2 thoughts on “Positive economic development requires “less destructive political climate”, says World Bank”

  1. The current political chaos is the result of bending laws to preserve the mega rich and the previously powerful. Where is this World Bank when resort owners extended the resort lease by corrupting the parliament..

    Mr. Worldbank. Who is suffering due to chaos and who are prospering due to chaos?. Clearly there is a method to all this.

    If big business think of long term good of the Maldives, would they even tolerate any chaos.. Surely not. But may be they only think of making some bucks while they can.. while the Wold Bank dances to their stories.. well done.

  2. Wonder what World Bank means by less destructive political climate. Isnt this the best political climate we've had for the past 32 years. Does the World bank mean that a democracy is worse than a dictatorship?


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