MNJA condemns threats against two journalists covering Addu protest

The newly-formed Maldives National Journalist Association (MNJA) has claimed that two journalists were threatened and attacked while covering a Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)-led protest in Addu Atoll on Friday night.

The MNJA claimed a journalist from Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) and a journalist from daily newspaper Haveeru were attacked and threatened, and that pictures taken by the journalists were deleted by the protesters.

MNJA expressed regret that DRP Vice President Ibrahim Shareef was leading the protest and took no action against the incident.

However, Vice president of DRP Ibrahim Shareef said he was “not surprised” by the reports.

”MNJA is a organisation containing a majority of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters,” Shareef said, ”so they will say stuff like that about us.”

He condemned the MNJA for “misleading people.”

The Haveeru journalist allegedly attacked that night, Ahmed Arsham, said that the protesters became angry at them because they were taking pictures of the protesters damaging the name board of the Addu province office.

Arsham said that he and a TVM reporter were forced away from the incident.

”They grabbed the camera lense and broke it,” he said.

On March 8 a DhiTv Journalist and cameramen was forced out from a Maldivian Democratic Party rally.


9 thoughts on “MNJA condemns threats against two journalists covering Addu protest”

  1. We all know Addu people.. They just never civilize... If you look into all the crooks of Maldives you will see that 8 in every 10 is from Addu..

  2. Ahmed:you are just a rabble-rouser; and an ignorant fool.

    See the educated mass, the business elite and leading political figures in this country.Addu people lead in all these frontiers in this country.

  3. @ ahamed , that is not fair..... other than Male' post 1960's addu had the highest per ca pita per income in Maldives and a higher than average life expectancy and historically the port in addu could and possibly have had more shipping activities than even male' ( for those who kw it ) addu played a huge role in getting foreign currency to Maldives so all Maldivians could buy rice and medicine from Colombo/India ...sadly they have made their mistakes in more so internal power struggles and almost mass treason :S , but hey they are our part of our nation 🙂 so if they are uncivilized then we are all uncivilized ?

  4. @ahmed
    how dare you would critise our own ppl. Adduans are the smartest of all Maldivians.
    @odithan kaleygefaanu
    I disagree with you about getting foreign currency from addu to buy staple food. Yes Gan was leased for 30PDs a year but before tourism came in 1972 it MSL who contributed the green buck to the economy. In addition to crew allot remited to the country MSL contributed USD 100-150K monthly to the goverment. A total of USD 18 Mill was contributed from 1968 - 1985

  5. @ Ahmed, go get a life. Without Addu you guys will have to cry, only cry.

  6. Ahmed..The so called elite of Male' depend on Addu rents. The resorts depend on Addu boys. Take a walk on Majeedi magu or Chandanee Magu..Addu and Mulaku shops paying fat rents for you guys to sit at home or settle down in Malaysia, Lanka and elsewhere. Resort owners, ministers , CEO's and what more ..I can go on. Get a life my boy. Grow up and see the real world. We all are Maldivians after all.So stop this nonsense.

  7. Mavota is a a failed politician. He was rejected by his own atoll. So he can walk around only with crooks of DRP. The thugs and drug dealers of Addu.


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