Nasheed sole focus of government’s charges following CNI findings: Home Minister

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has told local media that former President Mohamed Nasheed was the only individual the government would charge following the findings of the Commission of National Inquiry’s (CNI)’s report.

Addressing the February 8 police crackdown on demonstrators, Jameel claimed that the government had not yet been able to organise or appoint a full cabinet on the day.  He added that the police themselves were responsible for their acts at that time and any potential charges they may face over the report’s conclusions.

Dr Jameel said that the Police Integrity Commission (PIC), according to its mandate, will look into issues concerning police conduct.

The fourth key finding of the CNI report called for an investigation of acts of police brutality of February 6, 7 and 8, although this was not revealed by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan during the report’s release on Thursday.

Spokesman for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Hamid Abdul Ghafoor today responded to Jameel’s comments, saying: “The people who committed these crimes are responsible for implementing the CNI. The CNI has given room for politicians to free themselves.”

Ghafoor said that the report “articulated urgency” with regards to generating confidence in the nation’s key institutions.

He also reiterated the MDP’s call for the immediate implementation of legal proceedings against those implicated in wrong doing.

During a press conference yesterday, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim stated that he wanted to further highlight Nasheed’s “lies”.  He added that contrary to Nasheed’s claims the day before, the CNI report made no mention of any illegal actions or involvement in an alleged “coup d’etat” by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

Former President Nasheed recently suggested that a core of 300 police and military officers were “undermining the public interest of the entire country”.

Ghaoor said today that as long as these people remained in their positions, “the country will be run by a military dictatorship”, before appealing to CMAG to review the findings of the report.

“I do not believe they will leave the country at the mercy of armed forces,” said Ghafoor following the Commonwealth’s encouragement of all sides to respect the report’s findings.

Jameel yesterday indicated his belief that the CNI report relieved the current government of any further obligations to negotiate with Nasheed, regardless of any external pressure.

“No international power can coerce this government into discussions with Nasheed again. This chapter closes here,” Dr Jameel said.

Both Jameel and Attorney General (AG) Azima Shukoor went on to advise the country’s youth against backing Nasheed, calling him a “habitual liar”.

“Do you realise what sort of a man you are following? He is a habitual liar, do you understand? And what exactly do you achieve by staying behind him? You just have to keep facing police and military action, be answerable to PG and courts, and end up in jail, leaving your young wives and children behind. Is this the future you want?” Dr Jameel said.

Statements from the United States, India, the United Nations and the Commonwealth all urged continuing dialogue amongst political actors.

Nazim said that, just as he had stated prior to the release of the report, the government would not be taking any action against any MNDF officers with regard to the CNI report.

Nazim did confirm that he would be taking legal action against all persons who referred to any MNDF soldier or to himself as ‘baaghee’ (a Dhivehi word meaning: a traitor who had brought about or participated in a coup).

The executive summary of the CNI report stated that urgent reforms were needed to the “basic institutions of democratic governance” and that justice “needs to be seen to be done in order to reassure the public and inspire their confidence.”

Nazim instead focused on the report’s ruling that there had been no coup in the Maldives, and hence no one had a right to label as traitors either the soldiers or any member of the executive, including himself, who, despite having been relieved of his duties officially, had acted as a commander of the MNDF Forces on February 7 in a personal capacity.

“Because I was there in a personal capacity, President Nasheed has often named me as a man who has administered a coup. But I would like to point out that my name does not come up in the CNI report at all,” Nazim claimed.

Nazim is identified in the CNI report as one of three “critical participants” on February 7  as one of three people who – along with current Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz –  “had been watching what was going on at Republican Square and felt it was their moral obligation and  public duty to intervene.”

“These three men, when they arrived at Republican Square, appeared to  enjoy positive rapport with the opposition groups outside the MNDF HQ and quickly  assumed leadership roles, particularly with the police. There is no suggestion that they were appointed or given specific authority,” the report states.

Regarding a statement by the international advisers in the CNI defending the commission’s professionalism and integrity, Attorney General Shukoor said that the international community may have taken Nasheed’s nominee Ahmed Saeed (Gahaa)’s claims more seriously had he submitted a dissenting opinion instead of handing in his resignation.

The attorney general alleged that Saeed was unable to do this as he did not have enough evidence to back his claims.  She said that if anyone wished to contest the findings of CNI, they were advised to file the case in court.

Ghafoor today lamented what he saw as the failings of the CNI: “It does not seem as if [the MDP’s] troubles are over. Doesn’t look as if trouble for the country as a whole is over.”


18 thoughts on “Nasheed sole focus of government’s charges following CNI findings: Home Minister”

  1. This is not surprising, in fact very logical when you think about it. When you tell a group of thieves to conduct an assessment of whether or not they have stolen anything, they will of course conclude that they have not, and that therefore there is no punishment for them.

    Now Jameel will want Anni out of the way, and Nazim will of course want the same. Anni has singled them out for action by the Government with regard to CONI report. And the government can't let anything happen to anyone in police or military cause then the whole game will be over. Today looks like the baghees are in power, but then again we still have Allah to turn to, and the baghees can't take that away from us. Maybe now the hiding sheiks will come out 😉

  2. When will the international community wake up to the fact that Jameel is a Nazi and so are his cohorts in power? The Maldives is now squarely in the grip of a Fascist dictatorship that furthers it's political agenda through propagation of religious hatred.

    Nasheed and the MDP are the only ones keeping a sliver of hope alive for the survival of democracy and rescue of this country from the dark ages.

    The international community is allowing itself to be whitewashed with the CoNI report.

  3. @ thieves

    Anni is already out of the way, es done for, stick a fork in him, as for this thieves in charge, look at the thieving conducted during ur anniS day you yellow baghee, get your head checked

  4. I believe MDP's announcement that they want to participate in the government is the best course of action. Whether the parties involved in the regime will agree to this remains to be seen and my hunch is that they will not want that.

    If they refuse to let MDP in, then MDP can play that to their advantage too. Seems that someone is beginning to think strategically, after all this time and it's about time too.

  5. @ Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    True, MDP's best course of action would be to destroy the government from within. Not from outside.

    But some egos may need to be deflated first.

  6. Maldivious on Sun,

    Its not the yellows who are baghees, its the blues, greens, pinks, reds etc. Get your eyes checked, and also your head, since Anni will never be out. Dictators like you can start counting your short lived days.

  7. @ Maldivious on Sun

    A bit hard for you to hear the truth eh...that's ok, usually dictators are not tolerant by nature. Btw I'll get my head checked if you promise to get your eyes AND your head checked for being so blind and confused.

  8. Napoleon and the cabal of pigs prevail, and enjoy they will. But not as much as the dumb arrogant fools who brought them to power. Ignorance is bliss.

  9. If MDP joins the government would they become "baghees" too? What about MDP shouting Baghees to anyone who was working for the government?

  10. It is no one's interest to "destroy" the government of our country. Stability and commitment towards democratic consolidation is needed at this stage.

    The point of having a national unity government would be to ease off on political battles and implement much-needed reforms.

  11. The international community is not interested in the rights of our people or democracy in the maldives. What they are interested in is securing and protecting the investments of thier citizens in the Maldives and their Maldivian partners.

    India and the USA wants to have nothing to do with Anni who has asked them to look into their conscience over global warming.

    Our only hope is that the people of the maldives will take a stand with thier vote and give a message to those who have no respect for us as human beings that the maldives is our nation too and we will do whatever it takes to find annehdhivehiraajje.

  12. When is the the Police going to take action against this man Jameel who published a book based on absolute lies?

  13. Is this man morally qualified, to be the home minister? Blatantly he is stating President Nasheed will be the only person who is going to be charged regarding the coup on 7th February, while their paid gangs and police and army personnel who munitied will go scot-free.

    Maybe he needs a third wife to his already expanding collection of wifes to quench his rage against the political opposition party MDP.

  14. Majority of this country understands who the real baagee is. No one has to tell us, that's what we saw. It was live on tv. Azima n jameel r still living in dark ages. They have the blood of the sitizens in their hands n they believe in nothing. "HYPOCRITES"

  15. Well you see, Dr. Jameel, you know, International powers can coerce the Maldivian Government into discussing Nasheed and the coup.

    Are you forgetting the hundreds of international investors, and the accords to which the Maldives is accountable for?

    We are a country of beggars, never forget it. We exist because super powers like the United States allow us to. It will take only one air strike to erase the Maldives off the map.

  16. @Saleem... You are correct, sadly, you are correct.

    The Powerful states which have the capacity to bring about the on ground realization of the articles in the UN treaties, filter their implementation through the strainer of their own national interest.

    It is as simple as this, greed is the antithesis of humanity. To think that the West, which is all about creating a world to feed the greed of its controllers, can promote humanity, is an absurdity.

    I never stop lamenting the immeasurable damage that the greed us Westerners are fueled by has done to the rest of the world, all in the name of promoting freedom and democracy.

    Greed crushes souls. Fundamentalist Islam, on the other hand, through its teaching of resistance of the Kafirun world, and its emphasis on struggle, elevates the sense of dignity of these souls, as it feeds the natural impulse for revenge, and for a restoration of broken dignity!

    No wonder the rest of the world hates us. No wonder I am ashamed to be a Westerner, and have spent my life trying to run from myself.

    Broken hope is more painful, productive of anger, than hope never awakened. We have held out the hand of hope to the world through the grandiose nature of our promises and ideals, the hope of freedom, of justice. Those who have put their hand in ours, in trust, have been crushed. The soft, velvet glove of the liberal West conceals an iron fist, the fist of greed.

    Why the hell do economists and think tanks keep resurrecting Adam Smith's ludicrous idea that self interest brings wealth to all in different forms?

    Greed kills!

    This is why so many hate our belief in freedom, in democracy, in human rights, we use those philosophies only to justify what we want to do to feed our insatiable greed!

    The sense of betrayal Anni and the liberal minded Maldivians must be feeling must be horrific!

    In the first place, however, did Anni ever truly believe in liberal democratic ideals? Did he truly understand the REAL meaning behind these ideals, and feel the sanctity of humanity they are supposed to represent?

    If the West ever wish to stop Islamic extremism, they have to lose their GREED!

  17. The failed assassination attempt on 7th February by MPS,MNDF on Nasheed & his family proved only one thing, Untill those who were leading this plan are prosecuted, Maldives will be on the whirlpool of many attempts to over throw any governament again and again,,,,
    Coming back to Jameel and his rediculous egoistic, sadistic, and unimaginable hate to Anni and anyone who calls his name it's very understandable his reaction is drivin by what!
    But all aside, this is not about personal grudges and enemosity, it's the fate of a nation you fools. How will Jameel and Azima see through hate and pure disrespect??
    A critical proposal in the last minutes to salvage this sinking ship of rights, democracy, nationalism, and pride, Jameel must look up himself in most wanted lost beside MAG because his actions are being evaluated internationally and he will be joining MAG in the HAGUE where Sadam was prosecuted!!

    The fate of this nation is in the hands of school kids and clowns with ties and I phones,
    all they care about is to destroy opponents even if it means destroy a country of such beauty!!!

    We will vote, sooner or later, we will choose to get rid of all those who betrayed us, all those who helped in this betrayal, and all those who stood watching as a paradise turned to hell, and didn't even feel ashamed wearing a uniform of DEFENCE!!!

    Brutality will stop, when the election drums starts!!

    as for all the negative ppl in this arena of intellectuals, Jameel is not even half the man Anni is!!


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