Dhunya calls for investigation into death of woman who died after cesarean section

Leader of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s Women’s Wing, daughter of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Dhunya Maumoon, has called on the authorities to investigate the death of a 36 year-old woman who died in Laamu Atoll regional Hospital this week after undergoing a cesarean section.

Speaking to the press yesterday, Dhunya said in other countries whenever such incidents occurred a maternal death audit was conducted. The Maldives also needed to introduce the maternal death auditing to prevent medical negligence, she said.

The 36 year-old woman admitted to Laamu Atoll Regional Hospital died after undergoing a cesarean last week.

Family members claimed the doctor mistakenly cut some veins during the operation, with local media reporting the woman subsequently received three pints of blood in an emergency transfusion.

After the cesarean, the hospital advised the family to take her to Male’ as soon as possible, but since the family was unable to catch a flight that night they waited for a Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) helicopter to arrive the following morning. The woman died later that evening, and the hospital has so fair declined to comment.

The woman had requested to undergo a C-section as she felt the baby was large, however the doctor declined until the last minute, the family told Haveeru.

Local media reported islanders as claiming that the doctor had not performed a cesarean operation before and conducted the operation watching a video of a cesarean operation. The baby survived the procedure and was in a stable condition.

Dhunya further alleged that as a consequence of the government’s decision to privatise hospitals, high prices had impacted the capability of ordinary citizens to receive services.

She also welcomed Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM)’s decision to organise a ‘sit-down’ near the tsunami monument, to raise awareness of the increase in inhumane and violent crimes committed in the Maldives today.

Dhunya called on the government to curb the increase in crimes committed against women.


10 thoughts on “Dhunya calls for investigation into death of woman who died after cesarean section”

  1. How come Dhunya had her lips sealed when so many died while her dad was the President..

  2. The Women's Wing of Z-DRP was silent when we have been hearing day in day out about the sex abuse cases and the gang rapes....if she wants to do something for Maldivian women as the leader of the Women's Wing, she shud walk the talk too!

  3. @Nadine & Rinzy. I fully agree with your statements. Dunya is trying to reveal her true colors by throwing away the cloths. She could be a nudist and makes unfounded statements like her father.

  4. Doonya should know behind that bra there lies a mountain full of greed and could be used to make us unconscious. Political greed and power hungriness are enemies of reality. By making such statements she is making herself a fool for others to laugh.

  5. Dhunya - How about investigating the deaths and torture in jail under your father's regime?

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that Dhunya, Mahlouf, Umar Naseer et al have so many followers, This a new low they have reached. Mahlouf himself was on DhiTv, giving a state-of- the- nationesque speech, talking about the unfortunate decapitation of another baby during child birth-linking that to this govts healthcare policies.

    First they drive out potential FDI with their xenophobic rants and now they have taken up a new project of driving out any good doctors left in this country.

  7. Duniya likes to be on TV. So she will make sure she is seen on TV every now and then. It does not matter whether she makes sense or not. What about all the women who suffered in the hands of her father? Will Duniya stand to fight for them too?

  8. She is actually cool and intelligent.
    She should be the next president of the Maldives.

    What her dad has nothing to do with her.

    If thats the case how come we chose nasheed as the president, whose family upto three generations has tried to murder or hurt the previous presidents of the Maldives?

  9. dunya,cn you investigate why your father never managed to have any good health facilities in all the regional hospitals other than some foreign donated buildings..?after thirty years of leadership one would expect the man to have taken care of the basic needs of the people..

    what was wrong with him that he just left one hospital in Male' donated by the indian government to cater to a population of 5 lac people?Why did he depend on only foreign donations to build empty buildings and schools,can you investigate what went wrong in his regime?He has a lot of blood on his hands..he and his family used to go to europe and singapore for his medical treatments..was that what he did with all the money that came into the country..

    these incidents keep happening because your father left our country to the dogs..now we are reaping in the sins sowed by your father..there's not going to be a solution to all these problems in a long time to come..Your father will be brought to justice only on judgment day!


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