State Islamic Minister calls for end to judicial vigilantism

State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has called for the termination of illegal ‘street’ courts, following the inauguration last week of a ‘people’s court’ by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists.

“I call on everyone to stop illegal acts such as smearing the name of the state’s judiciary in the name of justice,” said Shaheem. “The Attorney General [Husnu Suood] has also declared that these actions are illegal.”

Shaheem said that judicial vigilantism would disrupt civil peace “without a doubt”.

“I call on the honorable parliamentarians who are involving themselves in these actions to stay away,” Shaheem said, “and I appeal to everyone to conduct their work within the boundaries of the law.”

Shaheem said that if there were any “unnecessary things” occurring inside the courts, the situation should be rectified “according to the laws.”

He also condemned an attempt to attack Speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid last week during his weekly badminton game at Imaduddeen school.

“Recently we heard that some people tried to kidnap and threaten the Speaker of the Parliament – this is something that should not be done,” Shaheem suggested. “These are very low-grade act in terms of discipline.”


11 thoughts on “State Islamic Minister calls for end to judicial vigilantism”

  1. How much more, can the so-called state judiciary be stained?.

    I say he's just worried because someone might grab an M4A1 from the friendly local Army Base and carve some extra holes in someone who abused children, but got away with it no thanks to the so-called state judiciary.

  2. Shaheem please check the realities on ground. You are talking in favor of a judiciary that has become the joke of the town. No one trusts them. Drug Dealers, gangsters , corrupt politicians and thugs control the judiciary that you seem to be so concerned of.

  3. Finally we have someone from the Adhalath Party speak on our judiciary. Not a word from the AP for 18 months as we tolerated the cynical violation of justice and contempt for Rule of Law and our constitution by our JUDICIARY and now words of condemnation for those of us who have dared to criticise the judiciary?

  4. Drug Dealers, gangsters , corrupt politicians and thugs control the executive, not judiciary.

  5. Shaheem, as descent as you are as a brother. I do agree with you that these self made courts are not legal under Islam. But at the same time the current corrupted courts which the foundation of its based in protecting evil and banishing the good - cannot be accepted by any believer.

    The reason that many people end up having a bad image about Islam is because the Sheikhs and Imams that preach Islam does not practice "all of" what they preach. They practice 80% and the last 20% they leave it because they themselves do not want to get into the messy game of politics or into jail for something which they do not see as important personally.

    When being a believer, your personal opinion is the last thing you should go with. The laws of Allah (swt) is supreme and the highest. When Omar Bin Al-Khattab became the leader, he first told his people to make sure they let him know if he goes astray. Then one man stood up and said that he would do better, he would change the leadership "by force" if Omar went astray. Unlike many Muslim leaders today, Omar was pleased and happy to hear that there are such devoted Muslims that will keep him on the right path and make sure with their lives that he does not go astray. Yes violence was always an option with the Sahabah if peaceful means does not work.

    So be a good example and do your part in Islam. Not to prove yourself for the people. But to Allah (Swt) who will keep an account of what you do and what you do not do. Once you do that, automatically Allah (swt) will raise your status high in the Ummah. Otherwise Adhaalath will be just another Islamic party which does not get the respect from true believers who fear Allah and follow the footsteps on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    Even our tongues can lead us to Hell. So be careful on how people might interpret what you say when your representing an Islamic body.

  6. When there is violence on the streets it becomes a problem. When the violence comes from institutions its fine.

    When we raise our voice to make ourselves heard we become a problem. When the Opposition MPs in Majlis and our Honourable judges speak rubbish and take actions that violate our rights and undermine the Presidents work to deliver his promises to the people, its fine.
    What has the Adhalath Party done in the 18 months to address these issues? If the AP is indeed the conscience of the nation as it is trying so hard to project, then why is the Adhalath party not taking a stand against the utter rubbish that is being dished out to the people in the name of justice and service?

  7. I call for an end to judicial idiocy. I call to the Chief Justice to resign and go tuna fishing (the intellectually less demanding ancestral occupation of our fathers).

  8. A message to "Sheikh" Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

    Why do you tell us to respect a judiciary that has failed the common citizen time and time again?.

    Why do you keep labeling your political party Adhaalath (Justice) Party and yet serve the perpetrators of injustice?

    Where is your so-called law and order when assault and rape perpetrators are given light sentences such as house arrest while innocent youths become nonpersons under police custody?.

    Give me one reason why I should trust you and your ilk, and why I should respect an "institution" that has brought more injustice than it was supposed to stop.

    They cannot hide behind the "law" any longer. Vengeance begins now.

  9. "Vengeance begins now."

    The kind of vengeance you are promising begins mostly in your unmentionables and ends with a toss and a sigh!

  10. It is not only the judiciary. Dont pick on them exclusively.

    Look at Airports Authority, IGMH, Doctors, Civil servants, even Taxi drivers...

    Of the 8 hours they are supposed to work, how many do so in actual practice! Time offs like, breakfast, Kid to school, coffee time etc...If you look hard and be critical, it would only be a handful of really committed guys in each entity that holds the fabric together.

    So Why blame judiciary system alone? This would not work. AFAIK, a stupid judge is in the wrong job, just as an intelligent but uncommitted & relaxed Director somewhere.

    I completely support anni's attempts to revive this lethargic community to start shake off dust and start contributing. But the flip side of it would be:
    a. There need not be as many taxi's in Male'.
    b. The civil service count would halve.
    c. Half the work force would be out of job.

    Hence, this is going to be extremely difficult thing to do, and frankly not only the political factions, even the general public whose livelihoods at stake, would try their best to make this process as long as possible, in for impossible.


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