Police investigate leaked audio clips

The Maldives Police Services has begun investigating the leaked audio clips of suspected telephone call conversations believed to be the voices of Independent MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed, People’s Alliance party (PA) leader and MP Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and Jumhoory Party (JP) leader and MP Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim, confirmed Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair.

On July 4, three recordings of discussions between MPs referring to other MPs and officials, including a plan to cease work on the tax bill in the parliament, appeared on the internet and scandalised the Maldivian media.

Zuhair said he met with police officers this morning and that police informed him the investigation was progressing.

“The audio clips also raise issues of threats against the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC),” Zuhair added.

A corruption case presented to parliament against former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem was instrumental in ousting the AG in vote of no-confidence, days after he publicly demanded a financial audit of all current and former ministers.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police received the audio clips through the media and that they would be analysed and investigated.

“Police do not record the telephone conversations of people,” he claimed, but declined to provide further information.

Aishath Azima Shukoor, former Attorney General and a member of the legal team defending the detained MPs, noted that article 24 of the constitution promised “respect to personal communications” and that recording a personal telephone call was “unlawful according to the constitution, and that any evidence collected unlawfully cannot be presented to court as an evidence.”

“The audio clips would be inadmissible,” said Shukoor. “I do not believe that media can broadcast the audio clips either.”

Groups of pro-government demonstrators have been playing the clips through loudspeakers outside the court proceedings.

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Nihan recently told Minivan News that there was an MNDF officer who’s duty was to operate a telephone call recording machine.

“He records our telephone calls and handles it to (former) Defence minister Ameen Faisal,” said Nihan.

Dr Hassan Saeed, who is also a former Attorney General and member of the opposition leaders legal team, said he was busy and unable to comment to Minivan News at time of press.


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  1. Ms. Azima,
    If your party's MP Mahloof can record a phone conversation with MNBC's Khaleel and distribute it to the media and requests to broadcast it live on VTV, why cant others do the same? Do we have two sets of laws for the same offense?

  2. So its unlawful but its their conversations he he. What a shame what a shame the so called Mr. Perfect and Mr.Clean Nasheed. You are worse than a beggar on the street and cheaper than prostitute on Boogie Street Singapore or Faras Road in Mumbai.If you have any decency left you would resign.

  3. Shame on dhiraagu and its Management. You are pouching into privacy of citizens. DOWN WITH DHIRAAGU. I call upon all maldivians to switch to Wataniya.

  4. since when did police start investigating rumors and cheap tabloid stuff. and if the conversations were not recorded by police and the army who did it. if so arent we at the mercy of a very incompetent telecom company in dhiraagu. dont we need to send their technicians to study how our private conversations are kept safe from blackmailers.

  5. The shame of the people who talk everything but the corruption of MPs knows no bounds. Its either the problem with Dhiraagu or the MNDF of the broadcasters who air it. But its never about the corrupt politicians.

    Typical behavior of Ladheh hayaathey neih (No shame whatsoever) MPs and their dumb supporters.

  6. shafeeg.

    I doubt very much there's much that Dhiraagu can do if the country's intelligence agencies want to snoop in on conversations.

    Intelligence agencies worldwide collect such information.

    Just last week, Indian authorities threatened Blackberry/RIM and gmail with official bans unless they remove the encryptions or at least route the calls through a server based in that country so that Indian intelligence agencies can listen in when they want to.

    Sorry. Switching to wataniya will not make the slightest difference.

  7. why don't we elect Yameen as Sultan of Maldives. We can give him title,,,Siri Aabadha fehi Kula gadha Ranthri Musandhi vantha Keerithi Mahaaradhun. And Gasim as PM..

  8. when did borrowing money become a problem. and why cant kutti do it.i bet 99% of the Maldivian population borrowed money from someone. just think abt ur self. havent you. so shut the f..k up.

  9. Ofcourse Kutti can burrow money , he can even beg for it, or he can also sell his whole family. But the problem is , ali darling, He is burrowing it from Gasim Ibrahim, YAwmin , Rozaina and Thasmeen. So if that does not sum it up for u maybe u just might not be right in ure head. by the way he should definitly join madhana and Open up his FUND in his Constituant , Coz the people whoe elected him are willing to help him & his wife every month end. PEOPLE POWER BABY

  10. baleee.... innocent till proven guilty. remember?? 🙂 if they are guilty... due process shall convit them. won't it? after all that's what's so great about the democracy we all want.

    I'm sure being the democracy loving equal rights preaching that we all are we want everyone to be able to have a fair trail in the court of law. after all our president has said that a number of times in numerous speeches.

    that being said. long live democracy and may Allah bless Maldives.

    p.s. yes... I also like pretending I know lots about politics like every other Maldivian. 🙂

  11. this is a plan planned by Dr.Waheed and Toppy!

  12. Ali, sure, I borrow money every day. But I don't borrow money from someone with who I am discussing how to STOP the governments' TAXATION bill! I am also not a member of Parliament, who earns MRf 65000 for just turning up to a meeting!

    I also do not borrow money from the Parliamentary leader of the most influential Parliamentary committe with whom I sit in Parliament every day.

  13. What 3rd grade institution did Shukoor learn legalities? Seems that she needs to go and learn a bit more.

    The acts and voices of the Members of Parliament when they are discussing the AFFAIRS OF GOVERNMENT and that relate to the PUBLIC should all be made public. That is how it is in all democracies of the world.

    When Kutti Nasheed, Jangiya and Yameen are plotting on how to stop the governments bills passing through parliament, what law is there to prohibit the public knowing about these illicit acts?

  14. I'm sure we all understand that Azima Shukoor, as their legal defense, has an obligation to bend the law in every which way to protect her clients, the MPs in questions. Therefore its not a matter of her education or lack of such that makes her produce statements which might seem unsavory to some of us.

    Obviously, "whoever" leaked the audio clips intended to spark public outrage. They, I hope, are not the crux of the state's case against the offending MPs. Regardless of the instigator, the smear campaigns have been extremely successful in tipping those at the middle of the political spectrum to the yellower end.

    Party affiliations aside, I think we all should acknowledge that politics threatens to destroy an economy which is becoming more and more brittle by the hour. Bipartisan action should be taken to stabilize our economy and such talks should marginalize those that aspire that villainous theatrics.

    If the DRP and MDP insists on keeping their ill-informed puppets (Alhan, Ali Waheed, Mahloof, Nihan et. al.) in parliament, at least get a firm grip on them and make sure their mouths move to the whims of their puppeteers.

  15. Azima can only site the constitution. seems like she is a constitutional law expert. but, that old man near the fish market can also say constitution gives such and such rights. *snooze*

  16. gaumee party akee fair gothakah vaahaka dhakkaa baeh nun. corruption falhaa ereema evaahaka kuvveri nukoh emeehun dhakkaa vaahaka akee, e ee private phone conversation ekey, eythi record kurumakee manaa kamakey. effaharu ves corruption hingi meehun kuvveri eh nukurey. kobaa fairness?

  17. OK! Where is the secret phone conversation between ANNI and David Hardingham?

    I also want the phone conversations between Alhan/RED WAVE Saleem and MDP leaked NOW!

    Dhiraagu/TAM/MNDF/Police - LEAK them NOW! You have to be fair to everyone!

  18. LEAKY LEAKY jehenee hithey!

    OK where is the phone conversation between Dr.Shaheed and KOSOVO President ?!

  19. Behind bars and life imprisonment for politicians involved in corruption!

    Corrupted politicians disgust me and many others. Its a disease in the heart and it effects the whole country.

    Only the blind followers argue in support for corrupt politicians. Some say why only these two. Well to begin with, we should start somewhere and these few corrupt political figures are the perfect example at the start line.

    People should get a grip on their country before they lose it to corruption which can destroy economies for decades. Even natural disasters are at times faster to recover from.

    Lastly when people are corrupt and misuse their powers specifically given for doing good, - it shows the lack of belief in a God or any fear that they would be punished for their sins.

  20. Ooopsy!

    Dhiraagu/MNDF - Please I beg you now not to LEAK the horny conversation I had with my wife the other night! It was really X-rated! Please Oh! Please don't leak them.

    Dhiraagu and MNDF!YOU CHEAP PEEPING TOMS? Shame on you!

  21. @heck

    You seem to want someone to release your conversations with your wife.
    Why don't you do it yourself, am sure maldivians will just love it.
    The more the merrier.

  22. Amin Faisal loves peeping into bedrooms and listening to private conversations.

  23. Why would anyone in his right mind would want rationalize the” I NEED CASH “scandal? For some people this was a normal day today drama in life. Some are talking about violation of privacy right? The words and concepts are interpreted to literal meaning. Alas the whole nation are lawyers, opposition is dam opposite even to the idea the world is sphere if claimed by opponent. “Privacy that is the end, people smuggle in privacy, Terrorism is hatched in privacy. What kind of nation Qayoom has invented?
    The only logic to make the case clean should be, to prove that the characters in the audio clips are not the same as media has aired and proven.

  24. "justice means giving people what they deserve" (Prof.Michael Sandel). If the courts are undermining this they are useless."It’s not always possible to decide questions of justice and rights without resolving substantive moral questions" (prof. Michael Sandel). It is morally wrongful for the hihgly paid politicians to request financial assistance from rich. Surely this will have some influence as long as they are humans. Humans are indeed insatiable. We cannot just take moral side fro one issue which involves breaching privacy by listening to phone conversations. If it is morally wrong to listen to conversations, how can you justify that it is morally acceptable to gain favors and money from rich people while you hold influential political posts. If I'm a businessman I would have vested interests to throwout taxation bill, of course. We have to find a way to kick out these liars from the Majilis

  25. NO ! NO !
    Listen up!

    Corruption and bribery are ALL vices and need to be rooted out from the society, no doubt.

    BUT - BUT - BUT it should be done in an unbiased manner.

    Recent hubbup is not fair! It is definitely POLITICALLY motivated !

    I condemn ANNI for his ill willed intentions.

    Those who leaked these private conversations MUST DEFINITELY be MDP thugs and need to be investigated and put behind bars.

    On the other hand I call upon HR Commission to condemn these unethical behaviour of MDP in the strongest terms!

    If ANNI wants to root out corruption from our society he must first promulgate it to the whole nation and handover the whole business to an impartial party elected by the civil society!

    Then only can we have faith in him, otherwise this is just a show to boost his party's lost morale!

  26. having carefully analyzed the audio content, i felt that this was not the only time kutti borrowed money from Gasim. reasons:-
    1) the amount not mentioned
    2) kutti's casual way of asking for money ( though he seems to be a bit apprehensive first)
    3) why qasi? kutti must have got friends and family members who could help him save his b........s

    Kutti, the self-proclaimed legal expert, don't you think he has fallen into Gasim's pocket. and still some of the readers equate this as mere borrowings... just like any other poor maldivian would do in times of constraints. very sad

  27. President Nasheed is the biggest joker the world have ever seen. It is clear how much he knows about governance and democracy during his news briefing after cabinet re-installation conference. The coment he made about the leaked audio, he said, in todays world with high technology available, anyone can intercept telephones. What a jock it was to make by a president of a country. Didn't he heard of companies who provide such service and the amount of money that is involved in the process, never to mention the rule and procedures the companies and the government of such country is bound when installing such technology. Ask the service providers, Dhiraagu and Wataniyya, if anyone, even if they have enough cash in million Dallas, whether anyone can do such thing or not. NO one can unless its the government. No one from any country has such capabilities till now, and Nasheed is telling a poor Maldivian had done it. What a jock Mr. President. Shame on us who elected such a FOOL to rule over us.

  28. Come on Guys..Nasheed maybe corrupt and begging for money from buruma... but that is not the issue here...tomorrow the cheif of national defence force may fancy your wife or girlfriend and leak your phone conversations to humiliate you in public...then what the f**k will you say...if that is not enough...a nude picture of your wife on a public website..captured through a high powered spy camera used by the army ....come on,, nasheed would survive as long as his constituents wants...but the National Defence Force is an instituition which will last beyond our life time ...this is larger than Nasheed .. so come on wakeup guys this is the beginning of GESTAPO in Maldives...birth of Maldivian KGB...


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