Gang murders 21 year-old man near Alikileygefaanu Magu in Galolhu

A group of men stabbed a 21 year-old man to death last night near NC Park in the Galolhu district of Male’.

Police said the incident occurred around 3:30am in the morning in Alikileyegfaanu Magu. The victim was identified as Ahmed Basheer, 21, of  Hithadhoo in Addu Atoll.

”He was stabbed four times in the back and three times in the chest,” police said in a statement.

Local media has reported that Ibrahim Shahum, who was recently charged in a murder case and released by the court after being kept in detention for six months, was sought by the police in connection with the murder last night.

Police have asked the public to report sightings of Shahum to police, and also warned people not to confront him.

A person familiar with the case told Minivan News that the death was a result of gang rivalry last night occurred between two groups in Male’ located in Maafannu, and that Shahum was not affiliated with either of the groups.

Although Basheer’s house is in Galolhu near NC Park, he said, he was affiliated with persons living in Maafannu ward.

”He is not affiliated with persons nearby his house and they do not have issues with him,” he said. ”He was attacked in a confrontation that occurred between two groups in Maafannu.”

In an effort to reduce violence in the Maldives, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ahmed Rasheed has presented an amendment to the Clemency Act during last week Tuesday’s parliament session, requiring the death penalty to be administered where the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

In 2010 the Criminal Court issued a death sentence to a person found guilty of murder.

In last year’s death penalty verdict, the judge referred to article 88[d] of the Constitution, which stated that cases of murder should be dealt accordingly to Islamic Shariah, and that persons found guilty of murder ”shall be executed” if no inheritor of the victim denies the murderer to be executed, as according to Islamic Shariah.

According to MP Rasheed’s proposed amendment, if the Supreme Court upholds a death penalty ruled by a lower court, or if the Supreme Court itself serves death penalty to a person, the death penalty shall be executed.

Rasheed said he felt he had to present the amendment because of the increase in assaults and murder cases, which had “forced the living to live amid fear and threats.”


33 thoughts on “Gang murders 21 year-old man near Alikileygefaanu Magu in Galolhu”

  1. no worries. the guys who killed him will walk out free as our kangaroo courts wont punish them....Buttttttt if an innocent person hurts or kills one of these small time pest wanna be gangsters---the defender will definitely get a life sentence..

  2. When one gangster kills another gangster "The dead gangster cecomes an "almarhoom" and the public prays that the Marhoom gangster goes to heaven in peace. Amazing Mladives..... Amen.

  3. @ Rationale
    Al-marhoom in arabic means 'the deceased'.
    not only in maldives, anywhere in the world when a person is dead people hold prayers for that person. that include serial killers who get church service, rapists who get jewish funerals, etc..
    whether a person goes to heaven or hell is something we dont know. It depends upon his actions and deeds.

  4. Elect me as president in 2013 and I will surely close all the doors for the gangs.

    I definitely can and will. So trust in Allah and me. And VOTE Yamin Gay-yoom in 2013.

    Also I will install a 1000% Muslim state by first removing the infidel white skins from the land of this beloved land.

  5. he was released because the state could not show evidence against his crime. Instead of practicing thaliban laws (like death sentence) y dont for heavens sake get a better equipped police crimes investigation divishion? but no every time UN,UNDP, IMF,WTO UNESCO asks what type of aid we need its "alhugandah kaareh , or some fancy office building for some ministry :S

    and let me see he knows gangsters , but not part of a gangster group who happens to be out of his house at 3 am around gang fights but not participated in it . mmmmmm m not saying he is a gansgster but if we had better trained police we could investigate this further and not rely on he said she saids as the means of proper criminal investigations in this country.

    instead of bringing on death penalty :
    1.install crime cameras in all gang related areas
    2.more police patrols at night
    3. get repeated gag offenders to wear tracking bracelets and house arrest them from 12 pm to 6 am unless they have a night duty job (which can be verified by the tracking devices)
    4. Introduce legislation legalizing DNA evidence, and advanced forensic evidence.

    since our police force seems to rely on newspapers for their investigations i bet they might raid minivan news :S for evidence since they seem to be incapable of gathering it themselves.

  6. so, death sentence is taliban rule, eh? So, when did taliban start ruling places like America, Singapore, etc.. Because in these places capital punishment is being imposed.
    Now also there is no lack of cctv cameras in male, there are plenty of police patrolling around, in every crime scene police forensics collect DNA. Inspite of all this, people are getting sliced up in broad day light.
    Yeah, right. lets not introduce "taliban law" in maldives and lets put nice bracelets in these criminals and lets wait till more limbs are chopped off and more people loose their lives .

  7. @ odithan kaleygefaanu

    You mean US is also a Taliban state. They also practice death sentence!


  8. @ odithan kaleygefaanu on Thu, 17th Mar 2011 11:47 PM
    FYI everyone who go out of their houses at 3 am is not a gang star. and they dont deserve to be killed in this way. I for example, working as a medic in hospital has to go out really late during night duties. Can you imagine the psychological fear we experience in the street? It is really risky to be on the streets of male'. I have no guarantee whether i will reach hospital alive or as a corpse with limbs chopped off.
    The solution for this is the introduction of death penalty and islamic shariyah. Then only we can have a sense of security and live in peace.

  9. ...the police advises the public to report on any sighting of this serial killer Shahum. What a joke!
    ...for simple petty crimes, victims pictures are always displayed in papers, but when we have a murderer on the loose, the police is unable to release his identity which raises many questions!
    ...the parliament and its politicians from all sides are to blame for continuation of violence and disobedience in society.
    ...Facebook revelations are shocking! some of these people with responsible status must be exposed and fired!

  10. I guess we should really now acknowledge the sorry state of our supposedly heaven on earth.

    Its really every one for himself. Get yourself prepared with knives and iron bars. Protect your family by yourself.

    We can never rely on these idiot parliamentarians, police for this.

    Imagine its your wife or kids that got stabbed, just because the crappy axxholes in justice department do not realize that video, finger prints can be used to identify a person. Or some something similar...

  11. Ah, the Izzaitheri Gangster who murdered the other izzaitheri gangster should be released as soon as possible! They shouldn't lock up such highly respected members of our society, IF they do manager to find the izzaitheri gangster.

  12. Where is the Majority Leader Chasmeen, recently a Court had difficulty in delivering a Court Warrant and finally they had to use the Court's last resort, sticking a Red Notice at Chasmeen's residence.

    Shame on u Chas!!!! U still claim u love the people of this country? U still claim u are not a power hungry crook like the one who made this beautiful country a HELL FIRE??

    Chas! what did u do to let the Judiciary gets the Evidence Bill, being the Majority Leader of the Majlis? Or are u simply waiting till the MURDERERS invade your house?

    Chas! U will be a President of this country in 222222222222222222212 but not in 2013 and be careful! U will taste the game u are playing today soon

  13. The same sh...t only different day and no any real action to stop and punish hard all those criminals/ Criminals will be free after short time of arrest but good people walk in fear for their life and life of their family//shame shame and shame for such heavy corruption level in the Maldives/Do not think that problem will resolve automatically or only police help you! people also have to help and protect themself or cooperate with police/But if every body will be egoist and think that it is not my business -all situation will come worse and worse day by day!

  14. dhivehi raiyithaa,

    Having death penalty does not make the Maldives a taliban state, but having the taliban does.

    In US and other western countries, there's something called a democratic rule of law, with clear constitutional safeguards protecting individual rights and reasonable expectations of fair opportunity at justice - which, unfortunately, involves separation of powers and accountability.. stuff that our Taliban doesn't care much about.

    For instance, the taliban in our country have in the past dragged our ex-president to court on charges of not being a constitutionally defined Muslim, which is sort of a serious crime in the Maldives.

    Imagine giving the same guys the power to also kill you at will?

    The difference is plain for anyone to see. In the US, it is not for a small group of ruling clergy to condemn their critics to death and have nobody to account for (in this life, at least).

    In Taliban states, the death penalty is simply an instrument of political convenience, much like religion.

  15. I for one agree with the death penalty being carried out in Maldives. You don't know how much fear all this daylight murder has put into people's hearts. IF the penalty is not carried out, what punishment DO murderers get in Maldives anyway? "Get out of jail free" cards are what we are talking about. I say go for the death penalty.

    And for anybody who disagrees with the death penalty, I doubt you would if your father, brother or any other member of your family was stabbed to death on the road.

    Oh and Odithan, the death penalty is not a taliban rule. As for them, they kill women and children randomly. We don't. We impose the death penalty on convicted criminals. Also, I think the lethal injection is the best way to go with this.

  16. //I doubt you would if your father, brother or any other member of your family was stabbed to death on the road.//

    Precisely why the death penalty should not be made legal. Emotion make us seek revenge and emotion is irrational.

    As for striking fear into their hearts, the death penalty has not been effective in reducing the number of murders committed per capita in the US compared to countries that do not impose the death penalty (european union) In fact, the rate is higher in the US.

    And killing is killing. If the crime deserves death, then why does the means have to be humane?

  17. i really dnt like replying to this nonsense yaamyn fellow. But for the wider audience let me clarify something.
    In Maldives there is a clear constitution, which guarantees separation of power of legislature, judiciary and the executive. And Maldives is a muslim country on top of that. So, no matter which party comes to power its the maldivian constitution that will be followed. Their power will be on the government (executive), while majlis deals with legislators and courts deals with all judicial process. So, this fellows comment of a "taliban" taking over maldives and killing all the critics is nothing but secularist fear mongering.
    The thing written about the ex-president is also misleading and false to the most part. Some individuals doubted whether the former president was a SUNNI muslim, because some of his beliefs were contrary to sunni islam. If anyone has any accusations its best to go to the courts and settle the issue. similarly these individuals submitted the case to court and the court decided in favor of the ex-president. This case was just about which sect he belong to and not about whether he was muslim or not. The reason why these individuals took all the trouble of going to the court was because there is a specific clause in Maldivian constitution that says only sunni muslims can be president.
    This is not a unique case for Maldives. there are some court cases against Mr.Barak Obama, to know whether he is an american or not. And many other countries similar cases emerge. This doesnt make any of them taliban.

  18. @ Balrog
    "As for taliban, they kill women and children randomly"
    I think you are bit confused. It is the American, British & NATO forces which are killing women, children randomly in Afghanistan for the most part. If you dont trust me, see the latest reports from the UN.

  19. The death penalty won't solve anything. It'll just lead to more murders, just half of them will be legally sanctioned by the state.

    Is more death what our country needs?

    Is more death going to solve the situation of those children growing up in gangs?

    The schools already ignore them; who do you think they're going to turn for the respect they crave? They already have wounds from defending their brothers.

    We can't continue to just ignore our gangs. They're a part of our culture now, like it or not. For the murders to stop the gangs need to change and for the gangs to change the government needs to start acknowledging their existence and the greater social ills they indicate. Death is never the solution.

    talib: Just because the US isn't angelic doesn't automatically make everything the Taliban did ok. It's funny when people treat world issues like it's the world cup.

  20. dear youth of maldives...stay home after school...browse internet...try to learn and understand wots going on in this world...wots the root of all evils and wots the root of all goods and take care of ur family memebers loved ones friends neighbours or enemies and dont just go to places like parks and spend ur precious time killing time with other naughty people and finally get in some kinda nastry trouble...ur life is more precious and imporotant than being a temporary sorry as_ wannaby gangster which will end up in most cases in a total disaster...i know its not ur idea of being end up in disaster but be aware that the root of devil from the very highest hiracy is orchestrating these events and u r easilly being fooled by its influence in the scoiety being a joker fool play without your b smart & simply stck to the things which will only bring happiness harmony tranquility to urself and others around you and if all youth do the same as i say i wud say our society will be the best society in the shall we move from this point onwards with this attitude wannabees haaaa haaaaa yes u ladies & gentlemen or wannbees & wannbeesness hahahahha...good luck

  21. at Olhithaan!
    Did you know this guy has confessed he had murdered his rival. What more evidence you need from a hospital. We all know the victim was dead and buried in Male Cemetry.

  22. Courts are trying to establish JUSTICE in this beautiful island country!

    In their 1st effort, Court released a Murder Suspect to the society reasoning out that they could not get a required document from the Health Authority of this country.

    After few days of Murder Suspect release, Police is running behind him as he is suspected of the recent MURDER.

    Let me ask the people of this country, how much money we have to spend for the EXECUTIVE so that Courts shall provide the required support to the Courts?

    Let me also ask the people, how much money we have to spend for the Majlis to pass the Bills required for the Courts and to establish JUSTICE in this country? Also how much money Majlis requires so keep watching the Judiciary so that a Murder Suspect shall not be released just simply because the EXECUTIVE fails to send a document and so on.....

    Shame on u Honorable (Izzaiytherin)!!! Your allowances and other incomes being increased by yourselves, the CSC decreased Civil Servants income, cost of living is raising up to the sky, Izzaiytherin & family are provided with a world-class Health Insurance scheme and the people are provided with a national-class Health Insurance (Madhans). If a normal delivery, a woman under this scheme could only survive, otherwise the baby or the woman lose sad....

  23. If death is the solution, then there would also be no need for a death sentence after the first murderer is killed.

    We all know that it doesn't work like that. Those countries keep practicing it and people keep killing people. Death has solved nothing.

  24. All youth! Stop being uncivilized we all are grown up you no what you have to do and what you don't. Our community here it's only 300000 people why are we form gangster and implement crime. We are Muslim community we grown with Muslim culture our parents never create this in this country.

    Why are we killing stabbing using drugs as fashion what is more we get! Nothing people blame you other country's will have more opportunities to involve of our internal problems, is that you all want.

    I dont think we should create that kind of environment here. Therefore I call people of this country to decide what you want to do, from the government and people majlis should ratified our constitution and legalized the bill death sentence bill and government also support.

    Recent death sentence should be approve by President for the future of this small nation & of course for the election on 2013,

    People will support forget about human rights they will say anything but mr president it is your decision do that approved that death sentence should happen.

    Other wise our future will be very dark. Feeling this country is turning same some places like brazil / Cambodia / Kenya

  25. fa-rk ya all.. the dude who was dead is an idiot.. I dont give a damn if thousands of like that are being killed.. we dont have time think for these idiots...

  26. can u believe this! the family of the guy who got killed is now blaming police, hospital, court.
    the family has only themselves to blame for not bringing up the child in a proper manner.
    and blaming the hospital for the death of a critically stabbed man, is just absurd!

  27. Its all about money. Heroin and the power it bought has addled the minds of these gangs.

    Also, hey Heck. Nice to see you comparing the institutionalized death sentences with the warrantless massacres committed by the Taliban to silence all dissent.

    But in your defense, the christian extremists are almost as bad as the Taliban.


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