Three-month old Maldivian baby dies in Syria

Media sources have reported that a three-month old Maldivian baby has died in Syria after being taken their with her parents.

According to reports, the baby died as a result of respiratory difficulties around one week ago due to lack of adequate healthcare.

It was also reported that, after the child had fallen ill, the mother attempted to travel back to the Maldives but was prevented from contacting relatives due to the lack of cooperation from her husband and other jihadists.

Her parents are said to have travelled to Syria for jihad around two months ago, crossing into the country from Turkey.

Maldives Police Service media officials stated that the they had not yet received any information about the case.

Earlier this week, Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed called it a cause of concern that Maldivian nationals are leaving the country to fight in wars abroad.

In a police function held on February 2, the Commissioner said it is necessary for all police officers to work together in order stop Maldivians joining wars abroad, instructing the intelligence department to immediately take preventative measures if the service receives any information regarding such a case.

Since the first reports of Maldivians travelling to ISIS-held territories for jihad were received last year, a steady stream of recruits have left the country, including couples and entire families.

The exact number of Maldivians abroad for jihad remains unclear, with Haveeru reporting a group of six having departed last week, as well as a dozen more said to have gone to Syria at the start of January.

Commissioner Waheed has previously estimated that around 50 Maldivians are working with foreign rebel groups, dwarfing figures suggested by Home Minister Umar Naseer in December.

Despite assurances that the activities of radicals are being monitored, the group said to have left in early January included a number of individuals known to police.

They included Azlif Rauf – a suspect in the murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, and an individual arrested over the disappearance of Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Last month, four would-be jihadis were apprehended in Malaysia, with media reporting that they were brought back to the Maldives and released after the authorities seized their passports. A similar group were returned from Sri Lanka in November.

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12 thoughts on “Three-month old Maldivian baby dies in Syria”

  1. Rest in peace, little child. Inshaallah someday, we shall obliterate the cult that ruined your life.

  2. Who are they fighting for? For the so-called sadistic Satans of Islamic State? That's got to be the best contradiction in terms: "Islamic" State! What's Islamic about burning people alive?

    The day will come when the world has had enough of sadists like these. Remember how WWII ended? Hope things do not come to that, but these people have to be stopped at any cost, since they threaten all humanity.

  3. Saudi Arabia exports there ultra aggressive extremist elements in society to foreign conflicts, keeping the regime ie Kingdom safe from rebellion.

    Maldives could learn something from this to keep a lid on an extremist revolt.Then again that would be exporting your problems abroad.

    Now along with poor Ibthithaah we must stand with ISIS baby?

  4. Can we still deny that ISIS does not have a recruiting cell and strong influence in Maldives? It has, and now I believe president Nasheed has voiced his concern over the growing radicalization which has been left untouched as politicians fought for votes.

    'Kill the Jews', 'Americans are evil', Islam is only religion'......we have heard all these rhetoric, we have heard worse intimidating speeches and cries in public gatherings and religious demonstrations by people already radicalized while studying abroad or through individuals in our midst. And the flow of Jihadist to war zones continues to rise.


    Rest in peace little boy, join Mohamed and other children abused and neglected on earth, but I am sure you will find peace and happiness in heaven.

    The French and the British made the biggest blunder by allowing Jihadist to return home after their religious war adventures. They came back and turned on recruiting younger boys and girls not necessarily to go to Syria, but to participate in terror within their own countries.

    This virus is growing, spreading further to other countries creating fear that Hitler couldn't. Why should our government bother about who wants to travel to these war zones? what is the government benefit but caring about people who value the next life and ready for it by slaughtering own muslims, children women and innocent people?

    Revoke citizenship of any Maldivian that travels to Jihad war zones, jail anyone who has proven links in Maldives and who is trying to recruit others by using religion. We are a small poor nation and believe me, if we have no control on this growing threat, soon they may target a tourist and that would be the end of food on our plate, the beginning of poverty, crime and extortion.

    Look at Nigeria, Mali, Phillipines, Chechnya, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia....dead economies, countries with no hope of peace unless the terrorists are uprooted.

  5. Who said the baby belongs to a particular country? The baby belongs to its parents. And the parents made a choice of living in a land which they like. Why is this not ok with the local kuffar bunch here ranting about? Call whatever you will but Islamic state is mercy compared with the death and destruction the secular Bashar caused and deaths by coalition of kuffar bombing Islamic state now. Die in your rage! Victory comes from Allah and the prophesy of victory to muslims will be full filled. Its very likely that we will see this in our life time...

  6. @Fact.
    Nasheed was the man who created a separate ministry for the Wahabis in Maldives and empower them in the name of freedom.

    Nasheed was the man who supported a group of people to perform friday prayer in isolation in Dharmanawath Mosque .

    What can we derive from these action ?

    Can v blame Nasheed or do we need to blame someone else ?

  7. facts @ It’s well said and formulated and its now doubts that it is the fact. And it’s now doubt it is fundamentalist terrorist thinkers among the Maldivian population, look at the view of @bebe. Sorry that innocent Maldivian baby shal get cort in ignorant prehistoric animal behaving creatures.Honours to minivannews to give anyone , with any view change to express their thought’s

  8. @Willy

    What is so terrostic about Bebe's view? Is Bebe not telling the truth? Just show one flaw in Bebe's statement. As for minivan, well this forum is infested by low life kuffar who has nothing to do other than spew hatred of islam using the only available english site in Maldives. Actually Bebe gotta job so he cannot reply to all ur rants.
    ---althouth the kuffar may hate but islam will dominate...
    So die in ur rage.
    [end of baagiya signature]

  9. One of those IS terrorists has just returned to England because,,he didn't like the food ,the fact there was no toilet paper etc etc..He was previously shown,holding a severed head..He is now serving 12yrs in prison.. Regards that young baby--no medical care available,,and do IS leaders care--NO NO NO..

  10. Come on... next you will say that a dead Maldivian baby was used as a suicide vest, I wouldn't believe it even if I see it.

  11. Thru time history has showed many sick part of human believe and behavior, at the moments the worst ones is Boko Haram, Isis and Al Qaeda. Thru time as well they always have been defeated, But they have totally damaged and ruined the area they have operated in, it would take many decades to rebuild. Any one taken in doing recruitment for this groups should be detained and given normal human behaver therapy


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