CNI report to be delayed until end of August

The final report of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) into the controversial transfer of power on February 7 will be delayed, after hundreds of people have come forward offering new information.

The CNI held a press conference on Thursday morning to update the media on its progress. The next update will be in a fortnight, July 19.

CNI Co-Chair – retired Singaporean Judge G P Selvam – stated that the new date for the report’s completion would be the end of August, which would be discussed with the government. The original deadline was July 31.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s member on the Commission, Ahmed ‘Gahaa’ Saeed, said that 244 people had registered to provide information to the commission following the reforming of the CNI.

“There has been a lot of interest. We will speak to each and every single one,” he said.

The new names will join the 87 spoken to by the government’s original three member panel, taking the total number of contributors to 331.

“That’s one contributor for every 1000 of population,” Saeed remarked.

The commission has so far spent 103 hours conducting interviews with 139 people, working from 9:00am to 7:00pm every day. The new commission started work on June 17, 16 days behind schedule.

“Ramadan may upset the apple cart a bit,” Saeed acknowledged, suggesting that the CNI would need to take into consideration that people would be tired and drained during the day: “We intend to make [the hours] more flexible,” he said.

The first three-member CNI was appointed by President Mohamed Waheed, following a police and military mutiny and Nasheed’s resignation, in what he and his party have described as a coup d’état.

Facing pressure from the Commonwealth and civil society NGOs, the government eventually agreed to reform the commission to include a retired Singaporean judge and a representative for Nasheed.

The former CNI subsequently released a ‘timeline’ into events that took place between January 16 to February 7. The MDP accused the commission of trying to prejudice the work of new commission, and then released its own version of events in response – the ‘Ameen- Aslam’ report based on interviews with the security services. The government described the publication of this report as a “terrorist act”.


7 thoughts on “CNI report to be delayed until end of August”

  1. From the very beginning its clear that the junta uses any and every excuse to delay reporting on the coup d'etat. One need to watch a few utube only to SEE the facts of a brutal violent robbing overthrow of the only ever elected government in Maldives.
    Do they consider the citizens really that backward to ignore or deny the facts ?

  2. 'Delay it , until everyone forget about coup.' Quote from the book of Rudder & Finn

  3. This is the first report DhiTV aired in English they later deleted. however its still here

  4. The evidence is clear, The CoNi can esily come to a conclusion after the statement by major players, such as President Mohamed Naseed, Dr. Mohamed Waheed, Defence miniter Tholhath, Present Defence Minister, Umar Naseer, Gasim ibrahim, MPs who were involved like Moosa, Maria, Eva and so on, Dr. Ibrahim Did, Mosa Jaleel. Half of the Male' population was present there at the Central Square. In the morning hours some civilians with military were beating a Sate Minister in front every body, is the sing of the coup itself. The President's family was under the custody of the COUP military, and they threatened to do all shorts of things if he did not resign.
    On the other hand, Umar Naseer had planned and briefing the public on his intended attack on the National Defense Force Headquarters, is a clear threat of clashes the president has given a reason for his resignation.
    The Co-chair's intention seems to be dragging commissions work beyond the time allocated by the months end.
    The other co-chair is too shy to look at the face of the people whose behavior is also intended to drag the time allocated for the commission. The reason is his behavior makes him unfit to be sitting there at the commission, and any new changes will be adding more time for its work.

  5. @ LOL
    yes the Youtube clip is very revealing, fascinating and conclusive. Says it all!

  6. We just have to wait and see. but CNI extending date couldn't help if those aren't coup.


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