NGOs and parents protest against education sector outside president’s residence

A coalition of NGOs have begun a series of protests outside the President’s residence to express disapproval of the education sector of the Maldives.

A spokesperson for the NGO coalition, Ibrahim Moahmed, told Minivan News that the protesters waited peacefully outside the presidential residence over the weekend to express their disapproval of the education minister and his policy.

“There were parents, NGOs and other concerned people of the nation regarding numerous issues concerning the education sector,” said Ibrahim. “A person came from inside and told us we would get an appointment with the President tomorrow, and we all dispersed.”

Ibrahim said the NGO coalition consisted “of 127 NGOs.”

“50-60 people joined the protest,” he said.

The Education Ministry’s move towards co-education across all schools in the Maldives – currently only four are single sex – has drawn considerable consternation from many religious conservatives. Education Minister Dr Mustafa Luthfy is again in the spotlight after protests were held outside his house earlier this year following a proposal from the Ministry’s steering committee suggesting that Islam and Dhivehi be made optional at A-level.

Currently only 2000 of the 10,000 students who sit O-levels each year pass enough subjects to continue to A-level studies. This troubling statistic, identified by Luthfy as one of the country’s key social problems, results in approximately 8000 disaffected 15-16 year-olds released onto the streets annually, with little hope of finding a job until they turn 18.

More recently a debate has been sparked over the merits and demerits of co-education.

Referencing “a World Health Organisation (WHO) report”, Ibrahim claimed that a rising number of sexual relationship “is more concerning for the Maldives than the issue of illegal narcotics.”

He noted that the NGO coalition had sought to file the issue of co-education with parliament’s national security committee today.

The NGO coalition says they have highlighted 22 issues concerning the education sector.

On 4 October, the Adhaalath Party said the government’s new co-education policy was “a failed Western concept inconsistent with the teachings of Islam.”

On the next day, religious NGO Jamiyyathulsalaf called for the resignation of Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy, and claimed that Arabiyya was the only Maldivian school with an adequate education policy.

In the same strain, the minority opposition party People’s Alliance (PA), led by the former president’s brother MP Abdulla Yameen, strongly condemned the idea of introducing co-education.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


26 thoughts on “NGOs and parents protest against education sector outside president’s residence”

  1. A "coalition of 127 NGOs" that consists of 50 people?

    OH yeah?

    Well, in that case, this comment is being written by a grand intergalactic army of liberal, progressive Maldivians.. and we strongly support the moves to break down the artificial barriers of segregation imposed on children.

    Furthermore, this grand liberal coalition also condemns all sand people who wish to shackle our people to the bronze age.

    (aka, when you have 50 people calling themselves a "coalition" of more than twice that number of NGO's, then it really ought to become a matter for criminal investigation.

    Why does every one of these fundies constitute TWO ngo's to a man? Is it for the obvious reason of getting an income stream? If so, who are funding them?

    Surely, it has to be some enemy of our people who want to see Dhivehin descend into ignorance and backwardness that is characteristic of their homeland?

    The grand liberal army disapproves.

  2. I'd like to add that the 'failed western concept' has resulted in the greatest civilization in history - the modern Western civilization, which is light years ahead of the rest of the world in EVERY field of excellence.

    Meanwhile, our fundamentalist friends prescribed "successful" concept has not one achievement worth mentioning.

    How these idiots manage to maintain a straight face while claiming such nonsense is beyond me.

    I urge the Education minister - and the elected government really - to not give in to this semi-educated thug minority, and instead please implement educational policies as designed and decided by the PhDs and experts in the field who work in the Education sector.

    Do not sacrifice the children's best interests before people who have no hope of seeing any light.

  3. Where are the shameless secularist and atheists to condem these 120 NGO's?? Where is wine lover?? child lover..etc??

  4. These so-called atheists and christians are just phony. All they want is just to get famous through the internet whose supported by mdp and anni's brother editor in charge minivan news because they are afraid to face the public. I'm sorry to say this but what you say dosen't make sense at all. Even fellow atheists and christians abroad will laugh at your comments when they see it.

  5. What to say... Anni will give in to these hypocrites sooner or later..This government just down have the balls.

  6. hahahaha....this is the only country where hypocrites can turn coats every few milliseconds......check out Ibrahim Mohamed's views on co-education only a few months ago.


  7. Yaamyn,
    We are fifty but the Almighty AllAh (SWA) the lord of the seven heaven is with us.And that is enough. True believers had brought down the great civilizations of the world to ground in the past.They were few in number. The quantity doesnt matter, it is the quality of eeman that matters.
    We have stopped the government from selling alcahol by the will ALLAH (SWA) and Insha Allah we will stop this!

  8. yaamyn: "I’d like to add that the ‘failed western concept’ has resulted in the greatest civilization in history – the modern Western civilization, which is light years ahead of the rest of the world in EVERY field of excellence"

    Is that even relevant to this article?

    Besides, do you know that many of the modern day sciences are derived from the work of Muslim scholars?

    Of course, in your 'Westernized World', you won't even see the work of 'Backward' Muslims!

  9. "Ibrahim claimed that a rising number of sexual relationship “is more concerning for the Maldives than the issue of illegal narcotics.”"

    Now that is a VERY bold statement. I wonder how educated these guys really are.

    "claimed that Arabiyya was the only Maldivian school with an adequate education policy."

    Yeah, because wahhabis just can't stand the thought of education from the west. Tell me something though, oh great wahhabis (who are more educated, holier, and BETTER than everybody in every way possible) has Arabiyya school benefited this country in the past? Schools like Majeediyya and Aminiya have been producing children for whom this country has high hopes. They are competing on par with students from all over the world, and getting outstanding achievements which the WHOLE world recognizes.

    Adhaalath Party, Salaf, Islamic Foundation and the nameless hundreds of other NGO's hate the west, because most of the people from these NGO's and Adhaalath were never educated, and just bow down to whatever their cultural masters say. The ones who are educated, came from terrorist madhrasaas with military training and fundie knowledge. So, Mr.President, who's side are you going to take?

  10. rilwan: "True believers had brought down the great civilizations of the world to ground in the past"

    That's exactly what I fear your folk are going to do again - bring down civilization with your bronze age ideology.

    Glad we agree on that. But it's not something that many of us find acceptable.

    Also, quantity DOES matter, otherwise the 50 of you wouldn't have bothered to register 127 NGOs between you to make yourself sound more numerous than you are.

    Xa-yanu: “yaamyn: I’d like to add that the ‘failed western concept’ has resulted in the greatest civilization in history – the modern Western civilization, which is light years ahead of the rest of the world in EVERY field of excellence”.. "Is that even relevant to this article?"

    I do not see how it is not relevant.

    a) We're talking of a modern education system being threatened by delusional mullahs, who call it a 'failed western concept'

    How is it a "failed" concept, when every achievement of modern science and other innovation continues to emerge from the West and the far East and South Asia - ALL of who have a modern education system?

    On the other hand, the mullah's recommended iracle cure for "potential social evils" is "segregation".

    And that has given us... what? Saudi Arabia? Afghanistan? Which other black-hole of under-achievement can you name to back yourself up?

    In other words, the Adhaalathu party was lying or insincere (hardly surprising) when it calls modern, co-ed schools a "failed concept".

    It is a highly successful, and proven concept.

    I urge you to not insult the great Islamic civilization of the golden age, by trying to associate them with you.

    The great intellectuals and polymaths of that period were a learned people, an enlightened people. You are not, nor are any Salafis.

    You think you can ride out your lack of achievement (ever asked yourself what salafis or their sympathizers have EVER achieved at ANY point of history?) by laying claim to the intellectual work of scientific persians, turks and arabs from another time and age.

    Like our friend rilwan promises above, great civilizations like the greeks, romans, muslims etc. have indeed in the past crumbled down from the onslaught of anti-intellectual, self-righteous ignorant thugs and warlords.

    A more fairer comparison can be made between todays Western civilization and the Islamic, Greek, Roman, etc. civilizations before them.

    You, on the other hand, find your intellectual predecessors in the mongols and perhaps, the medieval Catholic church.

  11. Since the Adhaalath/Salaf claims of co-education being a "failed concept" is obviously a falsehood as conclusively proven by easily observable evidence, perhaps I should propose a far more honest theory?

    The only reason why an Ahmadiyya or co-ed Majeediyya/Aminiyya is "bad" and Arabiyya is "good" is because they think the latter is more likely to churn out loyal foot soldiers for the Mullahs - and ensure their political influence doesn't wane in the future.

    Religion often serves as a convenient paint to hide naked ambition.

  12. Always wonder where the Mullas get their numbers from. 72 virgins, 127 NGOs. LOL!

  13. Yaamyn,
    The bronze age ideology had been shining like the brightest star in the sky after 1400 years.
    Personally I will be there if there is only one person! I dont need NGO's behind my back to support me. ALLAH (SWA) is behind us INSHA ALLAH ! We seek comfort,strength and guidance from ALLAH (SWA).The reason you dont have the guts is you are following the devil and your own desire!
    Yaamyn I think you guys should be ashamed that you dont have the guts to stand for what you say is right. We standup for what we believe is true and we will struggle no matter what you say or do ! We are growing and we are getting stronger day by day.Insha Allah.

  14. Xa-yanu , "Besides, do you know that many of the modern day sciences are derived from the work of Muslim scholars?" - yeah like a couple of hundred years ago, eh! And the modern day sciences are mostly the works of western scientist who have studied from co-ed schools, uni's....

    And man there are only those mullahs and their sex slaves there. (this just popped into my head, those face veils serve one very important purpose, they hide the swollen lips, broken noses...very nicely) any ways, these mullahs are the ones most concerned about sex, meaning; they deem fit to forcefully have sex with any female whose not covered from head to toe in black, they just cant keep it in their pants otherwise it seems.

    Also, i think kids having their minds occupied with sex (as they say), is better than them killing their fellow school mates. But thats just me. These mullahs would rather their kids head filled with hatred, death to the infidels.

    these people just infuriate me so much. if they want to live in the dark ages, why don't they just move to some uninhabited island and do what ever the hell they want there. why bother the rest of us with their nonsense.
    Then they say, why don't we, moderates and liberals move. Well, we are not the ones pushing our ideals down every other persons throat.

    ps. all this mullah websites, they dont have the commenting option. Why you ask? Cos simply they don't care what you think, if its not what they think then you are wrong.

  15. rilwan,

    Shining in the star like a diamond? What other nursery rhymes have they been teaching you?

    Actually, your ideology, and that of your masters is much younger than you think it is.

    The Mullahs don't like to admit it,but the radical Wahhabi ideology didn't emerge until the late 19th century long after the decline of the better period of Islamic achievement.

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say I do not have "guts" to stand up for what I believe in?

    Ashamed? I'm proud to stand for I do. I believe in truth, not mullah-propagated propaganda that does you no good, and does Islam no good.

    This explains why Muslims are in the dire straits they are today.

    Do kindly enjoy shining in the sky like bright stars, kind sir. Just let the rest of us live in peace and pursue actual progress.

  16. ah. the representatives of allah. the spokespersons, actually. is that an ethical issue? do you guys really fear the education system will fail with these changes? then talk about it like civilzed human beings, debate and prove your points. make valid arguments. "we are on allahs side and you are laadheenee, and you are supporting west and failed civilization blah blah" is not really an argument. doesnt even qualify for a sensible statement. its more like a zakirism. uttering random words and jumping to a conclusion based on that nonsense.

    ps. allah does not take sides in ideological and political matters as these. everyone claims that allah is on their side though. usually people who do bad things. like nations who go to war. including western and arab nations.allah is the creator and sustainer of the whole universe. not a member of any political party or NGO. sorry guys.

  17. I laugh at extremist mullahs and wahhabis who lay claim to the great muslim scholars of the Islamic Golden Age. Wahhabism is a concept which came out very much later, and by the time which the Golden Age of muslims had already declined.

    Never speak of the achievements and glory of a people as if they are your own when clearly, the two people are not in a single way similar to each other in terms of ideologies. Wahhabis hate "science and education". The great scholars back then were innovators and great scientists, artists, musicians, astronomers, poets and so on.

  18. The Balrog is right - blooming Islam around the 8th - 12th century with its ingenious scientists and life-enjoying culture has practically nothing to do with today's Wahabism.

    This group of backward people just wants to show that they are there... waving funny posters representing their own society ("Stop abusing our children", showing male-male interaction signs and so on).

    Yesterday's gathering was 21 of them representing 127 NGOs. Buhahaha.

  19. 50 people???

    Whatever, it's only a minority...

    What do "Pious" Muslim Maldivians send their children to school to study "western-Gay-atheist education?" Eg:-Biology (darwin ge evolution theory :Devil:) History <--Studying "western" (Gay-atheist-History) Art <---(drawing pictures of people :haraam! Haraam!! "Estaqufirullah!")

    The real Hypocrites are those who condemn coed classes while wishing that their children be taught the same "western-gay-atheist subjects..


  20. @Yaamyn
    “Since the Adhaalath/Salaf claims of co-education being a “failed concept” is obviously a falsehood as conclusively proven by easily observable evidence …”

    Either you are a thick head or a blatant liar. In neither case do you deserve a response, but for the sake of others who are not aware of the facts I’d like to mention something.

    It is a well established fact that single-sex education is far superior to co-ed; several scientific studies conducted during the past two decades in the UK, USA, Australia and other parts of the world have time and time again come to the same conclusion. In a series of such studies conducted in Britain in 1998-2003 several co-ed schools were even converted to schools with single-sex classrooms and the results were simply impressive. Among the girls, about 90% percent assigned to single-sex classes achieved passing grades in certain subjects compared to 48% in co-ed classes. Among boys the corresponding figures are 68% to 33%. The research also found that students in single-sex schools have a significantly more positive attitude towards learning, and that both boys and girls at the single-sex schools had less stereotyped ideas about what they can and cannot do. These experiences impressed the then British Secretary of Education David Blunkett so much so that he even planned to transform all the co-ed schools to single-sex academies. And in 2004 David Miliband, who was schools minister at the time, also backed the idea of single-sex classes. If not for some bigotry in the political establishment we would have seen the wholesale conversion of co-ed schools to single-sex schools today.

    Results after a four year study:

    Blunkett’s and David Miliband’s views:]

    Today’s situation; parents recognizing the importance of single-sex education for boys:

    And for girls:

    To read more about the research studies mentioned:

    I also posted comments on the same topic under an article titled as “Co-education inconsistent with the culture of Islam says Adhaalath Party”. Here’s the link:

  21. wow. google is amazing. you can search scientific data. masha allah! more links please. more. more!

  22. there wasnt even 30 people in front of the presidential residence to protest. and also most were young brainwashed youth around the age of 20. and most of the parents there had kids who were already attending schools that are non secular.???????


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