No party members on Judgement Day: Vice President

Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen has stated that political parties should refrain from breaking up unity among the people. He stated that all Maldivians belong to “one family” and should have a sense of kinship.

Speaking at the inauguration of the 5th Meeting of SAARC Ministers of Interior and Home, Waheed Deen said that Maldivians used to treat each other with respect and empathy, but that these traits were no longer present.

“We cannot even distinguish who among us are friends anymore. However, Judgement Day is a day in which we can no longer stay with members of our parties,” Waheed Deen said.

Waheed Deen stated that regardless of differences that could be seen at present, all humans come from the same roots. He noted that for this reason everyone needs to treat each other with mutual respect. Waheed Deen stated that politics and political ideologies were no reason to cause animosity between people.

Speaking about the objectives of the SAARC Home Ministers’ meeting, Waheed Deen stated that the main issues to be covered were the global concerns around internal and external security and safety.

The vice president expressed hope that discussions would be held, and solutions would be put forward for issues of high concern to the Maldives; including piracy, drug trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism.

Waheed Deen repeatedly stressed on the importance of mutual respect and unity, stating it would lead to faster national development.

SAARC Secretary General Ahmed Saleem and Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Jameel Ahmed also spoke at the meeting today. The issues of numerous security risks in the region were highlighted in both speeches, along with the intention to discuss the matter further during today’s meeting.

The 5th Meeting of SAARC Ministers of Interior and Home is being held at Bandos Island Resort and Spa, owned by Vice President Waheed Deen.

Earlier this week, the Fifth Meeting of the SAARC Immigration Authorities was also conducted. Immigration Controller Mohamed Ali expressed concern over illegal immigration to Europe and money laundering through Maldives.


9 thoughts on “No party members on Judgement Day: Vice President”

  1. Judgement day is when Deen answers questions on alcohol, pork, fornication, adultery and buggery. Red passport won't be of any use when your ass is on the BBQ.

  2. ofcourse we don't know who our friends are. Strats at the top. When the Vice President of the country stabs in the back of the man who invited him to be his runing mate. Mate? More like running snake.

  3. Isn’t it a sad day that we fail to even acknowledge the obvious just for the sake of opposing?

    What’s truly impressive to me is that VP makes no bones of making public what he believes in – Judgment day. If more politicians are cognizant of this reality wouldn’t these beautiful Islands that we call home be a much better place to live in? Where we would strive to want for our brothers and sisters what we would want for ourselves. Think about it!

  4. the alcohol selling playboy is talking about judgment day. what next... a fatwa by vice president Waheed Deen? Even this devient is whoring religion for his political gain.

  5. too much many terminator movies is not good for anyone. You will better off listening to MegaDeth VP.


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