Journalist claims arrest was arbitrary

Musharaf Hassan, a journalist working for registered online news organisation ‘MVYouth’, has alleged that he was arbitrarily arrested, threatened and tortured by police in Hulhumale’ on Saturday night.

”I was waiting near my flat with two other journalists who work with me and a friend, and the police vehicle stopped by and started searching our bodies one by one,” he told Minivan News. ”After checking our body the police ordered us inside our house, and we waited on the ground floor of my flat where I live because one of us have not returned yet.”

Musharaf said that while they were waiting, the police team returned and shouted at them, saying they would be arrested. All of them ran inside their apartment, he said.

”They followed us into our apartment and so I locked myself inside my room,” said Musharaf. ”They knocked on the doors of the rooms and warned that they would force the door open, so I opened it.”

Police officers pulled Musharaf’s hair and pushed him inside the police vehicle, he said.

”They tortured me inside the police vehicle and one of them said to the other that I was a journalist from MVYouth, and said that the next day this story would be all over the news,” he said. ”And then they threatened me that if this story was in the news, it would be harder for me the next time they caught me.”

Musharaf said he was released after about an hour, and that on the police slip they gave him it said he was arrested to search his body.

”But they did not search my body after arresting me,” he said. ”I think it was a deliberate attack on MVyouth, we have been under a lot of pressure from the police after we published some videos of police torture and another video showing police violently attacking a person near BG [a well-known club in Maafannu].”

He also claimed that police media had refused to co-operate with the news organisation.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the police had no information that police officers attacked a journalist or any one specifically.

”Police always share information to all the media equally, and everyone is invited to police media briefings,” he said.

Police recently launched a three year strategic plan giving high priority to curb rising gang violence in the Maldives. Police recently said that they would be conducting special operations to reduce crime and would take any necessary measures to bring criminals to justice.


13 thoughts on “Journalist claims arrest was arbitrary”

  1. things aint like before anymore. nothing can be kept a secret these days. such matters like this clearly shows how corrupted our police service is, attacking journalists wont be acceptable any where, and such unworthy people should be brought to justice and harsh action against them is what they deserve.
    i hope musharraf is treated with justice 🙂
    they can kill all of us but they cant kill this video can they?? >>

  2. Police usually do not attack journalists unless instructed to do so by politicians. It is sad that state television and radio are still controlled by the government; journalists are intimidated, President threatens the former President with death if he returns to politics, court decision against government policy results in ruling party MPs and activists harassing and threatening government opponents. With the change in government the country seems to have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

  3. "BG [a well-known club in Maafannu]"

    A club!? Everyone else in Male' would describe them as a "notorious gang". A gang who among many other things slashed the face of a young woman some years ago. It's time we stop pretending that all of these gangs are "sports clubs".

  4. it won't surprise me if mvyouth have any links to some of the "clubs" around male'. most of the public are so fed up with these "clubs" they'd rather see them get beaten up by the police even if it means as a whole we risk losing some freedom we worked so hard for...

  5. What nonsense. Anyone with an internet connection can check out just how much of a "news" outfit mvyouth is. It's a FORUM for god's sake. FORUMS are well known among the youth as recruiting grounds for gangsters and wannabe-thugs.

    Some of the comments under this article display complete ignorance of what is common knowledge and taken for granted among the youth of today. No wonder the youth manage to confound the establishment. Both demographics may live in different worlds altogether for all it seems.

    At the risk of being berated for "stifling THE MEDIA" please just browse mvyouth's site and find out for yourself that most of the members there are underage and the saddest sort of neglected young wastrels looking around for a hook-up (be it sexual, social or narcotic). The very reason why my comment seems fuelled by high-blood pressure is that minivan has deliberately excluded any credible research into the background of mvyouth in this article.

    I call on the state to monitor youth activities more closely and try to curb this sort of recruitment to some degree. In our politicized atmosphere where the growth of gangs are actively encouraged I do not share Commissioner Faseeh's utopianism/idealism. However even the most heartless realist will agree that the police and the criminal justice system can do a little better than this.

    I thank god that mvyouth has the least connection to "clubs" (as mentioned here) of all the online forums that existed in this country so far. However, even the worst sort of cowards can be desensitized by the lure of intoxication, sexual gratification and easy money.

  6. The Police should be held responsible for their unlawful actions, and prosecuted along with all the other criminals in court. You're not above the law just because you wear effeminate bright blue uniforms, jerks.

  7. Forums Are Not Gangs...Maldivian Youth Community Is A Forum Against Voilence..
    Thats a good place For Youths To Enjoy..MvYouth Gives The Breaking News fast than other websites..we see many live coverages like strikes [Muzaahara].In My View the fastest news gives me on MvYouth...

    On Behalf of All i would like to thank Mvyouth management for the hard work without any sponsors right now..

  8. Youths are not useless.. They are important.. But they need support from government and public.. Other wise they cant remain in a good position. Mvyouth is good place where a bunch of youths operate with good management. They must appreciate the hard work which the youths are doing, but we are seeing what we dont want to see..

    Keep it up mvyouth
    You guys can beat the other news teams.

  9. Police should be more professional! Since Media is the 4th power of a nation, they must get freedom of press, and not to be tortured!


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