Maldivian jihadist fighter dies in Syria

A Maldivian jihadist fighter has died in Syria, Bilad al Sham Media (BASM) has revealed on social media, in what would be the fifth Maldivian casualty in the ongoing civil war.

“Another great Maldivian brother martyred. May Allah accept him. Ameen,” Bilad al Sham tweeted last night.

The jihadist media group – which describes itself as “Maldivians in Syria” – identified the deceased as Abu Fulan Rahimullah, which was his assumed name or alias.

“He was a great companion and a pious brother who feared Allah, who made hijrah for the sake of Allah and strove hard in the cause of Allah, trying his utmost to be among the martyrs, especially after the martyrdom of his close companions Abu Turab, Abu Nuh, Abu Dujanah, and Abu Ibrahim,” reads a message posted by the media group.

BASM revealed the death of Abu Dujanah and Abu Ibrahim in September while Abu Nuh and Abu Turab were killed in May.

Local media identified Abu Dujana as Yameen Naeem of Georgia in the Maafannu ward of the capital Malé, who reportedly travelled to Syria after studying in Egypt.

Abu Fulan was “one of the students of Abu Dujanah,” BASM said.

“Amazingly he was seen in the most intense hours of the battle by hearting [sic] the lessons of the usoolul thalaatha,” the post continued.

“His wife had seen a dream before his martyrdom and he was among the slaves who are close to Allah. And she had narrated that she smelled an extraordinary beautiful smell after his martyrdom while she was in sujood praying Fajr Salah.”

The post concluded by stating that “cowardice was not his way and he could not accept defeat as an exchange for death.”

Last week, Sri Lankan police detained three Maldivians who were allegedly preparing to travel to Syria through Turkey.

The three – two men aged 23 and 25 and a woman aged 18 – were from the island of Madduvari in Raa atoll and have since been released from custody upon being brought back to the Maldives.

The incident follows reports of a couple from Fuvahmulah and a family of four from Meedhoo in Raa atoll traveling to militant organisation Islamic State-held (IS) territories to join the fighting in Syria and Iraq.

A UN report obtained by the UK’s Guardian newspaper earlier this month observed that foreign jihadists were now travelling to Syria and Iraq on “an unprecedented scale”.

The report mentioned the Maldives as one of the “unlikely” places from which IS supporters have emerged.

Islamic State

Meanwhile, a protest march took place in the capital, Malé, in September, with around 200 participants bearing the IS flag and calling for the implementation of Islamic Shariah in the Maldives.

In late August, Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon issued a press statement condemning “the crimes committed against innocent civilians by the organisation which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

Dunya’s remarks followed Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed’s declaration that the ISIS would not be allowed to operate in the Maldives.

“ISIS is an extremist group. No space will be given for their ideology and activities in the Maldives,” Shaheem tweeted on August 24.

Shaheem had also appealed for Maldivians to refrain from participating in foreign wars.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), however, promptly put out a statement questioning Shaheem’s sincerity, suggesting that the words had not been backed up with concrete action by the government.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has claimed that up to 200 Maldivians are on jihad, alleging that a vast majority of them are ex-military – a claim vehemently denied by the security services.

“Radical Islam is getting very very strong in the Maldives, their strength in the military and in the police is very significant. They have people in strategic positions within both,” Nasheed said in an interview with UK’s Independent newspaper.

The opposition leader suggested that President Abdulla Yameen wanted to consolidate power before dealing with the threat of religious extremism.

“He has the Islamists with him and he can’t do away with them. He would deny that but I don’t see the government taking any measures against the Isis flag being displayed on the street and all the indoctrination going on.”


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  1. The Goverment in Maldives has failed to inspire its precious youth at home. No wonder the youth themselves see as worthless and turn to radicalism.

    The issue here is marginalisation and hopelessness for you youth.

    Maumoon would still get all siblings in cabinet and scheme to control Maldives for another 50 years.

  2. Let all mindless nincompoops travel to whatever the hell and die so maldivians can live peacefully.

  3. President Yameen promised to create jobs for the youth of Maldives if he got elected.

    He is a man of his word.

    He has created jobs for all unemployed youth of Maldives in the ISIS.

  4. Miss India

    This shows the status of the crazy Maldivians.What a crazy bunch.Please make minced meat out of this fd up mullahs if they go through India

  5. Miss India

    I like your comments.You comments really prtrays what these ignorant fools are all about

  6. If only all the militants will leave for Syria and never return back! For the sake of this nation we need to eradicate ALL the militants and radicals in the Maldives.

    These brainwashed people only want to die to seek the "rewards" of a life after death. I say we send them all off quickly. Let's not prevent them from going and more importantly lets prevent any of them from returning back!

  7. The poor Syrians and Iraqis. What did they do wrong to have the bearded low life from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Maldives, Yemen and Terroristan turn up uninvited on their doorstep to fight a holy war.
    A word of warning to the great unwashed: We are a nation of predominantly Hindus and if you are caught transiting through India, you will be locked up in Delhi's Tihar Jail and the keys thrown away. Your cell mates are likely to be psychos, paedophiles and crossdressers.
    Buy your one way tickets via Terroristan, home of your Sunni brothers and not via Mumbai or Colombo. There are low cost PIA flights to Damascus and Baghdad from Karachi. Do take the missus(all four of them), brats and the motherinlaw. Invite your local imam too.
    My deepest commiserations to any Syrians and Iraqis reading this.

  8. @MissIndia.
    Nothing more say about your jail and human right.

    You have then lowest human rights in India and you slavery cast system is well know.

    You can worship to cow who depend on you to feed and look after. You moron has no brain.

  9. Still a thought in my mind is that the fellow who got killed in most likelihood did not really know extreme barbarism ISIS is employing. Creating chaos enabling the destruction of infrastructure of Syria by giving a justification to Allied Israel forces to Bomb the country into stone age, not to mention ISIS is killing Muslims who disagree with them left and right.

  10. #hero

    what about your own cast system.Male,rajjetherey.wipe your own arse before you point your fingers at others.

  11. Brothers and sitters.dont fight with each other.Islam teaches us peace .Isis and such other groups are just fooling youths and misusing Islam.Have faith in Allah.He will show the right path.Killing women and kids is not islam.So please unite and leave peacefully.Spread love ,peace and faith in Islam right ways.

  12. MissIndia-Agrawal-the-Thug, We have got a job in Toilet Cleaning for you in the Public Toilet. Still better than the dole they throw to you in the Secretariat in New Delhi. Come Baby Come Baby to slog

  13. RIP that Maldivian soul

    Like the Qorra/Khavarij who was not satisfied with a lot of Muslims in the early days of Islam so ISIS. These two bands of mischief makers share some uncanny resemblance, they are indeed the same.

    I do hope that mans wife does not become a Jaariyaa at this point. At war time it is the likely option. A very sad fate indeed.

  14. While ISIS with a savage,brutal modus-operandis enable Israel and allies to bomb Syria into the stone age. How many key economic and defense infrastructure has been leveled since.

  15. If Islamic State is as ruthless as portrayed by the western media please answer these question I put forward here.

    a - When the IS had control of Mosul Dam they had several options. Cut off the water supply to Bagdhad. They did not do so.

    b - When the Kurds with the help of US air support launched a counter offensive to retake the Mosul Dam the IS being out gunned could simply have blown up the dam flooding Bagdhad in the process. Why did they not do so?

    If the IS are terrorists as claimed by the western media and they are fanatics as described by the same they ought to have carried out the two acts outlined above.

    Hence please ask yourself the question. Why did these 'terrorists' did nothing of the sort.

    I do read what is written but I also read between the lines. If anyone has the answer I would be interested in their viewpoint.


  16. @habibib

    I fear Miss India not qualify to clean a toilet. Indias lack education even this job!! May be she can work to carry baggages for her Zionist master.

    Exact! Islamic state helps in development and only attack military target and soldiers who work for US puppet.

  17. Missing amidst all the criticisms leveled on this page is some understanding of what this jihad is all about. While terrorism is to be fought wherever it appears, it is important to keep in mind that this war waged by ISIS is an attempt to correct the false and improper boundaries imposed on the people of the Middle East by the Europeans as one final act of betrayal as they moved out of Central and Western Asia about 100 years ago. In doing this, they fragmented historic and traditional lands of the people who lived there and who, had developed their own way of living in a geographically difficult part of the world and imposed rulerships by people who were not the preferred choice of the resident population. Not that I agree with ISIS, but I agree that the wrongs of the past need to be reconciled and ISIS has chosen to take its stand when the rest of the world was content with the status quo. This fight is not an "Islamic" thing as many have suggested; it is a human rights matter. It is only Islamic in the sense that the people who have been wronged are Muslims and it is they who resolved to make it right. And, no, I am not a muslim nor do I support ISIS.

  18. @alirasheed

    Your precious Ishitbuckets were trying to poison the river.

    However, a commando force managed to capture and destroy the poison-laden truck before it managed to reach the dam.

    I was part of this operation. I went to join them (ISIS), but after I saw their savagery, I defected and joined the Iraqi resistance.

    Please come here, so the Iraqi and Syrian people can tell you how they feel about a bunch of barbarians trying to invade their land in person.

    After this war is over, I'll settle down here and live my life here in peace. This place may be 'backward', but at least it doesnt have heroin-addicted gangsters who think they're jihadis.


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