Salaf sents letter to Islamic ministry to clarify concerned issues

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has sent a letter to the Islamic Ministry seeking to clarify issues concerning the Islamic Ministry and the  implementation of Shari’ah law in the Maldives.

The letter was sent to the ministry last Tuesday and was to the addressed to the Minster of Islamic Affairs Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Baary.

There were more than 15 issues the NGO appealed the ministry to clarify, including:

  • Details of how the Islamic Ministry acted on the issue of appointing females as judges and president
  • The issue of massage parlours and how they are being dealt with
  • How the ministry is acting against people who form isolated congregations
  • Details of the conversation had with the residents of Himandhoo, after they formed an isolated congregation, and the result of that conversation
  • How much freedom [the ministry] has given the Imams to worship according to the Sunnah.
  • To clarify if the ministry had information that someone had tried or was trying to build a church in the country

Vice president of Jamiyyathul Salaf Sheikh Hussein Moosa Fikry said that the letter was signed by the President of Salaf on behalf of the NGO.

”The objective of the letter was to clarify some doubts we have concerning the ministry and the government,” Fikry said.

”We have noticed that the government including the Adhaalath Party and the Maldivian Democratic Party had approved some laws contrary to the Islamic Shari’ah.”

Fikry said that there were also some recent issues Salaf wanted the ministry to clarify.

”We have included many issues, such as we do not know what happened to the issue of the Quran translation,” he said. ”We also want find out if the ministry is trying to re-build the Arabiyya school building.”

He said that the NGO had noticed that some unIslamic news articles were also sometimes circulated and claimed the ministry was not taking any action.

The Minister for Islamic Affairs Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Baari said that he had no information about the letter sent by Salaf.

”I do not know whether if they sent a letter,” he said, ”I don’t know about it.”

Spokesperson for the Islamic Ministry Sheikh Ahmadulla also said he also had no information concerning receipt of the letter.


17 thoughts on “Salaf sents letter to Islamic ministry to clarify concerned issues”

  1. Is Minivan a mouthpiece of Salaf? Minivan seems to have a rather keen interest in reporting everything they do while I havent seen any of their activities reported in any other news outlets in the country. It seems to me that Salaf is using Minivan as a platform to raise their portfolio.

  2. I see Salaf if trying to flaunt it's clout with the Islamic Ministry...gaining confidence day by day by day..:S

  3. Salafism or Wahhabism is not what every Maldivian is following. So what they believe in should not be forced onto every single Maldivian. The rest of the country respects what they do, why cant they accept and respect non Wahhabi's?

  4. oh lord, who created everything, let the salafis become our leaders. Create a global Caliphat and rule the world according to Sharia law.
    control everyone's thoughts, actions for lord you are unable and need the aid of salaf..

  5. why dont theses slafis and whahabies go to Afghanistan and let this country be like it was. this too much to tolerate and i think this will end really bad and government should take the blame. with Mohamed naseed around everything is going crazy we should bring maumoon back and bring this country the way it was before

  6. The Jammiyathul Salaf needs to be dealt with caution.

    They have a self-righteous ideology that seeks to impose itself on the rest of the Maldivians who do not agree with their rather bleak and rigid outlook of life.

  7. Hey Salaf, when will Arabiyya School be rebuilt? Thats all I want to know as my kid goes to that school. Rest of the things are not important to me as they are all politics.

  8. Salaf will turn to a political party one day and join Adhaalath party in the next presidential elections

  9. salafis should all be sent out of Maldives they never belong here coz we never had them earlier before osama bin ladhen existed

  10. Dear Salaf, do you have nothing to do? Why you not leave the Islam like it is original?
    why do you want change? look atfer the family, go work. do something for the country! The young people believe in Islam it is not enough? tell trouth and do not mix with your privat life, stay by the facts !!!

  11. Salafists are Fascists why r they so keen to impose their ideology on us???? let us be....we are muslims as well..we just dont agree with salaf.

  12. in a way salafas are giving way to other religion in Maldives cause what they call islam and show what islam is not something acceptable by the mass and when people get confused of there faith thats the ideal state a human should be reached to introduce a new faith or rather sell it

  13. This is nothing more than an attempt to get noticed by the media and public. Salafis are a hatemonger and promote intolerance. Their politics are not welcome.

  14. Salaf should look to Islamic history with regards to female judges and state leadership. A simple reading would provide ample evidence to dispel their doubts. However, these people have displayed themselves averse to reading and research. They are not students of Islam but rather politicos who wish to expand their influence.

  15. it is my belief that Salaf will join Adhaalath Party in the next presidential elections and try to establish a Salafi State (am not saying a Muslim state) where all other school of thoughts will be regarded as evil...and gud bye democracy...we fought so hard 2 bring!

  16. publicity stunts by salaf is aint working. may be they dont konw it, people of this country do follow islam, not the one that salaf follows, can we actually call it islam, i dont think so, may be they are trying these publicity stunts for the sake of governing this country. dont u worry salaf, thats not gonna happen,


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