Protests proceed peacefully as a majority defends Islam

Two much-anticipated protests, one to defend Islam in the Maldives and another to exhibit support for a “moderate Islam” drew crowds of thousands along Male’s eastern coast this afternoon, and thousands more on islands across the country.

Contrary to  speculation, no violent outbreaks or confrontations took place on a grand scale. However, three individuals were injured during a protest against the government’s religious policies in Haa Dhaal atoll Vaikaradhoo. They have been taken to the island’s health clinic, Haveeru reports.

Meanwhile, police and national defence forces (MNDF) are maintaining close operations on Male’.

“There is no violence, so the police are continuing to survey the situation but they will not interrupt the ongoing demonstrations unless there is a confrontation,” said Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

A coalition of NGOs and six political parties began organising a protest “to defend Islam” several weeks ago. Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) coordinated a counter-protest after threatening messages were posted on the coalition’s promotional website. Over the past week government, religious and security officials attempted to negotiate the situation, with rumors of members of the Taliban joining the protest raising concerns over public order.

Both protests began at 4 pm today. MDP’s protest concluded at 5:30, however the “Defend Islam” protest leaders have announced they will remain in action so long as the public demands it.

Defend Islam

Banners bearing slogans including “We stand united for Islam and the nation”, “No idols in this holy land”, “No to the Zionist Murderers”, “No to El Al Airlines” and “We stand for peace” lead participants to gender segregated areas across from the Tsunami Memorial area, where approximately 20 protest leaders spoke from a mounted podium.

Speakers from various religious and political opposition parties addressed an estimated 5,000 men, women and children of varying ages and attire. Protestors were handed t-shirts and banners reading “Maldivians in defense of Islam” along with Maldivian flags.

“We don’t know there is a moderate, higher or lower Islam. We only know Islam, which is above all the religion. The only road we must follow is based of Allah’s callings,” said Jumhoree Party Leader  and tourism tycoon Gasim Ibrahim.

Gasim urged the people gathered to continue the rally peacefully, assuring his party will “stand with the people to protect Islam”.

Former State Islamic Minister and current spokesperson for Adhaalath party Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said the party does not support terrorism, adding that the security forces would know the actual people provoking terrorism.

He also vowed to defeat President Nasheed in 2013 elections.

The crowd raised cries of “Allahakbar” between speeches, and Shaheem led an oath to defend Islam in the Maldives.

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Leader and MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali said that he was there on behalf of DRP to assure Maldivian citizens that the party will stand with the religion of Islam.

”We are gathered here to uphold Islam for the future of the next generations,” Thasmeen said, accusing the current government of trying to establish anti-Islamic policies.

Increased diplomatic relations with Israel, including possible service of El Al airlines, and recent debates over Shariah law were among examples given.

”We are here to show that will not support those policies yet we are not extremist,” he said. ”We will stay forever as an Islamic nation.”

El Al Airlines was expected to begin service to the Maldives on December 13, but has been postponed indefinitely. The National Security Committee is currently reviewing the situation.

Half-brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Abdulla Yamin argued that President Nasheed would have stood in the front line of this gathering if he wanted to uphold Islam.

”Today they are asking whether churches could be built and idols could be kept,” Yamin said. ”And, the police do not have to defend the idols.”

Yamin accused the government of trying to abolish Arabic and Islamic studies from the country.

”The current government does not care about Arabic and Islamic Studies and has in fact disrespected Arabic and Islamic studies,” he said, reiterating that this nation will forever be an Islamic nation.

Several speakers called on the government to condemn United Nations Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay for her suggestion that flogging be abolished as a punishment for extra-marital sex. Pillay’s comments fueled gathering tensions over the SAARC monuments erected in Addu and the agreement with El Al Airlines, which culminated in today’s protest.

At 6 pm protestors flocked to the sea and were given water bottles for ablutions before a group prayer on site.

MDP for Moderate Islam

Meanwhile at the MDP rally held at Artificial Beach, President Mohamed Nasheed said the government will continue to practice a tolerant form of Islam, reminding listeners that Islam in the Maldives has traditionally been tolerant.

“We can’t achieve development by going backwards to the Stone Age or being ignorant,” he said.

The President also called on leaders of political parties to explain their stance on religious issues to the public ahead of the 2013 presidential election.

“Should we ban music? Should we circumcise girls? Should we allow 9 year-olds to be married; is art and drawing forbidden? Should we be allowed to have concubines? We have to ask is this nation building? Because we won’t allow these things, we are being accused of moving away from religion,” he said.

Nasheed also urged MPs to discuss the inclusion of Sharia punishments in a revised penal code “without calling each other unbelievers.”

“At this moment we may not realise how important this gathering is, but years down the line we will look back and realise this was a crucial moment,” he said.

“I asked you to come here in support of the middle, tolerant path. And I believe that most citizens want to continue our traditional form of Islam,” the President said.

President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair told Minivan News today that “the opposition said 100,000 would attend their rally, but less than 5,000 showed up.”

“This is because their rallying call was based on a lie – that Islam is under threat in the Maldives,” he said. “It also proves most Maldivians want toleration and not the introduction of extreme punishments such as stoning, amputation and genital mutilation of girls.”

Public Responses

“The government today is breaching the Islamic values everyday. It is already too late to protest. But we need to stop President Nasheed from speaking against Islam. That’s why I am here,” said one 35 year old woman protesting at the Tsunami Memorial.

“I am not at the MDP rally because they are calling for moderate Islam. We don’t want that. We want 100 percent, full Islam in Maldives,” said another participant.

“Islam calls for flogging, stoning and hand amputation. But President Nasheed speaks against these Islamic penalties openly. That means he’s not following Islam. He wants music, he wants adultery and alcoholism to takeover us,” a woman alleged.

Minivan News asked why the people are not protesting outside the parliament or the judiciary, to change laws which currently exempt those Islamic penalties.

The women argued that these bodies are not the ones allowing Israeli flights to land in Maldives, or which approved the monuments in Addu, which they claim are religious idols.

“It is the government that is responsible for these things. Besides we are not allowed to protest outside the parliament and courts. So we are raising our concerns here.”

One observer of the MDP rally clarified that, “This protest is not related to Islam in any way, they are just doing it because they like to protest.”

Other onlookers were more circumspect.

A man who attended the MDP rally said he was happy that there was no violence. “This is how the protests should be. People have now expressed what they want. Let the public decide.”

“I am here to defend Islam. Not to take any sides. The government is doing things that are conflicting with the Islamic values we have been following,” claimed a man wearing a t-shirt reading “one religion”.

According to him, allowing Israeli flights to land in Maldives, closing down Arabiya (Islamic) School and keeping monuments in Addu is all part of the government’s conspiracy to eradicate Islam from the Maldives.

“I am just here to watch what is happening because it is my country,” a man said.

Ahmed Naish, Ahmed Nazeer, Hawwa Lubna and Eleanor Johnstone contributed to this article.


72 thoughts on “Protests proceed peacefully as a majority defends Islam”

  1. Same old game and same old tactics.

    Everybody protesting to defend islam. If everyone and every political party is defending then who the hell is attacking islam????

  2. I have not seen any political rallies that were more political than the rally that Adhaalath held in the name of protecting Islam. So much for the Mullahs.

    What I see is; the opposition political parties taking advantage of a large crowd (combination of Male's religious extremists and opposition parties) being fed with a majority diet of political lies at the podium.

    Really sad.

  3. I'm really glad no one got hurt. Peaceful dialogue and debate is the way forward.

    It's kind of amusing to watch religion being used as a political tool on such a grand scale. Unless religion is totally separated from politics, it will continue to be used as a tool to spread fear and intimidation so as to easier control the population. Sinister, really.

  4. Hey Anni, it didn't take me a day or the thousands that showed up even a day to realize where you and your followers will be put in Maldivian history books since obviously you will not last after the 2013 elections. You have not just brought yourself down, but you have took MDP down with you.

    MDP MPs should change to other parties or become independents if they do not support their party's protest which supports a President and Government that is calling for freedom of religion and welcomes Israel to the Maldives which is a 100% Muslim country.

    I know there were MDP members in the pro-Shariah demonstration, so it is obviously the ones in charge of MDP and currently in the Government which is attacking Islam by asking people to be open minded and debate about Islam in the Maldives. Again, let me tell you.. Islam is not for debate and never will be.

    Did Anni and Zuhair not see the numbers that showed up in MDP planned protest? The weakness it had. Yet the silly President goes up and talks as if the whole Maldives is there and he has seen a new light. Maybe he saw an Israeli flag.

    Also why didn't Minivan cover the protest like Haveeru? Or show the difference in numbers between the two protests? Maybe some pictures as evidence since we all know that Minivan has occasional anti-Islamic articles themselves. So at this moment, it is the mouthpiece for the President.

    Do you not see the thousands that stayed until now to listen to speakers from so many major political parties and NGOs defending Islam against a President that obviously does not know what Islam really is anymore.

    Also your scare tactics and fear mongering against the peaceful protestors has been slapped on your face! Oh and the face of who ever is giving you these bright ideas. You really need to get better advisers. What are you paying them for, when everything you have done recently have only made you look like a dictator. You need to higher a better public relation expert. Oh wait.. I hear that the Israeli government are one of the best at it. Well, I am sure your already on this due to your close relationship with these Muslim killers.

    Now you most likely have only a few choices to counter the huge protest against you. You will slowly use the media and other forces to create violence in the Maldives in order to accuse good Muslims of extremism. This is the same tricks that Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt used against his political opponents in order to arrest them and cause fear in the hearts of the population. Than comes their best line.. 'if you want stability, security and peace.. you will support me as your President'.

    We are sick of these politics and we will blame you for any violence because we already know your supporters are trying to create violence and provoke peaceful Maldivians who love their religion and country so much.

  5. Who is the peaceful ones here? Who is the ones calling for violence? This is taken from Haveeru as a source:

    MDP's Deputy President Alhan Fahmy is addressing the party's supporters at its camp.

    Alhan: The current government is a legitimate government; we will go to the area where the protest is being held if the police do not "clear up" the streets within one hour; we call on President Nasheed to command the armed forces to clear up the streets.

  6. give in to their demands!!! they will demand more. mr. president! i did not support you before (i did not support any body, but i do now. there are many like me in this country. please do not give in to their demands. if you do, disaster will strike this country. actually it has struck only that the damages can still be repaired.

  7. About time I saw a picture to show people the difference in support there is for the two protests. For foreigners, please understand that the yellow one is the protest held by the President of Maldives Mr.Nasheed and the one which the more supporters are the great Maldivians who loves their country just the way it is now under Islamic Shariah.

  8. Adaalath, We will defend our way of living and Imran, Shaheem, there is a world out side and we are ready to welcome you. please come, we will treat you family and friends with respect. come come. we are waiting.

  9. The state of this country's mass hysteria appalls me. The things they're calling for in the protest are:
    - The president should condemn Navi Pillay and apologize to the people for letting her speak.
    - Stop the El Al Airlines from starting flights to the country.
    - Take down the SAARC monuments.

    In other words, totally paranoid and useless demands. Why won't these half-wits protest for and stand up for something that will actually benefit the country socially and economically, like protesting against organized gang violence, increasing amounts of drug use, unemployment levels, the rising dollar rates, the deplorable status of healthcare, and the miniscule amount of the population that has the means for tertiary education???

  10. Dear Muad MZ, You truly sound like Maumoon's face, i.e: arse.

    Please know there will be a fair and free election in 2013, unlike your little boy's time.

    Mean while please know Zakariya Hameed is recovering, if you are ready, more than willing to display doctors report on what happen to his Anus.

  11. I think the people have decided.

    Nasheed does not command the support of the Maldivian people anymore.

    Call it whatever name you will but the opposition has one.

    End of story.

  12. And I seriously do not understand this extreme urge to flog people (preferably women) in the name of Islam and yet, these people are not interested in upholding other Sharia-required punishments like amputations for stealing, stoning till death for adultery, and killing for murder. Disgusting double standards.

  13. Another comparison between the two protests:

  14. It is clear there is an overwhelming majority favouring the protection of Islam in the Maldives. In order to prevent the introduction of practices contrary to Islam, the president should take cue from these sentiments and propose a constitutional amendment to preclude any possibility of any other religion being introduced by the Jews, Christians and Hindus to the country.

    1. In addition to every Maldivian being a Sunni Muslim, only Sunni Muslims should be allowed the privilege of visiting the country. No Jews, Christians, Sufis, Hindus, Buddhists and Shias allowed. Only this constitutional ban will decisively ensure we remove the threats posed to our country, it's religion and people.

    2. "Ribaa" or interest on lending must stop. This is a fundamental tenet of Islam. No banks should lend money, or no commercial banks should operate within the Maldives. No Maldivian should borrow interest bearing money from outside the Maldives.

    3. No liquor nor pork should be imported into the Maldives. As Maumoon said in 1975, those who sell alcohol is no different from those who deal in it.

    4. No Maldivian should travel to a country other than those that are a hundred percent Muslim, lest Satan corrupt his soul through the glitter of wealth and woman. It is always a 'his soul', as all 'her souls' are already irredeemably corrupted.

    5. The penal code should prescribe no other penalty other than those prescribed in Islam. Death for apostasy, and cutting off the limb for theft.

    6. All TV channels should be banned. No surreptitious corruption of our sousl. The spread of Christianity or other faiths should be given the slightest chance. No songs and no music. Only a constitutional ban will ensure no laws can be made that may relax these horrific practices.

    7. No internet should be allowed. Just look at all those Christian and XXX websites. Enough to rattle the fragile faith of our children.

    Unless these changes are introduced at the constitutional level, the president is not protecting Islam. Long live, the Maldives.

  15. Gentleme! watch the movie 'agora'. one can see how powerful a political tool religion is.

  16. who are the violent ones?
    its the mdp that threatened they will forcefully clear the islam defenders protest.
    who are the intolerent ones?
    its mdp chairman reeko moosa who called the shut down of private tv and radio channels.

  17. president nasheed has given a bad name to mdp. todays protest created a big rift w
    ithin mdp between those who love islam and who hate islam. we now know big majority is with those who love islam. so, president is any matured politician should join the majority to stay upto and beyond 2013.

  18. I would love to know the list of brothels that Sheikh Imran has, which he wants closed. interesting how he knows so much about these so called brothels

  19. The Maldives is a beautiful country, don't let stone age religious arrogance change that. People should have the freedom to choose their religion, and not be bullied into it by an overly religious state. That is false faith.

    The Malvides is a Muslim country, and it will no doubt stay that way, but personal choice is key. People who wish to follow Islam to the word are welcome to do so, in fact encouraged, but if some choose to not follow such a strict Islamic path, their decision too must be respected. The alternative is forced faith, and therefor false religion. Is that was the Maldives really wants to portray its religion as ?

  20. Finally, our President stands up to the zealots who would destroy our culture and traditions and turn this beautiful nation into a terrorists nest like pakistan.

  21. @ Muaz, We are not dumb. We know that our faith cannot be shaken. We are good and true Muslims behind President Nasheed.

    It is very clear what your motives are. We all know that the government is not trying to destroy Islam or force us to change what we truly believe. So why try to overthrow a democratically elected government over false accusations. Either way, we do not want strict Islamic Shariah in the Maldives. If you want, you can propose to the government to split the constituition so that you can follow the way u like and we will continue to follow the current constitution..

    Pakistan's population is the 2nd largest muslim population. Those people are talking about a monument that was gifted by the Pakistani government which can no way be blamed on any Maldivian. It is a gift and gifts are suppose to be honored for peace and properity. Majority of the Maldivian population decides and they have shown this by the number of protestors that gathered to their calls twice in a day. Gathering more than 8,000 people in 1 hour shows how badly we need to continue the Islamic practices we practice now. We have been practicing Islam the same way we practice now for 800 years.

    Why is Qasim Ibrahim (Member of Parliament) and Ahmed Thasmeen Ali (DRP leader and parliamentarian) permitted to sell alcohol and pork in the tourist resorts of Maldives which they own? And why are they pointing their faulty fingers to our President Nasheed saying he is trying to destory Islam. This is madness. We do have logical judgments. This is a very bad political act seen from the opposing MP's of the Parliament.

    Allah (s.w.t) knows the best. Allah Akbar!

  22. Mullah Maldivians, well done to you all for showing how hypocritical you all are. Using religion as a politician weapon is dangerous for all Earthly people. It doesn’t matter the religion is Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Judaism etc…

    Religious fanatics will destroy any country if they get hold of power. So all sane Maldivians do not buy into these Mullahs version of religion.

    I wonder whether these guys have protected any thing in the name of religion. They only showed that how intolerant some Maldivians have become.

    India and Sri Lanka should watch for these intolerant Mullahs. Remove them from your country when they visit for medical treatment like they have destroyed your gift to the Maldives (monuments).

    “All countries such as India should ban export of rice, flour and other staple food to Maldives as these Mullah’s do not need un-Islamic produce.”

    Agree with A Samad.

  23. We should tell the tourists visiting Gasim's and Thasmeen's resorts about the intolerant speeches these two made today and how they are aligned with the Jihadis for political gain.

  24. Defending islam??? These people are so ridiculous. They will protest for any religion and convert into any religion, if they could be president.

  25. Steven Bradley & every other hypocrite condemning stoning in Islam: Stoning is a punishment in judaism and christianity as well. The difference between us and them is that they dont follow their holy scriptures like we follow ours.

  26. This is pure COMEDY. It is like Spy vs Spy. As MM said, who is attacking Islam? All are defending Islam and why are they defending it if no one is attacking it?

    These people are raving lunatics. All these MPs. are not fit to be in The Majlis and should be in a mental asylum. Do they think that the Ismali Marukauze is going to be a Church and Hukuru Miskky is going to be a temple? If they think so they absolutely mad.

    How on Earth can any sane person think that there would be any other religion in Maldives when the majority of the people( maybe 99.99%) believe in Islam?
    Would I accept, stoning to death and cutting people's hand in Maldives? Absolutely not.

    Your religion is between you and Allah. It is not between You, Allah and Seiku Shaheem.
    These people are destroying the country of Maldives and taking us to the dark ages. If they want to live in that kind of life I am sure they can go to Afhganistan and live there.

    Leave Maldives alone. We have been Muslims since the 10th Century and we have been good moderate Muslims and before these lunatics came to Maldives after studying in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia we never had this kind of " Fithuna" in the Maldives.

  27. STEVEN.. ISLAM IS NOT THE ONLY RELIGION WHICH PRACTICE FLOGGING OR STONING..ACCORDING TO MOSAIC LAW WHEN ANY ONE CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF ADULTERY MUST BE STONED TO DEATH . Adultery is strictly forbidden by Christianity as well, as both the Old and New Testaments make absolutely clear.

    The seventh commandment given to Moses states: "You shall not commit aduAdultery is strictly forbidden by Christianity as well, as both the Old and New Testaments make absolutely clear.

    The seventh commandment given to Moses states: "You shall not commit adulte~y", while the Old Testament says, "He who commits adultery has no sense,'' (Proverbs:32). In the Book of Matthew, Jesus is quoted as saying, "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew: 5, 28).lte~y", while the Old Testament says, "He who commits adultery has no sense,'' (Proverbs:32). In the Book of Matthew, Jesus is quoted as saying, "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew: 5, 28)..AS ISLAM IS THE DIVINE LAW OF ALMIGHTY GOD THERE ARE PERMISSIBLE WAYS TO ENJOY LIFE.QURAN STATES"IF HAVE FEAR OF FORNICATION OR ADULTERY URGED BY GOD TO GET MARRIED" WHEN THERE IS A LAWFUL WAY WHY UNLAWFUL MEANS?

  28. People rest easy.

    Islam is the language of this revolution. Calling for Civil and Political rights when the country needed focus on economic issues was equally idiotic in 2008.

    A lot of us felt so and some of you are only able to realize the ceremonial nature of languages when it comes to expressing revolutionary sentiments.

    Nasheed needs to step down and allow this country to reach some sort of equilibrium. His insistence on coloring everything yellow and trying to impose his will on a people who do not accept him is driving this country to a breaking point.

    Fear not however, Maldives demonstrated its peaceful nature through the mass protests held tonight. I urge Nasheed to step back and return to his element. Social activism. Religious freedom is too much for our people to stomach at the moment. The organized attempts by Khillath, Nazim et. al. threaten to disrupt social order.

    Stability is what we need Nasheed. Do this for our country and stop pursuing your mad lust for power. Or else the situation will only worsen.

    I have always commented on issues based on my standpoint without using emotion or normative discourse to justify my opinions. The wider majority opposed to Nasheed cannot accept his rule due to the novelty and unfeasible nature of some of his plans. Most of the masses are unable to make ends meet while expanding State budgets aimed at raising MDPs political capital threatens our fragile import-driven sustenance. I urge those in the MDP with sound minds and clear heads to distance themselves from Nasheed if he insists on holding on to power against the will of the Maldivian people.

    I never thought to see this day but Nasheed is truly a dictator. When he first began to drive out competitors and silence intellectuals within the reform movement we were all concerned. However what a lot of us thought to be youthful vigor has turned out to be megalomania. Think Nasheed-supporters. No matter what anyone says the masses would not have stood fast for 8 hours unless they had a reason.

    If you find the idea of religion as a tool for unity distasteful cast aside your own prejudices and think about the Maldivian masses. They cannot change at the speed of light to meet one organizations expectations and demands. Think hard and make your choice. A national unity government would be the wisest choice for us now however certain foreign policy decisions made by Nasheed and his government need to be sacrificed if all are to come to the negotiating table. The MDP is weakened now. What was once an ambitious vehicle for change turned into an Orwellian nightmare with activists growing fat on the excess provided to them from government funds. Once proud heroes of a revolution evolved overnight into wannabe-fatcats sneering at the hunger and destitution of the common folk.

    Who gets what and how much became the talk of the day. MDP is corrupted my friends and cannot withstand a popular revolt anymore. The average MDP activist has nothing to fight for but a government of leeches and parasites who are merely afraid of financial loss. Stand down and let nature take its course. History repeats itself. A government that came to power through deceit cannot hold on to it through the conceit and self-righteousness alone.

  29. @ A Samad on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 11:56 PM 
    Well said!!! You seem to be the only sensible voice here!

  30. You can say whatever you want. We are a moderate Islamic nation. We do not have Sharia law in it's EXTREME position. People out there to Protect Islam failed to answer the question that the president paused.

  31. “We don’t know there is a moderate, higher or lower Islam. We only know Islam, which is above all the religion. The only road we must follow is based of Allah’s callings,” GASIM IBRAHIM. (Hello we have been a middle tolerant Islamic nation. But why would you know?)

    ”We are here to show that will not support those policies yet we are not extremist...We will stay forever as an Islamic nation.” THASMEEN (see Thasmeen implies he's moderate but of course he has to be near the Tsunami binaa)

    ”Today they are asking whether churches could be built and idols could be kept,” YAAMIN (lies)

    He asked to discuss the inclusion of Sharia punishments in a revised penal code without calling each other unbelievers. “Should we ban music? Should we circumcise girls? Should we allow 9 year-olds to be married; is art and drawing forbidden? Should we be allowed to have concubines? We have to ask is this nation building? Because we won’t allow these things, we are being accused of moving away from religion."

    If they have not asked for any of these in there rally to defend Islam, I'd say they support a moderate Islam.

    Who are we fooling?

  32. A lot showed up. Why?

    Certainly they don't want flogged, stoned to death, beheaded. They know they ought to be. Most have committed adultery, bribery, stealing, sown discord among family, visit massage parlours, swindle everyone they can... Everything that they can do to achieve their immediate requirements.

    Their immediate needs are
    1: entertainment. Lack of any form of entertainment will draw everyone in, even to a fixing trip. Look at the crowd at redbull air show.
    2: politics is the only ccoffee talk here. Everyone like to spice it up.
    3: no body will abide by, and in fact will abhorr any government that bans tv, Internet, photography, execute by public stoning to death, marry off 9y olds etc.
    4: it'd really be easy for Anni to ask mullahs to propose zero tolerance clauses to constitution. I bet it will be resort owners who will object to them first. The public will be slow to respond; they don't realize the gravity of the harsh laws of Islam, until one of their family gets executed, Islam style.
    5: Maldives is doomed.

  33. To give in to this lot is like saying "I wish to be a slave". We will be a suburb of Pakistan.

    This is just a last gaspse tool by Gayoom to regain power, every one can see that.

  34. @ MM: Exactly! Coalition protestors are the ones trying to jeapodize the muslimhood we have been living for the past 800 years. We are living right as Muslims. Allah (s.w.t) would not make our lives successful if we are living against the religion and the Holy Quran. And to-date we have achieved nothing but DEFINITE SUCCESS. We don't need Maldivian sheikhs to preach in favour to extreme Islamic practices and encourage terrorism. Allah (s.w.t) does not like anything if it is used in excess (refer to Ayah's in Quran). Religion is no exception. How could they not know this when an average person like me knows of it?

    They recited verses regarding the overthrowing of government and such others in last night's gathering which in the my opinion is pointless to recite in the first place. Coz without doubt ME and EVERYONE WITH SIMILAR IDEOLOGY would stand to protect Islam if any act of ill-treating Islam and Allah (s.w.t) is practiced in the Maldives which is not the case. We have been respecting all religions and above all ISLAM from the very beginning. Currently, there is nothing the government has done to deserve such accussations.

    If the life we are living as Muslims currently in the Maldives is WRONG, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries must urge for the execution of the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, his advisors, his cabinet ministers and those who encouraged and educated us to practice Islam in the Moderate way since childhood. Let him be the first to be executed if what Sheikh Ilyas, Sheikh Shaheem, Sheikh Imran and others are saying is true about Islamic practices. Because Maumoon himself was the one who decides on religious issues apart from being the president and who showed us the wrong path of Islam for the past 30 years of his long regime. Unless or otherwise this is clear, we would not follow those Maldivian Sheikhs who made a total mockery out of themselves in yesterday's protest.

    Amongst the political parties participated in the coalition protest includes the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) which is lead by the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. What a sick joke. Aren't they Munaafiqs. They are the ones who created moderate Islam which we currently practice and now they are acting against it saying that is the wrong way. What a joke. How dumb do they think the Maldivians are? Using religion to gain power crossed the line. You have played with what we love the most i.e. ALLAH (s.w.t) and Islam!

    Allah (s.w.t) knows all hidden secrets without doubt. Allah Akbar!

  35. What is with the headline MV? What about the silent majority who are sick of these narrow minded politically sponsored people. The majority in the beautiful country are not evil extremists !

  36. What the people defending islam called for had nothing to do ith Islam. Had they called the President to stop 1) child abuse in the country 2) address cases of rape of vulnerable women 3) Called for cutting the hands to thiefs like the ones we know, then I would have beleived that the gathering was for defending Islam. The credibility of the Gathering was lost when 1) Gasim showed up 2) Yaamin showed up and 3) Thasmeen showed up. I have also heard that Imraan deserves flogging as for Mauroof was it not a Hindu University he got educated in? Is that why he does not call for all the Hindu worhsipping channels in their households be closed.

  37. Actually, there is no fear of any other religion being introduced in the Maldives with the Constitution stating clearly that Islam is the State Religion of the Maldives and that no non-Moslem will be a Citizen of this country. Then what is the protection of Islam about?

    The protest leaders are all seekig power. Most of the leaders who took part in the mass demonstration led by the Adalath spoke about government policy obviously unrelated to Islam and personal attacks against the president Nasheed. Protests are not of Islamic design. Because it's peace no violence that is employed to spread Allah's word. So, it's un-Islamic to raise voice for Islam in the Western style of public reactions or civil disobedience.

    If the protests are truely meant for protection of Islam, the religious scholars must have opted to educate the puplic since only this can take care of the survival of the religion.

    The government may not have put up an idol at a junction of a cross road, but it may be the idolator who has one in his drawing room or bed room. If the object of the protesters were protection and spreading Islam, education in Islam must be the focus rather than politics. Government plays a little or no role in influencing the individual as far as religion and faith are concerned.

    Allah knows best to us. Why do we then pray for things like leading us to the path of Islam? Does it mean He may mislead us if we don't specifically ask for that? Does it mean that Allah made an empty promise of protecting Islam that we have to force the government and people to protect it?

  38. I call for a tourism boycott. Let's see how Maldivians live without money from Kaffir Laadheenee people. If you want 7th century values and customs then by God you shall have the 7th century living conditions to go along with it.

    If you are a foreigner please spread the word. Tell everyone about the intolerant hellhole that this place has become and ask them to keep away.

  39. im glad the opposition using religion as a tool came out to streets and used the masses in the most hedious of ways. at one point making them swear with their index fingers up in the air to not allow any human to be a non-muslim in this nation.
    but thats not why im glad, im glad at least a little bit MDP is awaken and vocal abt religion and ways of life we have been following for centuries and obvious fundamentalization of this nation. hope MDP and everyone else, good muslims will be more vocal and outspoken to depend the good values of islam and do not give in to the fanatics.


    A miracle in yesterdays protest. There were not a single women who was having period/unclean. they all performed prayer:)

  41. First of all Qasim should stop selling alcohol, with that how could he says such a fake word. I think they are doing campaign stuff for 2013.

  42. Islam needs to be defended.........not from jews and non believers..........but from sunni muslim fundamentalists who have hijacked moderate islam in most islamic countries and are now terrorizing not only people of other faiths but also other muslims (shias, ahmadiyyas, sufis)
    Look at what is happening in Pakistan today and you will see Maldives in 2021..........scary!!

  43. Next the Adhalath party will ban girls and women from education, and from working like the Taliban did in Afganistan.

    What is shocking is that till today we have not heard a word from the Mullahs about the violence being committed by men against women and children in our country and the judges who do not allow justice for victims of crime.

    It appears Adhalath party has nothing to say about the violation of the rights of muslim women and children in our country.

    Never will we allow the taliban to rule our country.

  44. yeserday we saw: typical terrorist tactic all over the world... using children and civilians as shields...:(


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