Revised penal code will “destroy Islam,” insists Sheikh Ilyas

A draft penal code under consideration by parliamentary committee will “destroy Islam” in the Maldives if the bill is passed in its current form, Sheikh Ilyas Hussain of the Adhaalath Party (AP) repeatedly insisted at parliament today.

The chair of the religious conservative AP’s scholars’ council and member of the Fiqh Academy was summoned to the committee after claiming that the draft legislation (Dhivehi) did not include Shariah penalties for fornication, apostasy and violent robbery.

“If it is passed, there is no doubt that there will be no religion in this Muslim society that claims to be 100 percent Muslim. There will be no Islamic punishments,” Sheikh Ilyas stated in a sermon delivered at the Furqan mosque in Male’ on March 23.

Sections of an audio recording of the sermon were played at the committee meeting today.

Ilyas however stood by the assertion and pointed to the bill specifying two years banishment as the punishment for fornication, instead of public flogging as prescribed in the Quran.

“Refusing [to incorporate] a single Hadd [fixed punishments specifically mentioned in Quran] is destroying Islam,” he said.

Other hudud crimes include murder, theft, highway robbery, consuming alcohol, apostasy and defaming a chaste woman.

Responding to Ilyas’ allegations, MP Ahmed Hamza, chair of the committee, noted that the draft penal code specifies as offences zina (fornication), theft, alcohol consumption and illegally toppling the government.

Following tense exchanges between Ilyas and MPs in a question and answer session, Hamza however conceded that “some [hudud] punishments” were not included in the draft legislation.

Hamza explained that a provision (article 1205) was added by the committee after the draft penal code was opened for public comment, under which sentencing persons convicted for premarital sex to 100 lashes is left to the discretion of judges.

Hamza also observed that a high degree of certainty is required in Islamic Shariah to convict a person of a hudud crime, such as four witnesses to prove fornication.

The hudud punishments were not incorporated because the Maldivian judiciary does not have the competence and public confidence to deliver fair judgments, Hamza said.

“I believe that our justice system has not developed to the level of establishing hadd,” he said, adding that the Prophet’s (pbuh) sayings advised against meting such punishments if there was the slightest doubt.

The six-member select committee reviewing the revised penal code includes MPs Ahmed Hamza, Imthiyaz Fahmy and Nazim Rashad from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), MPs Abdul Raheem Abdulla and Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakur from the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and MP Ahmed Mohamed (Vice Chair) from the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

A revised penal code was submitted to parliament in late 2009 to replace the existing law put in place in the 1960s. The bill has since been at committee stage.

The initial draft of the penal code was prepared by legal expert Professor Paul H Robinson and the University of Pennsylvania Law School of the United States, upon the request of the Attorney General in January, 2006. The project was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Professor Robinson’s team have published two volumes (Volume 1 and Volume 2) consisting of commentaries on sections of the draft legislation.

“The author’s review suggests that the Maldivian criminal justice system systematically fails to do justice and regularly does injustice, that the reforms needed are wide-ranging, and that without dramatic change the system and its public reputation are likely to deteriorate further,” Professor Robinson wrote in his summary conclusion.


At today’s meeting, MDP MPs accused Ilyas of “lying” and misleading the public when he swore by God during his sermon that Shariah punishments were not included in the revised penal code.

MP Imthiyaz Fahmy said he deeply regretted Ilyas’ remarks in his sermon that implied that members of the committee were not Muslims.

“I am aware that I am a Muslim, not because of any relation between myself and Sheikh Ilyas,” Imthiyaz said. “I am a Muslim because of a connection from the bottom of my heart to God.”

Inciting religious hatred was a crime under both domestic and international law, he added.

DRP MP Ahmed Mohamed said that the first draft of the bill was in conflict with Islamic Shariah but the committee has made significant changes at the advice of religious scholars.

He went on to defend the committees’ efforts in reviewing the bill in consultation with state institutions, religious scholars, legal experts and the Islamic Ministry.

PPM MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakur meanwhile asked Ilyas why he chose to make allegations in public and sow discord instead of sharing his concerns with the committee.

He stressed that the review process was ongoing with the input of experts and religious scholars.

“When you say this is a law intended to destroy Islam, what happens is that we face threats,” he said. “People who love religion even called us kafir (non-believers) at the time. So this is a dangerous matter.”

The PPM MP for Laamu Maavah also disputed Ilyas’ claim that the bill did not specify consensual sex between adults as an offence.

In response, Ilyas said it was his duty to inform the public after the committee invited views and comments as most people were not well-informed on religious issues.

Ilyas also objected to a provision (article 411) exempting a woman from being lashed even if she confesses to fornication, if the man denies it and four witnesses are not produced.

“This is definitely against Islamic Shariah,” Ilyas said, adding that a confession at court should lead to punishment.

Sheikh Ilyas argued that such provisions contravened the constitution as article 10 stated that no laws contrary to any tenet of Islam shall be enacted in the Maldives.


59 thoughts on “Revised penal code will “destroy Islam,” insists Sheikh Ilyas”

  1. Surely Islam cannot be that fragile.
    And people will not sleep if religion is in such a danger.

    This so called Sheikh is trying to make a worldly name for himself, seeking media attention, publicity and ofcourse political power in the name of Islam.

    This is what happens when newly returned teenagers fron Gulf becomes Sheiks. A law has to be passed prohibiting these guys to preach before they are 40 and after undergoing some kind of a local curriculum

  2. Interestingly, all non-islamic countries in the world have secular penal codes. Yet, none, even the communist ones where religion is frowned upon, is without vibrant religious life. I cannot imagine what the good sheikh is confuffled about. If islam is strong and the people find it meaningful, then it will survive, even thrive, notwithstanding secular laws. The evidence is clear - meaningful religious practice is not dependent on secular society for either its functioning or survival.

  3. Is it not also a crime to claim to be the voice of Allah?

    I mean how does this man proclaim to know what Allah wants from his followers on earth?

    Did Allah not gift us with a brain and free thinking to decide the values we live by?

    This man is not a scholar he is a bully and an abuser of a faith that should promote harmony, peace and forgiveness not hatred, fear and punishment.

    Justice is served by equality and fairness regardless of age, race, religion and sex of the offender, but according to this man and many others like him your status at birth decides whether you are equal before a court of law.

    Preaching falsehoods is the biggest crime and this guy will bring the Maldives to the pit of hell unless he is stopped before it is too late. If the Maldives continues on this path the rest of the world will shun your tourist resorts and prevent your professionals and students from travelling as they currently do and apply the same restrictions that Afghans and Pakistanis are subjected too.

  4. i will get suffocated in this country with people with this kind of mind set.

  5. @DMF "I mean how does this man proclaim to know what Allah wants from his followers on earth?"
    Here's how he knows it... he knew it from the Holy Quran which Allah SW sent down upon Muhammad SAW. He studied the Quran and Sunnah. He used his brain to seek the truth and he have found it from the Quran. "Preaching falsehood"??? are you declining the verses of Quran for political reasons? if thats the "falsehood" you are talking about !! And that is what Sheikh Ilyas presented to the MP's.

    Allah SW says in the Quran (Al Baqarah: 6) "Indeed, those who disbelieve - it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them - they will not believe."

  6. It is not the new proposed bill but thinking that coming out this man and the like will destroy Maldives. If the moderate forces do not stand against this we will soon be the next Afghanistan.

  7. Hope that inciting hatred is a punishable, implementable offence under this revised penal code. Unless this is the case, we will always have loud-mouthed ignorant people spreading fitna in our society.

  8. when a women is raped there should be 4 witness who actually saw the penetration as per sharia..........if there were only 3 witness rape is not proved and the poor women is flogged 100 lashes for adultry........and what were the 4 witness doing during rape.insted of helping the women they were enjoying a free show..........................

  9. Islam - Peace and Submission - etymologically related to Salaam. Salaam, normally translated into English as PEACE, actually means peace and SAFETY, and the implication of ISLAM is a state of peace and safety for ALL.

    So what is destroying Islam, (peace and saftety for ALL?)

    It is human greed, dear Sheikh, which is destroying peace and saftey for all. It is the pursuit of power at the EXPENSE of humanity, which is destroying PEACE and safety for all.

    The motive which drives the pursuit of profit in a market (capitalist) society does not HAVE to be greed or the realization of personal power.

    A true state of personal and social Islam is born from true caring, from love, not from fear or violence.

    You need to address the absence of humanity, the need for a deeper respect of the innate sanctity of every human, before you can introduce these harsh penalties. IF you don't, these penalties will be used to create the opposite of Islam, a social state of anxiety and terror. You will create social trauma, a state which may look like peace for all, but is in fact a state of widespread silent trauma, its silent nature making the opposite of peace look like peace.

    These Huddud laws, due to the social fear and servility that fear creates, will be used to create a state where the rich and powerful have utterley Haraam drug, alcohol and wild sex parties at the expense of the degradation of the poor. This is because, the law only applies to the poor. The rich have the law in their pockets. Any challenge to their greed and reign of tyranny will be intepreted as an attack against Islam deserving of the death penalty for 'Riddah" or Apostasy.

    Please Sheikh, and ALL, please address the deeper social justice issues, the absence of caring and love BEFORE you introduce more weapons of intimidation and fear for the rich to use against the poor.

  10. I have seen this MP Imthiyaz was arguing with Ilyas. Imtiyaz just bashed out words without any facts and till end, these parliament jokers are unable to answer to Ilyas's question.

    "Fitna" was really spreading here in Maldives by MPs and they are people who are wasting our state funds for doing nothing. These Mps jobs are to protect thier political party agendas not the public interest. Imtiyaz is one of the most common person from Mp who are doing this Fitna.

    In fact Imtiyaz himself had agreed that these penal code draft was done a a person called " Paul Robert" who have not knowledge of Maldives culture and must have been a clear cut copy of a western countries penal code.

    This was further agreed by another Mps saying that when they received the draft there was huge issues and many of them have been addressed during committee sittings before it was given for public comments.

    In reality, what Ilyas had said was correct and these useless Mps, had only given a serious thinking of amending the penal code when Ilyas criticize them in public. If this was done, I am sure we would have seen a very different penal code being getting passed by the useless parliament.

  11. @Rybat on Thu, 16th May 2013 6:47 AM

    That's your interpretation. That's your belief. That's Seyku Imrans wet dreams.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having wet dreams.

    But you have to realise not all believe in your dreams.

    There is absolutely NO reason why the governments penal code code must be Islamic fundamentalistic. You do not need them in heaven. A government cannot go to heaven. God, set some loose rules on earth, giving men the option to move about, but in heaven, he will have created a 'Heaven', where no one can go wrong. So, earthly governance would have no meaning there. A country's governance has no relation and alter/effect in people's path to heaven. Be good, and you will end up in heaven.

    Do not judge others. Have you ever considered that your heaven may differ with someone else idea of heaven? What you call red may be crimson to others! Who you call beautiful, may not be to some others!

    So, don't push your agenda onto others, as though you are the only one who can add 1 and 1.

  12. To all the visitors who have commented against Sheikh Ilyas, please know that you are too slaves of Allah SW and fear Allah. The four Imams of our Ummah have mentioned earlier: " If you find it otherwise in Quran and Sunnah, then leave my words and take what you found from Quran and Sunnah as truth"

    Allah SW says in the Quran (Yasin: 10) "And it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them - they will not believe."

    And it follows in the next verse (Yasin: 11) "You can only warn one who follows the message and fears the Most Merciful unseen. So give him good tidings of forgiveness and noble reward."

    Allah SW says in the Quran (4: 59) "O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result."

  13. We have the greedy mullahs, we have the ignorant masses, we have the idiots in government: now all we need is a Zia ul Haqq to turn back time and take us to 9th century Baghdad. Yes, enforce the barbaric punishments on Dhivehistanis. Dhivehistanis need to wake up to mullarization and nothing better than the sight of Seezan and Niuma being stoned to death at Jumhuree Maidhan.

    Ofcourse the rich and powerful politicians, mullahs, ganglords and businessmen will be exempt. They can drink, fornicate, steal and terrorize all they wish. Shari'ah Law cannot touch them. Why? Because it's implemented and enforced by them. Holy Allah and Shariah Law are just excuses to control Dhivehistani minds. And its working like a charm.

  14. By right, Ilyas (be a Sheikh or not) can say what ever he may like to say with no proof or base!

    For all I know, no PENAL CODE, no ILYAS or no WHOSOEVER can destroy Islam!

    There is no point arguing about this!
    The Almighty Allah, in His Book Quran has clearly said it is the people who will have the say and they are the one who will chose their course!

    If Ilyas was a true scholar, he would have not taken to podiums and mosques to do what he is doing now!

    Ilyas for all I know is working at nothing, but a seat in the parliament! What he is doing now is campaigning!
    This is very clear!

    The question is why burden himself with the hypocrisy he is exhibiting?

    Ilyas, as I am told, had been seen as an educated, and righteous person who was eagerly listened to, and was very much loved!

    It is said that people respected him such that when on his way to the mosque, people used to make way for him and the trial of his scent was much appreciated.

    But now, Ilyas seem to have turned so low that those who loved him and listened to him are raising their hands up to the heavens and openly condemning him and asking Allah to let them be rid of such hypocrites as Ilyas and the like!
    My sincere apologies to the readers!

    If he ducking wants a seat, why not say so?

    Why draw us in to a religious scandal in disguise? Why????

  15. Nasheed and his supporter may not like ILyas since he has the guts to confront them and then those idiots are getting exposed.

  16. Yes implement your Sharia laws and see how far you go back. Just check how your Islamic brothers are doing in Afghanistan.
    Watch this link,

  17. Now, i do not understand why the good Sheikh is saying all of this.

    Islam will not perish from the world and it will remain as it is till judgement day!

    Just look at the rate of the religion spreading in spite of all the hatred, and the so called terrorists!

    The Spread of the religion is the one thing the west doesn't want to embrace!

    True, there's nothing Islamic about the Maldives.It's just a name tag!

    And i love the way the apostates hate this sheikh!kekeke i thought he is a neanderthal who does not know 1+1 is what?? The sheikh can say anything he wants, after all that's what freedom of speech is all about!

  18. I have always wondered why it's so easy to destroy Islam in the Maldives. What is this Islam they talk of?

  19. How come politicians can say whatever they want but a sheikh cannot!What level of hypocrisy!

  20. @Shimy on Thu, 16th May 2013 5:24 PM
    "The sheikh can say anything he wants, after all that’s what freedom of speech is all about!"

    Of course he can. Nobody will touch him. Others respect him.

    The problem is the reverse.
    Remember the time Nazim said he does not believe in religion. And that was a statement, not an calling for others.

    Your freedom of speech is bent sideways!

  21. Sheikh needs a complete overhaul; his bastardization of Islam is way too much for 21st century. Shaikh is like dying tree, and needs rehydration with the light of good education. Don’t Sheikh think that Quran is asking to punish for those who commit crimes, it is not necessary you adopt the same methods that Quran has instructed, as long as what Quran describes as punishable , if punished in which ever methods you adopt, it must be seen that you are complying with Quran. Sheikh must learn to swim with current not against it.
    In Mohammeds time there was no police, no prisons and no institution so he thought the best way to punish people was direct hit but if you can get better result by indirect hit it must be much better than decapitation, maiming or whacking.
    I don’t think the God who is so powerful and has the control over his creation would ask to carry out his verdict. Can’t God simply paralyze or freeze anyone who tries to defy his rules? Or it must be much nicer if God has created everyone equal, intelligent, beautiful, healthy, brave, one color, one language. So there is no social hierarchy; poor, disabled, mental. Or racial and xenophobic, which are the reasons we have so many difference in our perception of reality.

  22. @ Andrew Andreas,

    People support Ilyas because he says what's in his heart unlike all these greedy politicians! look at how Nasheed talks when he goes around the world and when he is here in the Maldives!

    When you see the money, prostitutes and booze in the west then Islam does not mean anything to you but when you see the votes then Islam is everything to you, ehhh!

    I do not support what happened to Nazim as this was not the way our prophet handled such cases. Remember someone spitting on him and one of the sahabis asking his permission to slit the throat of the person who spit on him!

    The Prophet asked the sahabi to have patience with such kind of people!And i know the Wests hypocrisy in bringing the facts about our prophet so do not try to delude me! After all that was what Arnoud found about Islam when he researched!

    Dutch Arnoud Van Doorn -- Geert Wilders' party embraces Islam

    I bet that is not the way your so peaceful humanity Drone bomb loving Americans, Russians and Britons will deal with poor Muslim nations just for calling on the Sharia law!Research on how much wars these hypocrites sprung on the Muslim nations for just wanting Muslims to govern Muslims!

    And not just that, the UN played a vicious role in the conflict that sprung between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine! The Britons were the biggest hypocrites here!

    Watch Al Nakba Documentary if you want to learn something!

    And the freedom of speech works only for the Americans who unlawfully detains and tortures innocent muslims in Guantanamo bay!
    Do not take me as a fool! i do my research!

  23. Hey Ilyas. I heard there's this new holiday package being offered for free. The destination is guantanamo bay, and the possibility of finding like minded folks there are very high. Maybe you should consider heading there as the weather in the Maldives is terrible at the moment.

    Also, I don't know why, but from what these 'scholars' say, Islam seems like a rather easy religion to destroy.

  24. Don’t you guys think Mullahs are committing Shrik? They claim they are partners of Allah to implement his laws. It looks like Allah needs assistants which is against fundamental teaching of Islam, that He begot none and He was not begotten and He is self-sufficient I see no logic in whatever Mullahs talking. Unless Mullahs make themselves more logical and rational, I don’t think anyone who can use his upstairs will respect Mullahs as academics. It is not enough to read some verses of Quran and claim that they are experts in decoding those verses. If we look in to deeper to psychology of Mullahs, it is obvious that they are simply calling themselves partners or intermediary to God same as Hindus use intermediaries to reach God.
    We can understand Mullahs as some genius guys if they contribute some positive thing that helps to spread the essence of all religion which basically is social harmony and well being of society. Mullah seems that they are trying to gain respect by show off that they have some knowledge that ordinary people don’t have. But in information age they look like some bunch of idiots because even a nerd can give you 1000 version of Quran translation.

  25. Rybat on Thu, 16th May 2013 6:47 AM

    Allah has said no such thing. A man of this world wrote these words down on a piece of paper and you all believe this to be true.

    Ask yourself if a man was walking in the street today claiming he was hearing the word of Allah in his mind how would you respond today? Your scholars would say he was involved in black magic being possessed by an evil spirit.

    So who is using religion as a tool for politics, not me but a Islamic scholar who wants to retain power through written words of a man who lived over 1400 years ago, at a time when man believed the world was flat. That the world has been proven not to be flat, how can you be sure everything else isn't true.

    He is a final thought. A rich man can pay blood money to the family to absolve him from the punishment his crime deserves. Yet a poor man has no money to pay for his crime so he hangs, so does money stand above the needs of justice in Islamic law? In a just a fair system both would receive the same punishment, but not under Sharia law, it favours the rich and powerful.

  26. @shimy,

    Al Jazeera is a means to an end, not the end. Congratulations, you have watched a documentary, two in fact, 'The Secret of the Seven Sisters" too, that does not make you any less of a dumb ass.

    People support Illyas because they are dumb asses just like you are.

    You might wonder why I'm subjecting you to such vile denigration for merely expressing your dumb ass opinion. Now, normally I'm tolerant of dumbassness, but when gullible dumb asses like you fall for these Sheiks, you help take away our freedoms too.

    Once these Sheiks take over, it will be the dumb asses like you who will suffer most. Which is why I implore you, dumb ass, do not pull out the pin, please take my word, the grenade will definitely explode, as it has in so many Muslim countries.

  27. Oh Dear, have a little faith, Shake Illyas, you sound as if God is not capable of protecting His book and Dheen.

    Seriously, ask a simple question, Can a Penal Code Committee of this country, Destroy our religion and our beliefs? if so what kind of a faith do you people think us Maldivians have?

  28. @Shimy on Thu, 16th May 2013 7:13 PM

    "And not just that, the UN played a vicious role in the conflict that sprung between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine! The Britons were the biggest hypocrites here!"

    Oh dear, that old chestnut again. I just couldn't resist chiming in. If you did your research as you claim, you'll also know that this unfortunate piece of land has been the source of trouble for thousands of years. Many a dead Pharaoh will keep you entertained for hours on end with their misfortunes of having had to deal with this piece of land that God loves so much.

    The UN, the Brits, modern day Zionists and Palestinians are just going through a rite of passage as it were, handed to them down the generations. You'll see nothing fundamentally new, again, assuming you did your research. A little earlier on, the Crusaders, Christians, Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb have all been down that road too.

    Now, may I be so bold as to suggest that there's not much difference between a Sheikh who lusts after a "heaven" filled with rivers of wine and a dedicated harem of virgins, and your filthy old corrupt politician. Both are different sides of the same coin, as it were (same agenda, just written differently for a different audience). If you are an intelligent chap or chapese, I'm sure you'll get the gist of what I am saying here.

    You see, things aren't so black and white as Ilyas like to portray himself. He can neither protect nor weaken Islam as much as you or I can. He is a fiery chap for sure, but taking him too seriously is harmful to one's well being. Be guided by the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. After all, Allah made it a duty upon every single one of us to gather knowledge for ourselves and not rely on someone else to do our bidding.

  29. Oh, yes forgot to mention something other historical tit bits. Ever wondered why the ancient religions all seem to have sprung out of this dusty corner of the Middle East? It so happens, that this part of Earth contains areas that distinguish themselves as being areas that have been continuously inhabited for the longest period in time.

    So, it's not surprising that very, very long historical conflicts continue to bubble away for ever, literally, in this part of the world. Generation after generation carry the triumphs and defeats of those gone by.

    Look at Syria. The conflict that we see today has roots in the very long distant past. Some of it goes to the time when Imam Hussain was massacred! Those from outside cannot see this, but the heart of the trouble lies deep in history.

  30. Why am I commenting so much on history? As anyone from Addu will tell you, history has not been very kind to us. You may feel that the Zionists are trampling on poor old Palestinians and justifiably feel angry about that.

    If you like, the Adduans are the "Jews" of the Maldives or have been so treated by the ruling classes of Maldives for many generations. History, alas is littered with fallen under-dogs.

  31. You sneeze a certain way and the good Sheikh will tell you you are in danger of loosing religion. He seems to think religion is so weak that each and everything is capable of destroying it, not very good for a man who claims to be so religious to have so little faith.

  32. I was ex Mullah and had same mindset as Mullahs. When I was enlightened I went through my mindset and pondered why I was trying to correct others as per my perception of reality? Was it because I cared about others and wanted them to lead to right path or was it something different? Then I realized why I have to bother about what others do and believe. The Islamic studies what I have learned, was it for myself for my own good or was it to construct a self image that my parents wanted for others to see. I came to conclusion that if I do really care about people why do I have to care about what they do and believe, definitely it was not for the goodness of others, the truth was, I was trying to sell me to the public to buy respect and an image that was constructed by my parents.
    After analyzing my unconscious mind I have got the true nature of my subconscious mind. If It was not for this my idealized version of me, I would have used my Islamic education to lead my life in Islamic way and if others see me as good person they can follow me and can come to learn from me instead of me preaching out tearing my vocal code . I thought why Allah wants me to fight against the odds, when Allah himself is creating all the dramas, he is the one who cause the reasons for people to elect their leaders and it is better to leave to Allah and I gave up my false image of correcting people, because it was not to correct people it was a show off what I have learned all my childhood. I would much rather work for social community if I want help people to come out from social evils. Run programs to educate and help people to stop drugs, and put up seminars and workshop for young people to learn to live a meaningful life by contributing every ones share to create a society that is built based on good values.

  33. " In Mohammeds time... to punish people was direct hit but if you can get better result by indirect hit it must be much better than decapitation, maiming or whacking."

    Better result by indirect hit, my foot, you think spending half the budget on some psychopathic murdering criminals in a jail 24/7 rather than spending that on education, food and the lot is a better way of decreasing crime!

    hahaaaha! then i would suggest all crimes in the west and else where will be lesser by the number!(considering the amount of wealth they have)

    You check out the way how drug addicts are dealt in the west?Either they make the drugs legal or give them the drugs freely from a health centre! you call this alternative ways!???!

    BTW, good business for the drug lords and criminals as the govt spends on them rather than the good public???!

  34. @ peasant

    Oh dear god, now watching Al Jazeera and bringing another twist to this age old story rather than 24/7 listening to the brainwashed west has made me in the same dumb ass league as the great physicist, Stephen Hawking

    The Palestinian Narrative Captures Stephen Hawking

    Now the other day i heard someone on CNN putting on a hate speech for Stephen Hawking because he boycotted Israel! What level of hypocrisy is this?

    Peasant, whether calling me dumb or whatever silly names possible will never alter the facts!

    Even after the crusaders torched thousands of books of Muslims in Baghdad or the Jews calling the dome of rock as the holy place of Muslims when in fact it is the Aqsa mosque, eventually people will come to grips with reality!

  35. @ Ahmed Bin Addu,
    "Ever wondered why the ancient religions all seem to have sprung out of this dusty corner of the Middle East? It so happens, that this part of Earth contains areas that distinguish themselves as being areas that have been continuously inhabited for the longest period in time."

    Now there is a historical fact to ponder upon!

    So how come people do not believe in religion or God when science and history is ultimately bringing in the facts! I thought some scientists discovered the rocks there being the oldest!

  36. @ABABS: "Adduans the "Jews" of Maldives..."

    WOW... I can see how that fits, controversial yet ACCURATE analogy.

    @Shimy, Kuribee, Rybat: When I see all of the gangsterism and the violent, hedonistic, arrogance of politicians, I also feel like they need to experience a little fear to teach them some empathy with the common Maldivian - terrorized by gangsters and political thugs. I feel sympathy with efforts to implement Shariah Law. When I see politicians on both sides of the divide using, or wanting to use destroyed, souless, drug addicted children ("kids" or 'paarteys" (young teenagers or young adults) as cannon fodder in their struggles and protests, I also wish for the power to unleash the Wrath of ALLAh upon these corrupt, manipulative, deceptive evil politicians. It is only compassion to feel such pain, and such hate, against those who USE the poor children, against those who wish for the suffering of children to defeat their own enemies! WHat you feel, the rage you feel, is NATURAL. I commend you for caring so deeply. But, pleaase, step back from your feelings, and think beyond your knee jerk reaction. Who REALLy would suffer if Shariah Law punishments were implemented? Those who break the rules of Shariah LAW? When accusations are fabricated, with the climate of LIES and bribery, please guys, try and see what I am saying, think of the meaning of Islam, NO GOD BUT GOD. The politicians have set themselves above God, and they use Islam to do so. Islam means the equality of all, Justice Before the Law, please think of how much of a betrayal of Islam it would be to implement Shariah Law in this state of affairs. Other things have to change FIRST.

  37. @Homosexual said it powerfully... "They can drink, fornicate, steal and terrorize all they wish. Shari’ah Law cannot touch them. Why? Because it’s
    implemented and enforced by them..."

    @Peasent: Al Jazeera is a means to an end... Thats a fascinating insight I need to know more.

    I learn alot from ALL you commentors, actually. I wish I could figure out a way to use all this knowledge for more constructive purposes.

  38. @ Peasant

    Hmmmm, "sheikhs like them take over and I'll be the dumb ass to suffer!"

    Aren't Maldivians suffering enough because of the day light murders, drug addiction, unequal wealth,having unlimited amount of partners for sex which ultimately brings in the destruction of families and children and blah blah...aren't this the western style of upbringing but where were the sheikhs. Only in mosques.

    I bet you are a sex crazy maniac destroying young girls or families or a booze addict as these are the things these sheikhs are talking about. Why else are you so worried!

    And by the way you can go on your sex spree or whatever you want in your state of disbelief but trying to bring them into public will cause a whole lot of problems for this already broken community.

  39. Interesting to read ALL the 37 comments by 5 people - which should ofcourse be attributed to the total opinion of 350,000 Maldivains.

    The opinions of the 0.00142% who wrote here may not be the opinions of the 350,000.

    However, they are the only 5 who bothered to give it a thought.. think about it.

    Anyway, this news is in the last of the Minivan headlines for today. The rule to follow here is not to comment on the last post, cos people cannot read it . Quick and short comments on the newest posts are what Minivan wants readers to do. The 'Bird Brain' approach is what is encouraged here. May be thats what the 350,000 (minus 5) are.

  40. @ Ben Plewright,

    Ben, i do not want to implement the Sharia law here in the distant or near future but how else can we destroy all the evils of this country being it a Muslim nation.The west says their ways of dealing with crime is a lot better but i do not see any improvements. They are spending millions of dollars on criminals, drug addicts and ignoring the good folk!

    Aren't we seeing the result now in the European countries with their austerity measures!

    And the Sharia law is very much misunderstood as when we mention about this it only spreads out the picture of death! The Sharia law is based on facts and witnesses and 100% proof without a doubt!If one tiny bit of doubt is there we cannot implement it.

    People joke about it but presenting the western evidence of DNA also has it's doubts. What about the DNA being deliberately put on a crime scene or putting the wrong person as a suspect because the DNA matched!

    In my view, the way a man is tortured in solitary confinement is much worse. Think about the mental degradation he'll go through.Research on the Stanford experiments which was too brutal to go through!

    Tell me a better way but i guess we'll never come to a conclusion!

  41. @ Shimy

    "I do not support what happened to Nazim as this was not the way our prophet handled such cases".

    The human world is a world of perception. You know how a simple "I need some cash" practically destroyed the guy's political ambitions. How a single rash comment could destroy a relationship. A marriage. Lots of examples can show this.

    Maldivians, rightly or wrongly, see / feel that, when confronted with subjects anti-religious, the harder you shout, the amount of profanities you rant and the number of swinging arms somehow determine or show their own devoutness, piousness. This is a FACT. This happens.

    I believe this happens because
    a) Maldivian get jealous of others 'enjoying' some of life's simple pleasures. I do not mean doing drugs and murdering.
    b) Deep in their hearts, Maldivians want to get away of these arabian-shackles that have crippled their life.
    c) They want to enjoy their life, away from contempt, vile, swindling, compact, unhealthy environment. The anger they feel, needs to be vented. Lashing out,at someone is only justified in the eyes of the community, when it is done towards an anti-muslim guy.
    d) There are so many things in religion that just does not make sense, even remotely. Yet, even to question them, is so not right, the Maldivians feel their brain stressed to the point of exploding. There is absolutely no reason for you to repeat 'Brush your teeth' 200 times or more,daily.For a sane person, saying it once daily, if at all, would be sufficient, enough for you to be reminded of or even to perform the task.

    The point is, whilst a persons deeds are what determines what he gets at the end of it, any of the smaller (or larger) events in the surroundings, really determines how he performs his deeds. So, when one of the Sheikhs convoluted logic unleashes a rabid dog, with a knife, hacking people who does not believe in the Sheikhs version (And believe me, there are hundreds of versions of Islam) of religion, the impact will rattle a lot of peoples' belief.

    Its all very well to say, "Maldivians do not understand the real islam", but thats what it is. We are what we are.

    I just don't believe a word of what those Camel-herding Bedouins say. Humanity is THE miracle on Earth. A single foetus has got more miracles than any book ever seen the light of day. FACT.

  42. @shimy,

    The best and most pious of Muslims today, many of whom are converts, live in non-muslim majority countries, I know this because I have lived in two such countries. The kaafirs have got something right, wouldn't you say?

    The drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, violent crime is prevalent in many Muslim countries, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and many of former Soviet Republics. As do many Christian majority countries in Africa, latin America, Buddhist countries in East Asia have the same problems.

    Now that we have established that the religion of the people does not determine the social development of a country, please do your research in checking what the developed societies with a high happiness index, have got right.

    Allow me to enlighten you. They have a just society, and justice is not about laws or stupid constitutions. A written law is not worth the paper it is written on as long as the people who implement it do not have good morals.

    Shariah is great as long as the truly pious implement it. Such men and women do not exist in our society today. Shariah still continues to be favoured by the pseudo-Sheikhs because, it is a useful fishing net, once snared, the people have no escape, no recourse.

    Some people will meekly submit to "Shariah", some like you will be fooled, others like me will would oppose, but once implemented, every one suffers equally, there is no going back from "Gods Will" implemented by Satans men.

  43. @peasant
    Gods will implemented by Satan's men. Now that's a nice observation.

    Now lets think about this going back scenario. We muslims believe our religion is best so why shall we go back? Go back to what? Sure most of us Maldivians were born muslims which meant less exposure to other faiths than other atheist countries. But can the kuffar of Christianity show us the Jesus's version of the bible instead of Paul's? Can the Hindus establish their mythology? Can the Buddhists claim they have a religion? When did their 'religion' become a religion anyhow? Where are the facts? If facts are too troublesome to deal with then how about metaphysics? Can we ask about the whole point of reincarnation and going into cycles of life and death? What is the christian's version of hereafter and paradise and eternal damnation? Why are thy too subtle and silent on these issues when we Muslims can give us details?
    Coming to the original question why shall we wish to go back from paradise to hell? Just to prove our 'logical-ness'? I think this was tested by Banu Israel long ago no?

    The whole point is our system is better, we have more answers, then can circumvent our questions but not answer. So why bother go anywhere?

  44. @human being: Make no mistake, your religion is not Islam. Your religion is the worship of greedy tyrants. You may be satisfied with your money handout, but we want to break away from the jahiliya era.

    And no amount of whining from you can stop it.

  45. @human being,

    Not advocating anything here other than a just society. If religion and Shariah brings that, I'm happy to go along. But modern Sheikhs have consistently proven that their zeal for Shariah is for the wrong reason, political power rather than justice.

  46. After reading all the drivel above...........I thank God I was born a cow worshipping Hindu!!

  47. @ Andrew Andreas on Fri

    "I just don’t believe a word of what those Camel-herding Bedouins say. Humanity is THE miracle on Earth. A single foetus has got more miracles than any book ever seen the light of day. FACT."

    Now how come your peace loving selves allow abortion when you can see miracles from a single fetus.

    How can you give the option of destroying an innocent tiny being to it's mother but never come to bring yourselves to give the same option to a mother who had witnessed her children being killed by a barbaric criminal? This is the part which i do not understand!?

    Now i know you'll say you do not support abortion but the peace loving western countries allow this whole heartily, don't they? And they also allow free drugs to addicts which in my opinion makes them more addicted to it!

    You may say that Maldivians are brain dead because of religion but at least they do not commit suicide like the wealthy Americans, wonder why?

    In a U.S. city by city comparison data shows that the happier and wealthier the city the higher the suicide rate: (rates are per 100,000 inhabitants) City Data from the National Association of County and City Health Officials)check on this!

    As you have questions about religion, i have questions about humanity and where it stands!

    And Europeans were once sheep,cow and pig herders so calling Arabs, Camel herders doesn't make them any worse!

  48. @peasant on F ri, 17th May 2013 6:33 PM

    "the Kafirs have got something right"

    I know you are saying this basing your views on the wealth of these countries and comparing them to poor Muslim nations. But let's see how the wealthy European countries and America achieved what they achieved today.

    To understand this read the book

    How rich countries got rich, and why poor countries stay poor by Erik Reinert

    Here, I'll highlight one of the main points in the book

    The first rich countries, Holland, England, and Italy, developed through these rounds of diversification and used tariffs and sanctioned monopolies to protect their early industries.

    Consider then, that this abomination is exactly what the IMF impose on developing countries today, who are encouraged to gear their whole economies towards raw materials. They are encouraged to focus on one tradeable commodity, like coffee, rather than diversify. They are forbidden to use tariffs, subsidies, or other forms of market protection to develop any kind of manufacturing industry.

    The United States is the leading champion of this false route to economic progress,: “It is particularly interesting to note,” says Reinert, “that the United States fought long and hard against the economic theories that today they vehemently support.”

    Consider too that in 1744, Matthew Decker advised colonists that colonies should not be allowed to develop manufacturing industries, as the only thing where “our interest can clash with theirs.” Instead, they should be persuaded to grow raw materials and tempted with promises of free trade: “because people in the plantations, being tempted with a free market for their growths all over Europe, will all betake themseves to raise them to answer the prodigious demand of that Free Trade, and their heads be quite taken off from manufactures.”

    In other words, the IMF preaches the exact doctrine that the old colonists preached to make sure that the colonies never developed.

    Read this and understand something!

    God gave people wealth equally and justly but in history there came a time when your so called peace loving wealthy countries colonized and enslaved people of Africa, Asia stealing their resources, robbing them of their wealth and keeping them dumb by promising wealth on their poor lands which never came!

    Some people still worship the Europeans and the Americans but i am not one of them!

  49. And that doesn't mean all Europeans and Americans are bad, i respect and love people like Erik Reinert who has brought unbiased information to the public without lagging behind!


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