Umar Naseer to take EC to court over decision to retain IDP

Former president of the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) Umar Naseer, who recently joined the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), has announced he intends take the Elections Commission (EC) to court over its decision not to allow the disbanding of the IDP.

Umar left the IDP last month to further his political career, claiming there was “no future” in being president of such a small party. He claimed a “the majority” of the IDP wished to disband the party altogether.

However, Deputy President of the IDP, Mohamed Hassan Manik, said the majority of the members disagreed and believed that the IDP “can still be run as a viable and independent political party.”

Umar’s decision to abandon the party, he suggested, was made “because it will be easier for him to try and become president of the Maldives [in the DRP].”

Meanwhile, the EC ruled that Naseer’s decision to disband the IDP was not valid under the party’s own regulations and that it could continue to exist as a political entity, following an investigation of what the EC’s president Fuad Thaufeeq described as “a big mess.”

“We found that the number of persons in the executive committee required to be present at a meeting to change a rule was not satisfied,” he said. “This is according to their rules.”

According to Thaufeeq, the decision to dissolve the party was taken at a meeting where less than the required 50 per cent of the executive committee were present.

“We looked at the minutes and percentage attendances at the meetings and found this regulation was not strictly followed, and is why we do not conisder Umar Naseer’s decision to dissolve the party to be valid.”

Thaufeeq said it was Naseer’s right to take the matter to court, and acknowledged that while this would be very expensive for the independent commission, “we don’t have any option.”

“There are two groups within IDP. One is with Umar Naseer, the other is against him,” Thaufeeq said. “I have no clue how this will be resolved without going to court, because regardless of our decision either group will take us to court.”

Naseer had not responded to Minivan News’ request for comment at time of press.


10 thoughts on “Umar Naseer to take EC to court over decision to retain IDP”

  1. This issue calls to the very heart of democracy. Umar Naseer thinks that because he started a political party, that he owns it. That he has the right to disband and reprimand it. But this is now a democracy, and the voice of the party matters. If the members choose to remain a party - even a small one, then he needs to stop acting like a petulant child and accept the will of his former colleagues.

  2. IDP needs to be disbanded but not because of what Umar Naseer says. He is really a nobody and ok for some laughs I agree. But a number of small political parties are simply scams that are run under our very noses and they would not exist if reasonableness is a measure for anything in Maldives.

  3. Umar Naseer atlast is now where he truly belongs, among the autocratic Party (DRP.

    He has no respect for others, has a hidden agenda and only thing he need is the Presidency.

    What a crazy guy? How can he become the President of 350000 people when he is unable to manage and lead a team of 5000 people?

    Saabas Umaru Mulla. When will you give up?

    Mohamed Hilmy

  4. Umar Naseer is a classic.

    In the forties, fifties, sixties and even seventies there were some notorious "screw loose" characters in Male'. Some like Moya Mohodhey were cool ones, guys like Keynsingu were loud mouths and at times a little rough. Beyhokko was different and so is our present day classic Mr. Umar Naseer.

    Would it or could it be possible he is using something to get this much worked up over nothing?


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