the offices’ security systems until the parliament and apex court overcame the impasse over his membership.

The commission also withheld his pay from September onwards, on the advice of Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim.

Just over a week after President Yameen assumed office, he appointed Fahmy as the Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia.


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  1. Should be refused. And the lady should demand compensation from this man!

  2. So, he gets a promotion as a reward for sexual harassment? Nice. Thanks Yameen.

  3. Poor Fahmy cannot harrass women anymore because everybody knows what he is. How tragic!


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